OH NO! Not the internet! PUBLIC ACCESS DENIED!!

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

OH NO! Not the internet! The Church of Ike and the Power Elite of Gilmer County never counted on the internet prevailing over the local print press for reach and influence – The local readers flocked to the CalPatty Press for compelling new and informative regional news and current community concerns!

As far back as 2006 the Church of Ike and the local Power Elite underestimated the internet and all of it quirks, perks, and excitement added by Hot Toddy and the Fire Starting Cult “Hay days” … and we say “HAY DAY” because they were making hay while the SUN was Shining !! Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was bigger than life itself — Playing her REAL LIFE role as LUNACY LUCY of the Cult that ruled  Calhoun County … she and the other cult chicks were rode hard and put up wet down by the Calhoun Lagoon filled with Conspiracy!

Although these super hero’s known as HOT TODDY and LUNACY LUCY and her TRAINED GILA MONSTER …of local lore and actual history of the area, disturbingly shown brightly like the brightest stars of decadence in a dark Land of Hur night making the gossip column of the local paper during a unique period of internet history in which Calhoun County led America based on the per capita ratio of citizens for communities in “MYSTERY FIRES” … which marked that horrific time with an almost surreal feel!! Arson after Arson was declared by the local FIRE MARSHALL and the Cult were the ultimate suspects!!

Grantsville was becoming a national symbol for truth justice and getting the entire city of Grantsville kicked off the internet!!

That interesting fact became a real event when a former employee of google who started his own web hosting service banned Grantsville!

However one website was allowed immunity from certain prosecution known as …

“You got yanked quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy, just like a rock star!! “

…Which meant your site was immediately missing when you went to edit it, the sucker just no longer existed which was the outcome for every HOT TODDY site ever posted!

…Thus the saying, “Yanked quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy!”

The Juicy Lucy and her trained Gila Monster reference usually led to a scantly clad photo of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson daughter to county worker Vicki Butcher Shaver Closer and girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult leader Todd Smith aka HOT TODDY!!

“The one web site deserving of the immunity from the BAN on Grantsville, West Virginia in Calhoun County … that lasted for two years, was the LMR website!”

Those were the infamous internet days dominated by popular demand and popular vote for the LONE METH RANGER led by John Manis Richards and his Ranger outfit often getting violence and crime on tape as well as State Troopers bent over for the local regime known as the Power elite.

The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter that you can handle and hold!

Please enjoy this step back into history while the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia presents  …

Public Access Denied!!

“It was a trying week for The Hur Herald, from being declared a pornographic connected site, to fighting viruses to another encounter with the West Virginia State Police, where access was denied during those rugged early days of the internet being introduced to Central WV …”

It was a time when the Hur Herald was angrily ordered to leave the scene of an accident by State Trooper Fred Hammack.

Hammack indicated photographing of his “Crime Scene” was illegal. He ordered us to leave, said Bob Weaver of the Hur Herald. ” We felt the scene, on a public road, was under the jurisdiction of emergency workers, and we were not violating a “Crime Scene,”  situation described which was in “plain view access,” under law.

Just before “Snatching Camera from BOB WEAVER” just like Darrel McGraw if he could now, and just like you knew he would now!! PUBLIC ACCESS DENIED by the State Trooper that LIED on several occasions and brought before a circuit court for perjury more than any one trooper in Calhoun or Gilmer County history that we know of.
Cpl. Doug Starcher, right, moments before he confiscated the camera. (Photo by Bob Weaver/Hur Herald)
An editor of a West Virginia online newspaper had his camera confiscated after photographing in the direction of a federal building  by the same cop who arrested him three years earlier for photographing a traffic accident.

While standing at a distance on private property in a meadow for about fifteen minutes, Trooper Hammack approached and said we should not be photographing dead bodies, juveniles or victims of wrecks, and we were “liars,” referring to an earlier conversation regarding taking pictures of an accident scene.

STATE POLICE HAVE BANNED HUR HERALD SAYS TROOPER!!“Trooper Hammack Says Charleston Gave Directive to proceed in the banning of an on line publication of even self imposed questionable content…”

Christopher Shane Dellinger who used to party with the Fire Starting Cult during the pill poppin and bed hopping days throws the victory sign when his criminal case brought against him while a Braxton County Sheriff, after getting the boot by the Grantsville Police Department was reversed. Dellinger said that Judge Facemire of the 14th district Circuit Court decided to make his own rules and the West Virginia Supreme Court agreed!

The West Virginia State Police are reportedly controlling access to “plain view” accidents or situations in Calhoun County, according to Trooper Fred Hammack. Hammack told four Calhoun emergency personnel, they (local State Police) had received a letter from Charleston saying not to allow The Hur Herald on their scenes.

He said The Herald was sent a letter advising them of the directive. The Herald received no such letter.

“This is the ultimate form of censorship,” said Editor Bob Weaver. “If they are doing this to us, can you imagine what they are doing to our citizens?”

Hammack told personnel from Calhouns 911 and the local fire chief that the Hur Herald was, “Not classified as a newspaper…because it’s on the internet!”

“What a line of malarkey that was since the Hur Herald is the most responsible news outlet in all of Central West Virginia besides the Gilmer Free Press The Gilmer Free Press gets more then twice the page views than the Hur Herald and is more of an investigative regional news service, but still, the Hur Herald has its own dedicated following.

Major D. R. Searls, after a Freedom of Information request, advised The Hur Herald:

“The requested document is not known to exist in our agency.”

“GINNY” Lanham  is the current chief counsel for the WV State Po Po. Virginia, “Ginny,” Lanham whose father was the attorney for IKE MORRIS for twenty years makes for the ultimate in political benefit. So how do you think that cover up went? Lanham is just another Crook from Crooked County, and was raised up as a young child in Gilmer County and so therefore, was more than familiar, and firmly briefed on any wrongdoing down round the Land of HUR!

Hammack claimed a letter or memo was sent to him or his agency saying, ” Not to allow The Hur Herald at State Police scenes!” He also said a copy of the directive was sent to The Herald. He said the matter had been researched by their (State Police) lawyer.

Calhoun County Officer Campbell who is from Wirt County retired over the CJ Ellyson Scandal in which the Sgt failed a lie detector test involving evidence missing from the evidence locker that could have convicted Calhoun County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bandy – Who later faced 7 felony charges. Trooper Starcher accused of perjury and brought to face a judge in circuit court twice brings up the rear while delivering a dangerous criminal to the 4th district circuit in Calhoun County.

These types of vicious attacks and intimidating situations are not unlike the attack on the editors of Crooked County Crooks, and the Calhoun Underground, and of course, not excluding the Lone Meth Ranger website…

The Lone Meth Ranger “Johnny Richards” exposed corruption and rogue cops in and around Calhoun County … dang me if he wasn’t right about all that he reported! It can now all be proven by court record.

“But no sooner than it was reported than Crooked County’s Gerald B Hough is brought down to make it all… Just OK !”

Gerald B Hough- Crooked County Prosecutor, will lie, cheat, misinform and just plain make things up to get a conviction in Crooked County!

Danny NUB Marks from Calhoun County – A witness paid by Gerald B Hough to lie on the stand – had himself a little run in with the leader of the Fire Starting Cult Christopher Todd Smith, aka “Hot Toddy,” who said that NUB had to rub some mud off of himself for having been pushed right off a hill during an altercation with the leader of the Cult that turned out bad for Nub when he pulled out a blade, and soon woke up in some shade, a cussing away about being hit about the face and shoulders by Hot Toddy again and again.

Winning a conviction can accelerate a prosecutor’s career, but getting rebuked on appeal will rarely stall it, contributing to a culture that fosters misconduct. And the deterrents that confront prosecutors are fearsome only in theory.

Here is what usually happens when a prosecutor cheats:

Appellate courts uphold the conviction, admonishing the prosecutor not to do it again. When a court does overturn the conviction, it shields the prosecutor from embarrassment, omitting his or her name from the opinion or releasing its ruling in a way that few eyes ever see it.

In their rulings, appellate justices sometimes urge lawyer disciplinary officials to punish prosecutors, but such prompting is hollow. Courts have referred numerous prosecutors to the “ Lawyer disciplinary board” that polices lawyers only to see investigative files get opened and closed with no punishment levied!

There is little threat of financial penalties from a civil lawsuit because courts have granted prosecutors immunity. Courts, though, have carved out narrow exceptions, and some defendants have won settlements!

And only rarely are criminal charges filed. Few prosecutors nationally have been indicted, and they were acquitted or, at worst, convicted of a misdemeanor and fined!

Hough is clearly guilty of wrongdoing and that wrongdoing will be coming to the surface long enough to bite him in just a matter of days, but, he will be saved by the Crooked gaggle of Demi-Gods known to us all as the people that really run Crooked County?!

The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line according to the Central West Virginia Secret Seven!

Richard (Dick) Facemire was castigated by the West Virginia Supreme Court for asking questions of witnesses as if he were the prosecutor, swaying the jury with great bias in favor of the prosecution, but really what punishment was meted out?!

Hell ! Facemire was already reprimanded for a breach of ethics when he was the Clay County Prosecutor…a ruling was made by the Supreme Court and now he’s a judge!

Why Crooked Prosecutors and Judges are Promoted in the Masonic Judicial System!

It’s simple. A crooked judge is more likely not just to overlook the crimes of a fellow mason, but also more likely to use his authority to railroad an innocent defendant under the orders of a higher-ranking mason. Usually, it is done as a test of loyalty, in exchange for advancement, or some other reward.

We have seen Facemire do just that recently involving a Crooked County criminal trial!

More often, the misconduct consisted of arguments or cross-examinations that violated a defendant’s constitutional rights. In many instances, those prosecutors who became judges had only one reversal!

In this instance this is” exactly” what happened involving Crooked County Circuit Court Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire!

The CalPatty Press Cow Patty was first thrown against Power Elite that were CROOKED AS HELL February 5th 2007!

Friday February 5th, 2012 was the fifth anniversary of the CalPatty Press and we’ve been celebrating FIVE YEARS of bringing West Virginia the REAL TRUTH through the Secret Seven website Revenge of the Ghost Wolf as the battle against the Church of Ike and the Power of Darkness continues!

Prior to the invention of the truth blogs and the Central West Virginia Underground Press that also includes hardworking journalists, who are rather well known now, and who also have acquired quite an impressive track record for exposing bad cops and corruption in the WV Judicial system, the Crooks from Crooked County and the Power Elite and the Church of Ike  in WV literally got away with murder, rape and other heinous crimes for years, but starting in 2006 along came the Crooked County Crooks website, the Lone Meth Ranger and the Calhoun Underground, then all of the old ways of doing things changed!

“The modern way of doing things now includes the concept of corrupt members of law enforcement and dishonest self serving public officials being exposed for their unlawful actions against citizens!!” 

Nobody expected what was going to come along next, but it was the CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition!

The Power of Darkness underestimated the fact that the CalPatty Press would break through with such impressive demographics which caught the Church of Ike off guard and in which later the Power Elite felt compelled to hire professionals to combat some of their image problems created by revelations of TRUTH published on the internet by a group to be forever known as the Central West Virginia Secret Seven!!

We scored our first big victory when the Crooked County Crooks website formed a coalition with the Lone Meth Ranger, the TEAM RANGERS from Calhoun County and the very appreciated Calhoun Underground. Out of that meeting was born the CalPatty Press 5 February 2007, and that was when things really started to break loose!

“It was asserted that these escapes sponsored bv the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition were organized by a band of CCC, whose daring seems to be unparalleled, and who, from sheer desire to be involved in fighting for individual rights and freedoms, have a dedicated purpose in snatching away lawful victims destined for bad ends at the hands of an elite group of public officials that Lisianna Rockefeller refers to as Crooked County Crooks!”

In the famous Circuit Court Case of the Lone Meth Ranger …

Artistic depiction of The LONE METH RANGER of Calhoun County – John Manis Richards – the leader of the group known as the Team Rangers!

John Manis Richards’ attorney, Robert Catlett, has requested the dismissal of a felony indictment after State Police in Grantsville say they lost evidence taken from the residence of the LONE METH RANGER who we all know as Johnny.

Much like the Kelley Mace meth case a few years ago, there was no analysis of an illegal drug, nor was the illegal drug ever presented.

Cpl. Doug Starcher testified numerous times during the Mace case that State Police had an illegal substance (meth) in their possession, taken from her residence using a search warrant.

The case was eventually dropped, when Starcher could not produce the evidence.

Ron Gordon former Police Chief in Grantsville now serving 15 years in prison was one of the first corrupt law enforcement officers exposed by a group that would be known as the Secret Seven Coalition who dominated Calhoun County reporting early in the days of Central West Virginia Internet history!

A State Police internal investigation and a criminal investigation of Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.

“Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.”

Imagine that!

State Police Sgt C.J. Ellyson, stating he discarded the alleged meth lab materials from a garage located in the barracks, indicating they were not properly secured by Sgt. Darrin Campbell.

What is even more interesting is that State Police from CALHOUN COUNTY testified in a hearing late that year, that they had in their possession evidence in the case against the Meth Ranger… when in fact all evidence had already been destroyed for months!


Remember the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy we were talking about? Well it’s starting to fill up. Of course we called it correctly just as soon as the CalPatty Press editors were informed of Gerry Hough being brought in on the “Bandy” is not so dandy trial. Gerry claimed some BS sob story about the chain of evidence, and transcripts missing, and how by what could have only been an act of god, Hough suddenly had no case against the former Chief Deputy.


So what are we at the CalPatty Press alleging, besides allegations of out right lies… just like “JUST OK” Gerry Hough?

WHITE FANG – personal guard dog for the leader of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition checks front door passes of people seeking entrance to the summer SS headquarters down by the Crooked River in Crooked County.

What are we at Cal Patty alleging besides outright lies told about evidence destroyed during testing for controlled substance… when there was no testing done?

What we are alleging is… that, STATE and Calhoun Officials fell into

HOT TODDY leader of the Fire Starting Cult formed a truce and had several conference meeting with the leader of the Central WV SS in an exchange of information and good will between the two groups, ending a six year war.

a genuine CalPatty COW PATTY and nothing was going to be the same for them again, since they were now being investigated by the people of Central WV! Every time you fall in a Cal Patty COW PATTY it sticks to your face!!

“In Crooked County you can break rules and be promoted!”

When Calhoun County lets the most dishonest prosecutor in all of West Virginia bring Crooked County rules to Calhoun County we are all screwed!

When former prosecutors were criticized by appeals courts for breaking the rules of a fair trial, their careers weren’t sidetracked. Instead they became judges.

Just like…..you know who judge Richard Dick Facemire!

“These rumors of the magnificent CCC soon grew with outrageous fervor; there is no doubt that this band of the CCC does exist; moreover, they seem to be under the leadership of someone whose pluck and fearlessness is almost famous. Astonishing reports are now un-moored of how the CCC and those whom rescued became suddenly invisible as they broke through barricades and escaped down the Crooked River by sheer phantom alliance!” all told in the book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf which tells vividly the story of Crooked County!

Do the Freemasons make a difference in Central WV?

1) A Crooked County  Officer of the Court who knew of an arrest warrant sworn out against a brother Power Elite Mason would have to warn him immediately so he could flee the jurisdiction, because that is the way they always do it down in Crooked County!

2) A  Church of Ike Mason who was told of a brother Mason’s crimes, even including rape, robbery, or child abuse, would have to keep his knowledge of those crimes a secret, even in a court of law, and even if it was a mad little midget like Judge Richard A Facemire!

3) A Royal Arch Mason Church of Ike son of a Bitch who knew of a Companion Mason’s being a murderer or a traitor would have to keep his knowledge a secret the Gerald B Hough way!

4) An ELITE Royal Arch Mason would be obligated to hire a Companion Mason, even for sensitive or skilled professions, even if he didn’t have nearly the qualifications required just like they do up at the college on the hill –  or the courthouse — that includes all the thrill  … complete with a nerve pill!

Additionally, though not mentioned in the oaths, many times  “Church of Ike”  .. feel alright  Freemason Bitches get a “Fairer” trial in courts where a bullshit Church of Ike Power Elite Masonic Judge presides.







Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter on the left from the Central West Virginia Secret Seven along with Editor Edison of the CalPatty Press with Hurricane Rina McCoy of the original McCoy’s from Logan County CELEBRATE by “Painting it Black” and having some fun during the wrap party after seven days of hard work on the popular SS article … You have to PAINT IT BLACK in Gilmer County when you are addicted to the POWER of Darkness!!

Nepotism and cronyism prevail in West BY GOD Virginia  where a sizable majority of judges are ” You better do what I say …”  Masons, and many attorneys are YES SIR MASTER … I BE A GOOD NEGRO … Masons as well.

If a Church of Ike Power Elite from Gilmer County Mason appears in court against a non-Mason, all he has to do is give any number of obscure gestures or words to the judge, like, “Lets fuck this bitch up!”

…In which the result is the judge will be obligated to rule in the Church of Ike favor.

No one in the court room will be the wiser (except another Church of Ike follower who would be forbidden from bringing the incident to light).

It is easy to see how these elements of the oaths could very definitely be detrimental to the welfare of Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Masons, it is said, “Take care of their own,” and they do, to an extent which is always self serving.

The Crooked Gaggle of Demi-Gods sitting on golden seats can become so powerful that they target local law abiding citizens, and this has already happened!

The CalPatty Press often in the past has made reference to the WV Judicial System and the FREEMASON connection!

The judicial system in WV prefers to keep a person in the dark with the dark evidence that is brought from the dark side of the street and it is all so on the Dark Side that the subsequent legal actions often prove WV Judges and Lawyers are part of the Brotherhood of Darkness and Paint it BLACK with the Church of Ike!

These types of  West Virginia Judicial System Conspiracy stories are strictly taboo !! Especially if they reveal any truth…

John Manis Richards the Lone Meth Ranger during a meeting with the Team Rangers. Richards was set-up for an an arrest after being on the run by Crystal Metz the daughter to Crooked County Sheriff Mickey Metz!

“Most West Virginia  mainstream news service agencies  like the print press media outlets like the GAZETTE in Charleston are controlled by Phil Reale of Gilmer County and  the big campaign contribution up the patoot solution provided by WACO OIL and ASS!! When it comes to BIG IKE any request is granted with no questions asked!! That is how they always do it down in Gilmer County!!”

ALL THE CRONIES BELONG TO …the exclusive club of the Power Elite, the Church of Ike lobby!

“Now we can honestly say, that at this present time at Central Regional Jail and other regional jails in West Virginia more non-violent offenders versus violent offenders are currently behind bars in West Virginia!”


What the fuck?!

That is some bullshit!!

And I guess you know, those stupid Power Elite Bitches… think that’s “JUST OK !”   .. just like that catch phrase authored by Gerald B Hough the worst performing prosecutor to take the bar exam 8 times before he passed it.

“So BUILD MORE PRISONS is the medicine we are going to have to swallow now… because that is the current situation we are all being force fed!!”

Come on baby let me turn you around … turn you, turn you turn you around! Shore nuff they’ll be sellin stuff when the moon begins to rise down in Crooked County …
Just ask Fred Hill shown in this photo with gal pal all set to go downtown and tell no lies. Pretty BAD when your dealin with the MAN and the light shines in your eyes! The SS will remember FRED HILL this 11th day of December and three years after the Crooks from Crooked County KILLED FRED HILL!

The CHURCH of IKE is in the business of training jail guards using the old shoe factory as classroom and study areas for the purpose of building a force of Elite Military trained jail guards that will be asked to follow ever order no matter how ridiculous.

Manipulation, Murder, Rape, will be the educational criminal law enforcement courses taught by the Powers that Be, to their corrections officers! The local elite who  you know are also members of the  … just happen to be Better than You crowd!

…meaning much better than us, the fine citizens of the tri-county area of Central West Virginia ruled by the Church of Ike and the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill!

“BETTER THAN YOU!” …Is what we the citizens of Gilmer County, West Virginia, and those who make up several other neighboring counties in Central WV are used to hearing .. just that .. every day!! And that’s how it always goes down!

“The Secret Seven Coalition Says … instead of letting it all go down …   Lets GO DOWNTOWN!!”

The CalPatty Press the most successful alternative news website in Central WV for monthly, weekly and daily page views, and now the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website has taken the lead and is now published in replace of the traditionally shocking, but always accurate, voice of TRUTH the CalPatty Press!!

White Fang kicking it at home, personal guard dog of the SC of the Central West Virginia SS!!



By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press /Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The following is an excerpt of BOOK TWO of the Ghost Wolf Trilogy! The Return of the Ghost Wolf — The NEW CIVIL WAR!!

Lisianna, with all the eloquence she could muster for this most enchanted moment immediately answered without hesitation …
“There are two of you don’t you see? One that kills and one that loves!”

Lisianna’s dream, as she had dreamed it one hundred times before, awakening from a haze and the ringing from the bloody end times ritual, for once the mighty Beast, the Ruler of this Realm came into view that day on the mountain, her mind now replayed the scene over and over…

The element of surprise and swiftness from the devastating blackness that was unleashed upon the Lemegeton did not come without a price to be paid, which gave cause  to stand and witness something so beautiful as the most magnificent King, Ruler of his Realm, the Ghost Wolf,now caught limping away from the final confrontation with resolve.
The stillness caused by the anti-climax of a passion that met its destiny currently felt so great as to quickly put an end to this battle that would always be known as the.. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf, the First Battle of the New Civil War!!
Although the bleeding, and injury was a most obvious reason, Lisianna knew in her heart why the glistening shining beast in all his victorious glory would not look back.
Lil Lissi shouted to him, the Dark Wolf, the Black Beast that always watched over her…
“My poor Wolfen I wish I had the opiate to cure the wounds that hurt in your heart…”
Lisianna fought hard to live that apocalyptic day of reckoning, while engulfed in the horrid reality and chaos that only now began to fade, just seconds after the death of the Lemegeton, an Agent of the Devil who had learned from Satan himself how to properly execute tyranny!”
The Ghost Wolf turns to face Lisianna, and with the reply communicated from his inner soul through his blue and black and piercing eyes states…
“I don’t know if I am an animal, vicious and driven to kill, for you see I have just killed the Lemegeton, Lord and Master … Or now, am I just a Ghost and with my duty now done?”
Lisianna, with all the eloquence she could muster for this most enchanted moment immediately answered without hesitation …
“There are two of you don’t you see?  One that kills and one that loves!”

Although the bleeding, and injury was a most obvious reason, Lisianna knew in her heart why the glistening shining beast in all his victorious glory would not look back.
Lil Lissi shouted to him, the Dark Wolf, the Black Beast that always watched over her…
“My poor Wolfen I wish I had the opiate to cure the wounds that hurt in your heart…”

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”

–Robert F. Kennedy 

In Gilmer County  the truth has been so sugar coated, so hidden by false fronts and buried under layers of corruption developed to support a small faction of shameless, self promoting, business men that it sours and becomes a very bitter pill to swallow. But swallow we must because accepting those bitter truths thereby promoting transparency is the only medicine that can possibly cure the ills of mismanagement destroying communities and denigrating a fine heritage. In spite of the county’s wealth in beauty, it is poor in leadership. It has been subjected to a never-ending self serving barrage of political corruption and money domination for so long that if right thinking people don’t cure this ill it will kill any hope for future generations.

“PLUG YOUR NOSE and GRAB YOUR ANKLES! You’ve just entered Gilmer County, West Virginia!”

Was the SS there to mark the BODY POSITION of a CRIME SCENE for Lizzy Butcher stealing some more outdoor wicked sex on the run during summer time fun — while the Butcher Bitches Break Bad in Crooked County? Could Be! All the evidence shows that fixed points clearly indicated for any marking of a body position before it was moved, but those undulating positions made for some sticky “perspective” while investigating the scene and the naked body of Lizzy Butcher of the infamous Butcher Bitches which was found just minutes before this photo was taken – illustrating for us all the BITTER TRUTH about this publicly accessible location, outdoors, where the SEX is more fun this time of the year down by that Crooked River!

Even a hog must sometimes gag at the stench of its own sty and when you come to Gilmer County you may have to clothespin your nostrils shut due to the stench of “Dirty politics” that have allowed politician protecting “Blanket gag orders” to be put in place to keep voters in the dark.

Take your pick between Glenville City Hall, the Courthouse and GSC and you’ll get very few answers.  What you do get won’t be straight, or any kind of straight answer for they don’t call this place Crooked County for nothing and that’s a fact.

The BITTER TRUTH about GILMER COUNTY is that many citizens have justly complained of “Bitter Wrongs” done to them by those feeding at the public trough, but after all these years, so called leaders (some call them block bosses) still find it difficult to discern between a“LIE” and the “Bitter Truth” and are ever ready to sell the votes of those under their influence to the highest bidder. The “Bitter Truth” in Glenville the Crooked County seat is often about the “Bidder Truth!”

The bitterest pill of all is the knowledge that if political corruption were an Olympic event, Gilmer County would be a 55 to 1 favorite to take home a Gold Medal!

Another aspect of the “Bitter Truth” about Gilmer County political leadership is that seizing on false choices and exaggerating them offers a distraction from real issues!”

It’s the game the political power mongers play so well here in GILMER COUNTY, toying with people’s natural worries about their livelihood, their families and their communities. Fearful people tend not to make the best decisions. It is difficult to think too far ahead if you are afraid for the next month, or quarter, and your entire life is controlled by the few elite pulling strings and jobs like puppet masters!

The flash of black was instant! The bloodthirsty beast was upon the
Lemegeton, crushing his violent hatred, cruelty and lust, with a savage
attack led by sparkling spears of white fangs, tearing, digging, gouging,
and ripping the flesh of the Task Force Commander!
The attack of nefarious darkness dealt a fierce deed of destruction
to the agent of the Devil!
The Black Wolf rose up on two legs for a more passionate killing
face to face, standing for destiny, fate, and the ebb and flow of life
Life’s wheel of fortune turned red! Blood was splattered
everywhere! The hunger and fleshly indulgence was a delight for the
Black Wolf, since no man on earth had any sin greater than that of Jay
Wilkes, in league with the evil one.

But if you follow the money you’ll find millions collected each year to support Gilmer County yet the only ones supported are select employees, their benefits and perks while the highest pay off goes to Elected Officials who made sure that legislation was passed to guarantee it would always be so and anyone on their friends and family plan.

Reports of the recent “Visions” meeting with Commissioner Brian Kennedy in the lead indicate it took a predictable and useless direction as he tried to “Listen to the wind blow” to see which side his political bread was buttered on that day. Two public meetings revealed overwhelming majority support of bringing 911 services back to Gilmer County.  The message was clear to anyone but Brian Kennedy who stated he did not really support it unless they could raise taxes with a levy to pay for it and whose feeble attempt to assert the levy vote in a run on sentence of nonsense when he thought no one was paying attention didn’t fly. Thus failing in his effort to achieve his real goal of pandering to Lewis County, giving them 911 along with the schools, he called for a “Poll” to answer the question which was the sole purpose for having those Vision meetings to begin with. Finding no way out he suddenly lent his voice to a “Block” of invisible people who “Don’t want 911 back here”. Out of Brian Kennedy’s made up lie of 150 voices we hear not one attended. but the real people he supposedly talked with during the storm had told him they were having a hard time and could not afford another levy as did those sitting in the room.

“To Kennedy the invisible outranks the real and that has always been the Bitter Truth.  The puppet works for the puppeteer!”

No Ike, the college should not take over 911!!

Sarah Rutherford shown in this regional jail mug shot above allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to “solicit a relationship.”
The criminal complaint states that Rutherford and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once.
Rutherford allegedly provided the student with alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin at her home; she provided the student with money to purchase marijuana for her, which he complied; and Rutherford took the student to her home, where she provided him with alcohol, marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse.
“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,” the complaint states

Of course, the existence of any such “Voting Block” is the furthest thing from the truth; this issue has nothing to do with whether you are “for bringing 911 back or not”. Everyone knows Gilmer County needs jobs and economic improvement desperately. Everyone uses 911; everyone with a phone pays for it with Gilmer County dollars.

No one denies the services should have been kept here to begin with and that Chapman and Kight gave it away as yet another political favor. To the people paying for the service, the real issue is about math. It’s about business and what makes sense. It’s about growth and support of the communities they live in. To the politicians it’s about keeping future job connections in outlying counties and placating the state to curry favor that enhances Morris chosen political aspirations.  It’s all about them and the real question should be how much longer.

Those with strong convictions, the ones who know the real difference between right and wrong don’t sit still in fear. They don’t deny and lament the inevitable, not for long anyway. They get busy informing their neighbors, their community. They work hard to expose the truth. On the other hand, local politician Larry Chapman stood at a meet your candidate and made it plain that he wouldn’t fight any battle he didn’t think he could win to explain his inaction on the school takeover.

Barbour County Sheriff John Hawkins arrested Sarah Rutherford, 23, a Glenville State College graduate and long time Gilmer County resident, for allegedly engaging in sexual relationships with two students and providing one with drugs and alcohol.
The criminal complaint against Rutherford says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student of hers at PBHS, in August and September. Although the boy was barely old enough to grow pubic hair the two began text messaging and Rutherford invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse, after smoking marijuana, drinking and taking drugs. Sarah Rutherford is shown in photo showing this boy all about the BITTER TRUTH found in Gilmer County, West Virginia, the home to RAPE and MURDER and a place where you can go to college to learn how to get SCOTT FREE away with underage fornication like it was part of the Liberal Arts curriculum at the Glenville State College located in beautiful Gilmer County, West Virginia!

If you know you can win there is no battle, victory is yours!  The man makes such moronic statements a body would swear he was related to Tara Kennedy.  But in spite of his well documented Republican roots and previous removal from office for ineffective leadership, he took the Democrat Primary in Gilmer County on Primary Election Day, as his best friend Brian Kennedy followed him around like a new puppy begging for a biscuit buying votes using Ike Morris money.

Now Chapman is all set to marry the swings both ways gym teacher who is half his age, the manly Ms Amy Riddle.  The non-alcohol reception is scheduled for the weekend at the Senior Center says the wind, or it could of been one of those invisible people Brian Kennedy just makes up off the top of his head. No telling about the after party but that old adulterer will have it his way, so he’ll hang his head and say he’s doing things the right way now and how sorry he is he was caught.

For a man that feels no shame it is no problem to get on your knees and grovel if it means another pay day. He doesn’t care to use Senior Citizens to get his way and he’ll put Silly Sallie on any board she wants, like the PSD, if she’ll just encourage her charges to vote for him.

“Sorry may be a hard word to say, but it  is a good word to describe what Larry Chapman has done as the Director of No Economic Development in Gilmer County and it’s what he should be saying to his family!”

 Ask his kids how they feel about a step-mother their same age? You might want to talk with more than a few of Larry Chapman’s ex-friends who are too embarrassed to be seen with him, but if incest climbs into bed with the home crowd at the Chapman home, the brothers and the mother will be the same size and age and breed to become home town hillbilly breeders for the Church of IKE!

Maybe a few lifetime right deeds, some poor mouthing – and the Butchers, Timothy B, and R Terry, owe me old political favors – works better than a pre-nup to quiet the storm with the children but how is old Larry Chapman going to explain that to the grand-babies remains to be heard along with what Amy told him about a prenuptial agreement. Poor kid, that County Clerk isn’t your friend, what Republican do you think worked to get her elected right beside Beverly Marks queen of deceit?  Haven’t you been following along bitch?  Don’t you realize how easy it was for her to teach her minion special ed Jean Butcher to hold deeds and make it look like they were on record any date before the marriage he requires, even if it is years back?  Don’t you think his good old buddy lawyers that the man let the Clerks steal for will handle that little detail?

It’s called the BITTER TRUTH about Gilmer County Bitches …. and if you’ve got any sense at all you’ll say…    NO to the Crooks down by the Crooked River,  because losing that job is only a “Piss him off away!”  And there will be no real future for you in his house.

A member of the SS spent $246 for just a ten hour stay but 200 more got extras at the Days Inn by CRJ. Sarah Rutherford employed at the Days INN just down the Road a piece, also puts some work in at Poplar Forest the Arts and Crafts store of Bob Henry “Fuck Buddy” Baber -Better have a lot of cash for the day if you want to play the Crooked County way! Sarah used to go steady with Bob Baber’s son, and then dumped him and fucked his dad,Bob Henry along with a few other Gilmer County A list dudes.

Larry Chapman is as he always was, a deceitful, self serving piece of crap, that chest pain he’s been having might  just be coming less from the Viagra than the constant stress of remembering the lies he’s told.

It is old news that the Dream Weaver Chapman is about the last thing this county needs but when was that ever taken into consideration?  How long do you think an over the hill politician can keep this farce up? Hopefully we’ll see him at the funeral sooner than later when it will be too late to tell us another lie.

Oh, and in case he shouldn’t bother to speak, we’ll understand. We’ve already heard what little he had to say that could even possibly be worth hearing a long time ago.

Notwithstanding such a dismal past, wouldn’t it be great if the people of Gilmer County stopped being afraid of the future? It could be a good day to get a grip, take the bull by the horns and stop accepting everything from falsifying credentials and records, election manipulation, violating Open Meeting Laws, operating under known conflicts of interest to drug dealing, assault, rape, manslaughter and selective prosecution.

Loyal Church of Ike ties like long time GSC employee Joanne Rutherford gets at least one or two free plays in the game the political power mongers play so well, toying with people’s natural worries about their livelihood, their families and their communities, and especially if one’s child goes to jail.

If that child is like Sarah Ann Rutherford, who grew up as a teen and spent her early 20’s in Glenville attending Glenville State College where her mother works as a YES woman and secretary of MORRIS COLLEGE headquarters for the Church of IKE – NO WORRIES – BE HAPPY – Especially if your daughter is a WHORE like the Butcher Bitches Breaking Bad, for all the drug charges and the sex charges will be reduced down to nothing and just tossed away with just a few calls from IKE MORRIS or a couple of his attorneys , shit IKE can bribe a Federal Magistrate like JUDGE KAULL by selling him a house that gets appraised for 50 thousand more than it sold for just weeks after the sale. The wondrous things that can happen to you for being a devoted member of the Church of Ike are endless!

But one thing is for sure, no child of yours is going to do any prison time no matter how heinous the crime, at least not in the State of West By God Virginia, if you are a member of the Church of Ike, Power Elite, where the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River kick it!

In May, Sarah Ann Rutherford a Glenville State Graduate, that became a high school teacher in Barbour County, was indicted on two felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance for allegedly providing Klonopin, and some top of the line good countrified Gilmer County pussy that also included some marijuana to a minor sometime between October and December 2010. The Bitch was headed for prison, just like she deserved, then suddenly, just months ago, everything changed after they let some time go by on purpose so everyone would forget!

Just 28 days ago, from this date Friday 27 July 2012 — Rutherford admitted to smoking marijuana with the same student to whom she provided Klonopin and alcohol! That is NOT a misdemeanor!!

As part of the plea agreement the last Friday in June just last month, the felony charge of sexual abuse by a person in the position of trust of a child was dismissed and replaced with a misdemeanor charge of battery. The change was made under the condition that Rutherford plead guilty to the misdemeanor battery charge and two misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“The state agrees to move to dismiss the remaining counts in these two indictments,” Circuit Judge Alan D. Moats said.

Moats had ordered the state Department of Health and Human Resources to release records to the court as a result of Dyer’s motion in a hearing Tuesday. After reviewing the documents in their entirety, Prosecuting Attorney Leckta L. Poling recommended the felony count of sexual abuse by a person in the position of trust of a child be reduced to battery.

“The state received the documentation from the DHHR on June 26. After reviewing that documentation in its entirety, the state is aware that there are inconsistent statements with the victim,” Poling said. “Those are obviously issues.”

The documentation was confidential and had not been released to any person, including the court, according to Moats. The judge also stated that it appears the victim has given contradicting statements, one denying the relationship and one alleging the “conduct” took place. A testimony from another minor at Tuesday’s hearing also contradicted some of the statements, officials said.

“The court understands that such contradictions are not at all uncommon in cases of this nature pertaining to children; however, it puts the prosecuting attorney in a quandary to present a case to a jury,” Moats said.

The Bitter Truth about the college is those men, women, students, and girls; not excluding the boys in the band, as well as coaches and faculty alike, party as if there is no tomorrow at Glenville State College, especially when there is snow outside and cold as hell! Tequila-based short-drink recipes and straight Tequila and some Mescal with the worm, must have been the drink of choice, at the party that led to everyone taking their clothes off and making a run for it, judging from the old dude wearing the Sombrero – with the white sox and black shoes. The deal was, whoever lost the race had to eat the worm, and it seems that possibly the old dude made a side bet that he had to complete the race still wearing his Sombrero. It appears the GSC student with the rather pointy breasts, the envy of any self respecting Butcher Bitch, was determined she was NOT going to EAT anybodies worm, so it appears she leads by a length.

Prosecuting Attorney Poling met with the victim of the alleged sexual abuse, who is now 18, and his father, who she said “are in agreement with the reduction of the felony offense to the misdemeanor battery.”

Poling also believes, based upon the records in the evidence, that the community and school students are protected with the additional condition of the plea agreement that Rutherford voluntarily gives up her teaching certificate and will no longer teach in the future. However, I have to say this Poling must be in reality some dumb pollack ! For she is absolutely talking out her ass, if that is resolve to the sex with high school students issue!

With NO PUNISHMENT meted out this shit will happen over and over and over again, and the Bitter Truth about this part of West Virginia, is that some attorneys and prosecutors have their heads completely up their ass and have no sense of what the real world is all about and live in a world where there are different laws for different people.

For Poling to allow a plea bargain on a high profile case like this she truly has to be about a dumb bitch, or else why go to the trouble of arresting that off the hook whore Sarah Rutherford anyway!  Jesus!

“So I believe that position statement addresses the state’s concern regarding the victim and the community in this matter,” said Poling, who has to be every bit as whacked out as our very own Gerald B Hough, and most likely is doing a favor for the Church of Ike!!

Rutherford is not to have any contact with either of the victims, by order of  the court, but she will dream of having oral sex with both of them you can bet on it, for she is one sick bitch!!

Sarah Rutherford daughter to longtime GSC Secretary Joann Rutherford dated Bob Henry Baber the gifts officer at GSC after doing it to his son, and then dumping him for dad, oh yeah there was a drug bust in there somewhere too, but Gerry Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor will make up some story to smooth that one over — Sarah had sex with two high school boys that were 16 at the time of the sex act, and were given drugs and alcohol, and now the plan is to give Sarah a suspended sentence with NO JAIL time on misdemeanors and put on probation all because of who she knows! As concerned citizens we should raise hell with this judge and prosecutor for playing favorites as we have seen time and time and time again in the state of West Virginia!

A sentencing hearing will be set for a later date, according to the clerk of courts of Barbour County yesterday afternoon.

For the two misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, there is a possible penalty of up to one year in jail or a fine of no less than $50 or more than $500 or both. For the misdemeanor of battery, there is a possible penalty of up to one year in jail or a fine of $150 or both.

Moats ordered a pre-sentence investigation and said Rutherford’s bond would continue under the supervision of Probation Officer Heather Pride.

Rutherford had been scheduled to go to trial in the month of JULY, where a jury would not have appreciated her sexual prowess on unsuspecting high school youth and sent that evil bitch raised up as pretty as you please under the nose of the Lord of the Church of Ike himself, who reached down and saved that SEXUAL DEVIANT Sarah Rutherford — and did so, as a favor to her mother Joanne Rutherford longtime employee of MORRIS COLLEGE — And the church of Ike – NO MATTER HOW EVIL — NO MATTER HOW BAD- The Church of Ike will save those that bow to the Lord  IKE MORRIS.

“Barbour County Prosecutor Leckta Poling dismissed a felony charge alleging Sarah Ann Rutherford, 25, sexually abused a Philip Barbour High School student in exchange for her own sex act with Rutherford is what it sounds like to me!”

And the state won’t seek a finding that Rutherfords’ motivation on her battery conviction was sexually motivated!

Everything Sarah Rutherford does is sexually motivated, and we know some other local elite she managed to fa fa fuck, but we don’t want word to get out that they fucked that bitch too!!

God Damn Sarah Ann Rutherford turned out to be worse than a Butcher Bitch playing Beach Blanket Bingo while a life guard at the Gilmer County recreation center pool.

The Bitter Truth about Gilmer County is the children of the Power Elite don’t have to play by the rules the rest of us do. Shown in this photo is Liz Butcher of the famous Box Banging Butcher Bitches Breaking Bad during the summer of luv with that girl and her friend that claimed to have something dripping down her leg while being madly in love with some young girl by the name Katrina Hogan!! “She just loves Katrina Hogan and wants to play with her pert young breasts according to video dialogue shared with members of the Central WV SS.

If a wide awake, fully informed majority recognized and swallowed the bitter pill of truth filled with this history of plutocracy and corruption they could provide the incentive for reforming local politics.  The result might well be that Gilmer County possesses the ability to be a model for political reform throughout the state.  But does it have the nerve?  It should, it comes from good, country stock but it is well known and widely accepted that every county in this state has low level political hacks that are doing a little bit of chiseling.  Not until the day that the honest people of Gilmer County swallow that bitter pill of truth will they be able to truly appreciate the efforts of citizens such as Sir Lawrence Smith, the people’s knight in shining armor whose skills and willingness to fight for right in the public arena has proved credible and go far to reveal how very low the corrupt will go and to what lengths to hide dishonest dealings. Or the most Honorable David Ramezan, Gilmer County’s champion of truth and transparency, constantly persecuted for his courage to provide a public voice to those living in fear.  That man pays a heavy price to carry the load for the non-elite, the everyday citizen; when will you return the favor?

Gilmer County has a very long history of widespread corruption extending to law enforcement, education and deep within citizen organizations. Residents have stood witness to well-intentioned and capable candidates for political office getting their voices squelched by the corrupt politicians who have abused their power in the name of personal gain for years.  Try to imagine the number of opportunities that have been lost in so many areas of concern such as education, health care, and infrastructure as a result of this abuse of the public trust and the public checkbook.

The people of this Central West Virginia region who proudly call themselves Mountaineers have never been truly free from the depredations of political and financial corruption.  Until that happens there will be no growth.  That’s another taste of the bitter truth.

The vast majority of Gilmer County citizens are not corrupt; they are honest people seeking to make better lives for their families.  Nonetheless, these same straightforward and sincere people seem to have become so unfeeling, so desensitized about corruption, so accustomed to a money talks attitude that many of them laugh at the thought of being able to remove elected officials whose name have become synonymous with self serving greed. They really want people to believe they are powerless to effect change and are truly a sick product of an even sicker society which surrounds them.  Many simply ignore the unfortunate long line of always unethical, immoral and forever questionable legal acts of thievery which only serves to condone, promote, and perpetuate such behavior.  It is said over and over that “everything in West Virginia is political except politics and that’s personal.” Maybe it’s time to start taking the trashing of your good name and destroying of communities “personal”. No time like the present to build a better tomorrow. Let’s get to work and take out the trash West Virginia and especially you Gilmer County, as soon as we take our medicine. Even the Ghost Wolf needed medicine from fighting the Crooks from Crooked County and the Demi-Gods that rule the Ville with evil!!

The shadowy lightening strike of the Wolf was so abrupt, Lisianna
never felt a thing or even knew what was coming, only seeing a dark
blur at first and was just now starting to come around after the attack which
she heard more than saw…

The reeking blood spurts on the Black Beast’s fur mingled with the smell of death, woke the Sweetheart of the South to the Ruby Red streaks of truth across the Black Wolfs face and dripping from its mouth.

While staring at her with poise and looking past her heavy heart, the Black Wolf sadly said goodbye with the gleam passing through his eyes, limping away, then turning back to look at his beautiful girl one more time.

Somehow Lisianna knew she may never see the resplendent ruler of the realm again.

Time stood still, or so it seemed, while watching the Black Wolf disappear off the mountain!

Life’s wheel of fortune turned red! Blood was splattered everywhere!

The hunger and fleshly indulgence was a delight for the Black Wolf, who had returned on this darkest of nights…

Screams break the silence ..

Waking one from the dead of night…

Vengeance is boiling because the Ghost Wolf is near. He’ returned to kill the evil in the night!

Then when he’s found who he’s looking for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf becomes fulfilled with delight…

Listen in awe and you’ll hear him tonight…
Bark at the moon!


The BITTER TRUTH about POWER ELITE BITCHES … CHURCH of IKE  get together, for they really know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!!

Power ELITE BITCHES that should be getting stitches getting fucked up!! COCAINE was all around everyone’s brain, so how many of these CHURCH of IKE followers do you know, do they kick you down the GOOD BLOW?!
Read all about it…coming up soon on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!Doug Cottrill on the left with his buddy and Sandy Pettit the Lord of Ike’s right hand girl FRIDAY in the back, you may recall Doug Morris was popped by the cops coming out of a golf outing in Lewisburg with Cocaine & Narcotics in a prescription pill bottle with the name of Ike Morris that was purchased from Lisa Stewart the bikini clad, mad drug dealer to the elite, and there is Kim Morris high high high with the President of the Gilmer County Commission drinkin and thinkin if anybody knows how fucked up he is on all Doug Cottrill’s good dope and of course there is Tara Kennedy who recently attempted to run over Dave Ramezan and his wife with her car and ran over Jeanette, the English teacher at Gilmer County High Schools foot. 


Welcome to Gilmer County the home of CROOKS and LIARS and Glenville State College that ranks 73 out of 73 colleges in the State of West Virginia for academics but are NUMBER ONE in RAPE! GLENVILLE the county seat of Crooked County where they will steal your property tax money right from the office of the Gilmer County Sheriff and then spend the money on Cocaine like Michelle Dawn Rose tax deputy for Sheriff Mickey Metz who lied about having a GED for 8 years and then presented a FAKE he bought from a terrorist in Pakistan, and the Democratic Executive Committee approved this illegality cuz they are all CROOKS and LIARS in Gilmer County!

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press /Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Crooks and Liars in Gilmer County are everywhere! And now with an election on the way.. Crooks will be coming out of the woodwork! What can I say…other than tune in and turn on with West Virginia’s own Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!


Like baboons in a lab that will eat cocaine till they die, our leaders are literally addicted to power, and they are addicted to the Power of Darkness!

Cocaine has its effects by hijacking our brain’s reward system.  it can give short-term extreme pleasure but leads to long-term addiction and all the hell that comes with it, so does addiction to power, and so eventually comes the addiction to the Power of Darkness in Gilmer County and Central West Virginia!

Believing we knew what we were doing, we permitted a political class of jacked up drug dealing mob “Want to be’s” and half wits  to develop and thrive here — known to us all as the local CROOKS and LIARS  that have evolved into a corrupted self-selecting priesthood at the Church of IKE in Gilmer County!

Too much power can disrupt normal thinking and emotions leading to gross errors in judgment  impervious to risk, not to mention huge egos and a lack of empathy for others — this description readily exemplifies the person who belongs to the elite club who often frolic up at the ELITE  home known as the FRIGHT HOUSE which is often the welcome home to…


“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Here the road is all uphill and it’s paved with ill gotten gains, and the dirty laundry of the Butcher Bitches!”

Imagine a community, no matter how ideal, where no man or woman’s word could ever be counted on. Where questions asked, answers given and all information passed became worthless, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse because no one could be trusted, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse!

Jean Butcher — A Crook and a Liar — Is also the Gilmer County Commission Clerk on the right in the black & white med length dress, shorter brown hair face turned end of the table holding the red solo cup and she did fill it up for fat boy Tim Farmer with the little Hitler mustache the County Commission Administrator. Dave Hess tries not to make a mess in front of photo of this outdoor luncheon in celebration of some Crooks from Crooked County hanging it up to rip some more people off another day, by stealing out of state property taxes from honest hard working people, hiding deeds or whatever dirty criminal activity they happened to be involved with in the Summer month of JUNE up at the Courthouse on the hill overlooking the Crooked River down below!

Our CROOKS and LIARS, the ones we put in power, like all CROOKS and LIARS, have simply decided that rules and laws of the land don’t apply to them.

Yet even the habitual Crook, even the habitual Liar,  does so figuring that others tell the truth.  Otherwise they would have no point of reference to spin their lie from to give them a Crook advantage.  Any names come to mind, like Gerry Hough, Sheriff Mickey Metz, and Judge Richard A Facemire?


The Corn Bread Mafia of Central WV have a handle on all the Crystal Meth and Crystal Metz too, as we hear it said she was a party to the MURDER of FRED! Poor FRED HILL, it was just like the CalPatty Press said, “Freddie was DEAD!” Waitman Lee Frederick was drinking with Crystal Metz that night that FRED became DEAD, and Crystal made him like the glenville democrat black and blue and red all over, for Metz gave the small built man a Karate chop attack after he pinched her in the ass, that could have very well been the cause of the killing of an outsider, just outside a sacred place of worship by the Church of Ike down by the Crooked River …

During the depression West Virginians and most of Appalachia turned to making illegal whiskey to survive.

We of the pure bred variety never came out of it.  When gambling, dope and prostitution followed it became a stronghold for organized crime, just like the Church of Ike is here in Glenville in modern times.

“When we could not escape that anything – to make a dollar mind set … central West Virginia became a bought and paid for society ready for takeover by the haves — looking to make easy money on the backs of the have – nots!”

How easy it was. Some of the reasons for this were simple: Drug dealing, pedophilia, the sex trade and college sports gambling are areas that historically the Mafia have been involved in; supporting the drug trade for control of an addicted, poverty stricken and thus mind controlled population, supplying under-age males and females to customers of prostitution, producing and distributing child pornography, buying and selling children to support the sex trade in addition to fixing college football and basketball games as part of the multimillion dollar illegal sports gambling industry were guaranteed money makers, especially if you controlled the law.

You don’t have to go to the city. Folks, it’s right here in rural West Virginia. Ask IL and his good friends Joe Manchin or Mike Ross.  Ask if they know anything about Down and Dirty,” taking little boys from behind in the shower after football practice Sandusky and why the Pittsburgh Mafia that controls parts of WV and Virginia let him slide knowing he was a sexual deviant so many years.  It’s profitable and part of doing business. Ask why there is so little fear of going to jail that an honest cop will admit there’s little they can do.  We may not have Sandusky but we have what the mob loves most next to easy money, a team.

Shaving off points in a football or basketball game is a type of game fixing that involves preventing a player or team from covering a pre-published point spread.

Shaving points or shaving poon at the Volley Ball tournament fiasco in which Crystal Metz let her future husband expose himself to and fondle underage teenage high school girls, just months ago, while Sheriff Metz serves as a coach that does not have the credentials for the High School official position – it all goes good with the pills like LORTAB given to IKE MORRIS in great numbers with no fuss and no muss like paper work and scripts — for Church of IKE girl. Crook and Liar Lisa Stewart is there – in a bikini and summer time fun for all those that play the game down by the Crooked River – and also in the luxury vacation condo’s provided by the Church of IKE just for being a team player!

It’s easier in a basketball game due to the fast pace of the game and the potential for a much higher scoring range makes it less obvious but it depends on what the boss is into. A gambler/investor entices a player, players or a team to ensure that they don’t cover a point spread with a bribe so that they can bet against the team. In football it’s often easier to only pay the QB and let him decide who else needs a little cash.  That way, he’s the only one that could ever really roll over on a hand placed minion within the coaching ranks who handles the pay off.  The team seldom has to lose, just don’t hit the mob’s spread.  The bookie stays in business, organized crime players win and the average Joe loses.

Crook and Liar Leslie Ward –  who also received some of her credentials on line – part of the Gerry Hough Hate Gang – and an active member since last June. Ward was part of the gangs conspiracy to attenuate everyone’s rights to free speech on the local websites and blogs in central wv — the hate gangs’ plans failed miserably along with their site that Hough advertised in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

It’s a rich man’s easy money.  It is part and parcel of what makes it profitable to donate tax exempt dollars to college foundations while convincing the public it’s for “Philanthropic” purposes. It is exactly why the black football players of GSC get away with rape.  You may see them arrested, even go to jail a few days before the bond is met, but you’ll never see them do prison time in Gilmer County.  It is why you bring in 30 year old players with poor backgrounds and no educational requirement strings attached.  These guys know the game.  They know deep inside they will never be in a Super Bowl or National Playoff, so they take the perks and the money while they can get it, do what they want with girls and drugs and when it’s all over fade into the woodwork.  Get it while you can.

Doug Morris of Waco Oil and Gas (left) son of IKE MORRIS shown in this photo with KIM MORRIS his wife that he beat on the night Morris had FIVE different drugs in his system including METH when he wrecked his car near the former headquarters of the WV Secret Seven Coalition! “NO DOUG we said COME ON OVER not ROLL ON OVER!” And it all happened because Morris was late for a sexual tryst with his secretary with the alluring breasts and rude mouth.

Gambling activities are in every way directly opposed to sound business principles and economic development. College sport gambling negatively affects education both philosophically and financially. The philosophy of making a living through gambling activity not only destroys the perceived need for an education, but also reinforces economically unproductive activities such as drug dealing, alcoholism, domestic violence and prostitution.  The idea that legalized gambling brings dollars for education has been proven to fail time and time again. It’s a boom or bust business and local shops are not supported by the clientele of illegal gambling who prefer the bars and the back rooms.  Family oriented communities do not thrive but organized crime realizes a sustainable, long term profit. College athletes do not earn the huge salaries of professionals, many are from low-income backgrounds, and since by shaving points the bribed athletes do not cause their teams to lose, such athletes are easy targets for recruitment by the Mob. These kids don’t even realize that’s who they’re working for but you better believe the Coach, the College President and his “Benefactors” do.

The “Powers that Be” can tell you that the surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike, rather than those who think differently.  Do it for the Home Town Church of Ike TEAM! Hoo ya!!

At least a small portion of truthfulness has always been understood as absolutely essential to a successful human society. Philosophers have said more than once that the devils themselves do not lie to one another since even the society of Hell could not continue without some truth any more than others.  There is supposed to be some honor even among thieves.   Yet here we stand, deceived, disgusted, in shock letting the children serve as drug addicted slaves to a local mafia we fear to lose favor with. We have become slavish souls who carry our appreciation for a few pitiful favors done so far that we strangle ourselves with the rope of gratitude.

“The public trust has been betrayed right here in Gilmer County, and individual rights are under attack!”

When the public trust is broken, not just individuals lose – everybody loses.

In 2007, a controversy arose after Manchin’s daughter, Heather Manchin Bresch, a CROOK and a LIAR claimed to have earned an MBA degree from West Virginia University. But that turned out to be a load of COW DUNG, after information emerged detailing the fallacy of her “not –earned – at all – MBA from WVU. Manchin placed the blame on WVU, for what else was he to do. HEATHER the daughter of the then Governor got a FAKE document for education just like all the Crooked hillbillies do, which certainly does not exclude Sheriff Mickey Metz of Gilmer County! The results of the pressure placed on WVU were threefold; President Mike Garrison tossed after a year in office, other officials including the Dean of the Business School and Garrison’s legal counsel booted like a Fire Starting Cult Chick booted for sucking dick in exchange for HOT TODDY PAIN PILLS!! BIG JOE is shown in this photo with SUE MORRIS the wife of IKE MORRIS and a BOG at GSC that ranks dead last — at 73 out of 73 for academics in West Virginia colleges.

What hurts one of us hurts us all. Democracy, the separation of judicial powers and the free press all evolved for essentially one purpose – to reduce the chance of leaders becoming power addicts.

Censorship is an exclusive process, by which individuals, groups, or government officials seek to deny access to or otherwise suppress ideas and information because they find those ideas offensive, objectionable or endangering their personal bank balance and do not want others to have access to them.  Our puppet power mongers are putting out more effort than they ever have to do the jobs they are paid for to censor knowledge of their illegal and unethical behavior in Gilmer and surrounding counties.

It is of fundamental importance in a democracy that citizens are able to express their views — even potentially offensive or distressing views — about their government, or any public body. Local authorities should not be using our laws and officers of the court to silence criticism.

There are four essential human freedoms which must not be denied our people as the values and liberties of the Gilmer County citizen continues to be under attack.

The first is freedom of speech and expression.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way.

The third is freedom from want which means adopting an economic policy which operates in the best interest of all concerned.

The fourth is freedom from fear which requires honest and citizen driven law enforcement working so that no special interest group or individual will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor or to restrict their rights.

Censorship hurts us all. It denies us the personal decision we each have: the right to gain access to information and material and to determine if this material is appropriate for our needs.

The Butcher Bitches and the accepted deviant sexual behavior, Nasia Butcher, Casey Smith the sexual abuse of students, Crystal Metz, GCHS volleyball coach and her associates at the party in Charleston, parties with underage drinking involving other coaches, like the party and rape at the home of a well known power elite, crimes at Glenville State College involving football players, rapes, drugs etc. just to name of a few of the latest wrongdoings. The worst crime is the lack of prosecution for the ones involved by Rapist Lover Gerry Hough, Dumb as fuck Sheriff Mickey Metz – Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones … all of these law enforcement personnel are CROOKED as FUCK and this is “Just the tip of the Iceberg!”.

Resources and public information should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community it serves. Materials and information should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

We remain defined by our decisions and actions, as well as our inactions and denials. This decision on the part of local power grabbers to censor internet and essentially any form of information in an illegal effort to deny transparency is one huge step backwards for what freedom stands for as a whole, and is immediately unfortunate and regretful for the Gilmer County community.

Do we have the courage and knowledge to take back our freedoms?

Will we continue to sit here as special interests deny our constitutional rights in the name of knowing what’s best?  Are you kidding me?

“Our local politicians of Glenville, except for a small number of instances are not very intelligent or very successful: that’s why they became politicians; very few of them even have common sense despite what they tell you. It is the one requirement of the selection process by those in true power!” 

The self-serving few must have total control and blind obedience. 

In Gilmer County, that doesn’t seem hard to find and it’s a real shame.  Given the recent shake up of our educational system, every decent person must acknowledge this disease afflicting our communities but ot seems they can’t be bothered to actually do anything about it!

Now this is something that sexy bad boy Hot Toddy could really speak to from experience if he will.  He knows how crooked the Crooked County Crooks really are.

Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starting Cult had Church of Ike henchman and drug dealer for Doug Cottrill of Drake Auto Sales TIMM FURR as his celly at Central Regional jail and Hot Toddy said that FURR snitched off LISA STEWART and the RITE AID DRUG CONNECTION for the supply of pseudo to make meth by generously making the medication available without a paper trail and for some supplying the big 10’s of LORTAB you can’t get anywhere hardly, which cuts into the Hot Toddy business of pill popping and bed hopping a Cult tradition since 2006 in Calhoun County where it all started in the wilderness of the remote Calhoun Lagoon of conspiracy that led to huge number of law enforcement officers being fired from their jobs and a couple like Chief Deputy Bandy being arrested for 7 felony charges — Ron Gordon the Police Chief of Grantsville was sent to prison for the sexual assault of countless women that were wards of the state or blackmailed into sex! The next Grantsville Police Chief JD Nicholson was beaten severely about the head and shoulder in broad daylight by regulators, and it has been said, it was all because of his addiction to pain killers and the pill poppin whores of the Fire Starting Cult!

Hot Toddy is both a product and, in the beginning, was an unknowing victim just like every young man in our area that knows the score.  If you don’t have the right family name you won’t get the grades and you won’t see college.  It’s got nothing to do with how smart you are.  Just to keep the numbers up they’ll push you through high school. If you are go for it and shut up they might even give you a job tending wells.  If that’s not enough then hit the streets baby, start dealing or starve.  Going to jail at CRJ is just an on the job hazard in Central West Virginia for they sure do like to keep CRJ filled to capacity, it is all part of the plan in West Virginia, thanks to Senator BIG JOE Manchin and our Governor pocket puppet Earl Ray Tomblin.

This is what happens in a rural setting when the mob moves in.  Illegal gambling combined with drug dealing breeds a generation that knows no other way to survive.  The tough life, the street savvy, a get it while its hot mentality takes over and success is measured by what’s in your pocket.  Theft, domestic violence and even murder becomes common place and nothing to get upset about.  When abusing the wife and kids becomes the most frequently committed crime in the area and no government official calls for treatment facilities or safe houses you know who’s in charge.

It is sad, it is wrong in every sense of the word but it has become what passes for life in Crooked County and even the most educated support all the corruption in silence and fear, while the petty and self serving encourage ignorance and assure that a poverty stricken, non voting population stays under control.

Its Hannah Sue, princess of the Lord of Ike kicking it with friends and its a fine how do you do — It’s so bad the elite send their own kids and grand kids out of town to school, not because they fear anyone hurting them, but because they don’t want them raised in a society of their own creation. Now that is fucked up!

How many more children have to be hurt, harmed, or die before we get off our ass, on our feet, out of the shade and into the heat and do something about this?

It’s so bad the elite send their own kids and grand kids out of town to school, not because they fear anyone hurting them, but because they don’t want them raised in a society of their own creation. Now that is fucked up!

Look at what they do to their own?

The Co-ed population at Glenville State College is disrespected abused and molested by the Church of Ike — and black athletes have raped countless number of females. One recent RAPE ruined the life of Mary Hudnall after she was forced to have sex with the quarterback of the Football team Gabe Phrophet. Mary had a job at the GO MART and was a friendly face, and she was a good student and now all of that has been ruined, for she was threatened that she would be raped again, if she came back to court to testify against the BLACK athlete. In all the rape accusations and arrests at Glenville State going back years and years there have been ZERO convictions, the local law enforcement see’s to it that all the Black Boys live to rape another day! Edwin Dale Kennison – a big farm boy white boy peckerwood – got to have some fun by raping one of the students in old Pickens hall where it was easy pickens for white sexually ripe females. The only qualifications to go to GSC as a black athlete are … Rape, murder, arson, and rape, and they state rape twice because they like rape!

Is Doug Morris an addict? Fuck yeah he is, our own Oakie Starsick State Trooper from Calhoun County detachment, that actually makes arrests caught that criminal DOUG MORRIS President of WACO OIL and ASS with Cocaine in his Porsche, and daddy, the Lord over the Church of IKE bought him out of it by giving the State Police their new headquarters in Glenville, for just ONE DOLLAR, but they had to drop the charges, and give back the car, and Doug most likely got his dope back and soon all of AMERICA will know, they will know about your buddy GERRY HOUGH too, Hot Toddy! The prosecutor that let you walk after assaulting Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson — which by and of those actions was a death sentence for Lunacy Lucy and her trained Gila Monster too, for we heard you murdered the lizard, after exposing it to the sexual prowess of Tabitha Clem, who the feds had to bust for Meth because the local cops were buying her dope after fucking her. But, then again, weren’t you friends with RON GORDON the Grantsville Police Chief Rapist who became very good friends with GERALD B HOUGH special prosecutor to Calhoun County?

What about Shelly, how high can she fly Todd? Or should I call you Hot Toddy? Is the courthouse a pill popping haven? You bet it is bitch! Bed hoppin and pill poppin with JEAN BUTCHER Gilmer County Commission Clerk and Tim Farmer Commission Nocturnal Emission Administrator hater.

Ten to one says it’s a lot cheaper to pay the bills in pills than it is by the hour or by the job. How deep are you in Ike that you can’t keep your own out of this cesspool?

It really makes one wonder who owns you and others like you, Mr Firing Starting Cult Leader… Pittsburgh perhaps?

What are they going to do, take the College away because all the girls are gay from being raped? How many Gilmer County players will that really destroy? Zero. It’s on it’s way , and IKE knows it, watch and see.

If you think the Church of Ike gives a damn about a secretary or maintenance man, a professor or some small time politician then think again. This senseless living death of this county of Gilmer has to end. How many children, how many children will they have to spend to buy the evil they so need?

There is NO Freedom of Speech in the Butcher Bitches Crooked County – For that is substituted with EAT – A – PEACH in their Dick shun nary, And then the jukebox plays a song I used to know. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah… And now I’m staring at a Butcher Bitch while they’re dancing so slow …and I have to say … They don’t write ’em like that anymore… Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah… hey Lexi when are you going to take your hands off that girls breasts the dance ended a long time ago! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…

Maybe one more CHILD is one too many before a parent or loved one out of their mind with grief remembers that God made all men — But Mr. Colt made all men equal.

I’d say the ALL OUT BANGING BARREL of a 44 has never been closer than it has ever been  before… And I say they don’t write ‘em like that anymore…

“It is time to BREAK UP with the Church of IKE and the Power Elite, before we have to settle the whole deal just like the Hatfields and McCoys!”

For people are a sayin they heard about all the crimes and corruption — And all about the Crooks and Liars of Gilmer County on the Flagship website of the Secret Seven Coalition…

“Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!”

They don’t write ’em like that anymore.
No, they just don’t write ’em like that anymore.
Oh, they don’t write ’em like that anymore.
They just don’t write ’em like that anymore.
They just don’t, no they don’t, no no, uh-uh,
They just don’t write ’em like that anymore

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” ” They just don’t write ‘em like that anymore

Saturday June 23rd on the Concerned Citizens Free Press Don’t Miss the latest scandal  down by the Crooked River …

TARA KENNEDY from GILMER COUNTY UNDER INVESTIGATION for Conspiracy, Misconduct, and Assault with a Vehicle!

DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY! The Power Elite and the BOG at GSC Say, "Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!!

By Freebird/Central WV SS-Reporter/Rina McCoy-Editor/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison -Editor CCC

If a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth!

That’s the way things are done up on the hill in the Ville!

Take a couple of lawyers, toss in a gas & oil baron and his family, maybe a “reliable” friend or two and mix with the President of the institution…

Now there is one hell of a recipe for scandalous and unethical behavior!

In exchange for bought and paid for “loyalty”, boards and organizations are created with great titles and noble purpose.  Unfortunately, the purpose is soon forgotten after a 501c3 not for profit status is obtained from the Federal and State Government.

These so called leaders of the community just forget about EDUCATION.  They just forget that they receive a substantial portion of support from other governmental units, and the general public in the form of tax payer dollars!!


GSC Alumni Association 501c3 Provides scholarships and funding for general education purposes:  Executive Director Dr. Peter Barr in 2007. Revenue 2008  $2,610,304  Expenses Over 2 million. Total assets over 10 million. Director, D. (I owned McDonalds) Pounds, annual salary of $37,754 paid  in 2008 per 990 filing. Hey, isn’t he also the Vice President for College Advancement?  Wonder what that pays! President Timothy B Butcher.  Members of the board include College Director Sue Morris and Doug per 990.  Mr. Pounds retains the books per the filing!

Big Joe-former WV Governor, Peter Barr and SoS Natalie T-- NONE of "THESE THREE" have turned out to be good for Gilmer County! The Power Elite support Big Joe with Big BUCKS and mostly it is all about the Power Elite putting money in their pocket and the citizens get screwed! Natalie Tennant charged BM, Beverly Marks (former county clerk)with a misdemeanor for voter fraud, and the new County Clerk Jean Butcher with two misdemeanor charges, but it is alleged they are both guilty of felony election fraud for exchanging recording modules in the voting machines. A federal complaint is pending on both the former and current Gilmer County Commission Clerk. Peter Barr GSC President was a partner in the real estate swindle that was just heard in Federal Court!

GSC Research Corporation 501c3 Provides support to the college alone.  3 voting members comprise the board.  Dr Peter Barr, Robert Hardman and Dr. Butler, these are appointed positions but could not verify by whom.  Possibly the Board of Governors. Assets $287,913 in 2008. Had $250,000 of notes and loans receivable.  Books managed by Robert Hardman Purpose to facilitate grants and research.  Gee, is this where the county’s $30,000 went to?  Was that income declared by anyone?

GSC Housing Corporation 501c3 Purpose  to provide residential housing to GSC faculty and staff. Dr Peter Barr and Robert Hardman as officers, Thomas Ratliff (head of maintenance GSC)  and others as trustees. Other salaries and wages paid over $70,000 with $16,000 + in benefits but not ID’d to whom.  Over $599,000 in revenue, public support reported at 98.79%. Books managed by Robert Hardman.

Morris Foundation 501c3 a non operating foundation whose purpose is additional construction and operation of the sports park in 2008.  Who is managing that park in 2010?  A certain County Commissioner related to the Butchers?

This Bullshit is never ending in Crooked County!

Pretty nice salary I hear since  quitting  the college.  But you never really quit do you?

The books are retained by IL’s secretary Sandy Pettit!

This story sounds very familiar doesn’t it?

They all do it the Crooked County way!

GSC Board of Governors- at the time of the action in question R Terry Butcher was a member of the board of governors and, if I am not mistaken, Timothy B Butcher was President of the GSC Housing Corporation.

With the “new” restructuring the wife of IL MORRIS – Sue Morris is current board director!

This is starting to read like a WHO’S WHO of  “Fuck you!”

“We are gonna do what we want to …and make some fat stax of cash too!”

GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS LLC: a FOR PROFIT ENTITY Manager and Organizer Dr. Peter Barr per the State of West Virginia and various recordings at the court house.

According to Dr. Barr and multiple news reports this is handled by Mr. Ratliff, the full time head of Maintenance for GSC and if you will note a trustee of the GSC Housing Corporation as well.

How many pay checks for him and others?

Dr. Barr managed it so well he let the Butchers prepare a $30,000 promissory note by New Horizon (Jack Jones President) to Gilmer Housing Partners on the first sale of the new housing development which originated from Ex- Mayor Putnum to  IL Morris, to the Alumni Association, to the GSC Housing Corporation to Gilmer Housing Partners all tied to the Board of Governors with a resulting suit in federal court tied to the County Clerk’s Office.

The home of corruption for Gilmer County! The Butcher and Butcher Law Firm ignored letter after letter from lawyer after lawyer regarding doing an accounting for the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE - An Attorney for the council on aging Margaret Kreiner stated that the terms of the AJ WOOFTER WILL were not met! A criminal report made to Sheriff Metz was ignored! He stated for the record, "I'm not a gonna go up there and bother them people!" Great job of law enforcement Sheriff Metz!!

Now you can at least follow how the wicked web of deceit is wickedly woven  on the hill in the Ville !!  You got it now!

I hope you can clearly see how attorneys whose membership spans at least three non-profit organizations within the college can participate in the for profit step child of that same body.

What was their bill?

Who are the investors and how much did they put up for seed money?  How are they to be paid back? How much money have they made or lost?  Where does it go?

It’s  all a CROOKED COUNTY MYSTERY!!  Fuck yeah!!

Don’t forget the Crooked President of the college is in it all the same, same.  He knows how the wicked deals are woven, and who runs these organizations at all times, to him it is all a game, game!

Dude tells the BOG what he wants!

Have another drink Peter Barr and don’t forget the BARR code next time you park your car at the bar!!

Don’t lay on your back unless he is black = Barr Code

Those who have a good business sense will know why the President of GSC is placed to interconnect with every back room deal and parcel out the money in the Ville !

Is this mess ethical?  HELL NO!!

I seriously doubt the IRS would find it legal!

Keep that picture in your head. It is all public information for those with the desire for the truth.  Read the latest from Federal Court.

Those Butchers got their asses kicked in federal court!!

Don’t forget that the next time decisions need to be made about what is good for Gilmer County.

But, the Power Elite only think about what is good for putting money in their pocket and to hell with Gilmer County and it’s citizens!

Those Butchers and their Gilmer County Housing Partners in crime can sure weave one wicked web to deceive!!

Here is the US District Court Document that orders the Bullshit company formed by the Butchers to PAY UP BITCHES!!

federal court opinion county clerk

(click the green link for PDF of court document)

If you can not access document via  link contact your local Gilmer County Secret Seven Member at:


PAY UP BITCHES? "Sure I'll pay up my daddy is Rich, but you have to cum back in my room first!"(photo of Lizzie Butcher with drink in hand - one of the Butchers Bitches to Break Bad in the summer of 2010)