By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press /Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Frequently inexperienced and sometimes inadequately educated local authorities  known as the CPS from across this state get to judge whether hundreds of young, low income mothers and fathers are fit to be parents in West Virginia. Simply asking the question “Are you depressed?”, and getting a yes answer gives them license to misdiagnose those parents as having mental disorders and allows social services to remove children from the home.  Well duh, CPS has been called and whether right or wrong of course they’re depressed, wouldn’t you be?”

Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services is a specialized Child Welfare service provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. This service is provided to families on behalf of children who are neglected or abused by their parents or by the guardians or custodians responsible for the care of children.

This is Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County, and Sheriff Metz will be first to tell you “Hough is the head law man around here!” If the new people to the area knew previously about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settled anyplace in Gilmer County, which has the most corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV.

I know there are some people who are really trying and use their skills and education to benefit under privileged children. But, in this part of the state, I do know of a lot of people who use their kids for the free stuff and I have seen them sell their stamps for half price to buy drugs. There are rumors people are even selling their children via CPS employee’s to families looking to adopt or possibly into white slavery!

Some children in this part of the state are still doing without and the parents are spending the money on drugs and if those parents are drugged out of their minds, or drinking at Tallies Duck, how safe are those kids?

God Bless the ones who are responsible and take advantage that all the CPS has to offer to the parents that if they did drug test they would not have anything to worry about anyways. And I know kids who have been taken out of homes for petty stuff and then, there are the individuals who live in hell each and every day!  Nikki Harris and Teresa Williams, are two CPS workers in West Virginia that can make peoples life a living hell, according to citizens complaints.

“I don’t see how those two sleep at night. What if it was your kids or a family kid and a CPS worker acted like they did and did not do nothing to look into it or spend no more than a trip to ask a couple of questions and dropped it and forgot about it all together and did not investigate into it further?”

Those two CPS workers won’t even pick up a phone and call and ask witnesses to see if they can tell you something to back up a report.

Without tax payers CPS would have no financial support, so the specialty now of CPS is to steal from and destroy the people that actually put food on all their tables, which seems counterproductive to me.

Gilmer County, the home of RAPE and MURDER in Central West Virginia is certainly no stranger to child rape and child molestation, and some well known people are guilty as hell, but protected quite adequately by the local Church of Ike as this account attests to…

“I feel so sorry for these children that have been let down. I didn’t realize the justice system was failing so many children!”

“I thought that my situation was just a fluke or an accident or just simply an unwillingness to take on someone with money and a prominent name but to know that so many children have suffered the way one child in Gilmer County has …”

The CPS corruption in Calhoun County is lead by Crystal Kimble and Loretta Smith.
Ryan Underwood and Samara Keith are the only two honest CPS workers in the Calhoun office.
Loretta Smith blackmails mothers that have trouble with the law to make false statements, and then mixes a little bit of this and that to tell lies to set people up. The adult protective services workers also are corrupted ran by Jackie Blankenship and Victoria Butcher-Shaver. (Shown in this photo)
The facts are coming out, like HOT TODDY on a HOT SUMMER night with a cool summer breeze a blowin on that Big Gila Monster.

“It just truly saddens my heart and for the person that said parents are bad just cause our teenage daughter was molested by a supposed leader of the community is just wrong.”

“I trusted my ex-husband with our child on weekends, because I thought a father would protect his little girl, but he let something happen to her for promise of advancement at his work. I was wrong he allowed someone to repeatedly hurt her and introduce her to Cocaine! And when something was said to him he covered it up and refused to believe it. So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said it happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

“I just don’t know why so many children just slip through the cracks and something needs to change but how do you go about changing it?”

“I am grateful for one CPS worker she told my ex that she believed it happened and she made him see the light so my daughter has not been around this person and since she was 16. I think she forgot most of those bad days, or repressed it, but u can never be sure!”

When it comes to the children of citizens of Gilmer County things are so corrupt and dire that your everyday common person is AFRAID TO ATTEND a public meeting or openly discuss such issues since many of the public officials have proven to be criminals that can carry out violent reprisals or false charges for a false arrest, so most of the citizens are AFRAID in Gilmer County according to this poll of nearly 500 participants which is a large sample from a small County that has a population of only about 7000.

Have you ever had the WV CPS beating on your door for stupid reasons? According to an actual account…

“My child, who was 4 at the time had stepped in a pile of dog poop while he was getting on the school bus. I saw it, told the aid to bring him back off of the bus because of it.

“So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said a sexual assault happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

The Aid says “Oh don’t worry about it we ll clean it off”. I say OK thank you. 2 days later CPS is at my door because my son went to school with dog poop on his shoe. Then a week later, same 2 women from CPS are back because ” your sons hair wasnt brushed when he went to school the last few days”. Ummmm its WINTER he wears a knit skull cap. DUH his hairs gonna be a mess when he takes it off!”

“Seems to me that the only time CPS gets involved is if a School calls, not when a parent calls. Why bother people who ARE taking care of the kids?”

I know as citizens it is out duty that we go to every extent to make CPS do their job and help these kids in Central WV that are being taken from their homes. It is time to CLEAN HOUSE at CPS!

For too long Child Protective Services have stolen children for profit. The parents are not allowed due process, not allowed to question witnesses or face their accuser.  In West Virginia the parents are railroaded, lied about — and their children are bought and sold like a commodity!

Families are torn apart, destroyed and forever changed by a government agency that has no scruples, no morals and no standards, because that’s how they always do it in Gilmer County!

 The West Virginia CPS have no one to make sure they don’t abuse the very system they were put in place to protect. Money has become the issue not the children and not the family. This is just the beginning of the misery many people see down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

There are several excellent WV single parent grants available to single moms and families who qualify.These social programs help to pay for all the necessities of setting up a good home for children including providing shelter, food, and medical care. West Virginia has been immune, so far, from the bloody episodes of gang violence that have marred the big cities from New York to Los Angeles.Yet, there are disturbing signs of something evil that might lurk beneath a tranquil surface and ultimately rear its ugly head. Young women in West Virginia, at the state capital in Charleston are selling themselves to businessmen on the street during the day time to pay for their OXY habit and that of their boyfriends too.Gangs are also becoming more of a problem in WV and Mercer and McDowell counties are listed among eight West Virginia counties with the highest numbers of gang activity, according a report on gang violence recently released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kanawha is one of eight West Virginia counties with the most gang activity, according to a report issued last fall by the FBI. The report, released every two years, tracks the estimated 1.4 million members that make up the nation’s more than 33,000 gangs. Young people in WV are falling victim to drug abuse and gang affiliations and violence, by starting to catch up to the paved roads of  gang trends from bigger cities.

Maybe if all the CPS workers lost their jobs they could get on welfare their damn selves and see how these kids feel about the poor service and abandonment by society.

Here is a personal account of bad actions from a citizen of Wood County down in Parkersburg…

The Children of the Power Elite like this young woman are subject to abuse too, and sometimes that is for the lack of adult supervision, just like at the raucous orgy that jumped off the 2011 school year out hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino, where a daughter of the Church of Ike was raped and the result of that rape was a pregnancy and an abortion all while underage, and also the basketball coach got to have his way sexually with one of the star BB Ball players on the Lady Titans Basketball team. It was Bitchen BOBCATS BABY just like BEACH BLANKET BINGO when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad Bumping Butts during the Summer of Love on the CalPatty Press!

“I am a former employee of the CPS unit at the Jackson County DHHR and can personally attest to the many allegations against them. Nikki Harris has no morals. She will and has covered up huge mistakes and illegal behavior on the part of one CPS worker alone. She and the worker should have been fired had the CSM at the time not have been so close to retirement and therefore didn’t want to “stir the pot.” Also, I know that many of the CPS workers would sign themselves out on home visits and never return. Instead of doing home visits they would run personal errands or anything else non-work related. However, because of the irresponsible nature of their supervisor, Mrs. Harris, no questions were asked. Most of the workers in that unit were not there to do their job, they were there because that was one of the only jobs in the building where they could do whatever they pleased without punishment. I will say that the only worker in that unit who was an honest, hardworking, genuine and caring person was the CPS case aide. I am not sure if she is still there or not. Most of the decent employees at that place have since moved on to other positions elsewhere.”

“The CPS pick on the families who are not in danger, and need the  least help and then, help destroy the families  who the CPS leave in danger. The CPS is a self serving entity and just as self serving as the CHURCH of IKE and all the power elite in Gilmer County, West Virginia!”

“Jackson County CPS is horrible!!!! They do not protect children!!! They refuse to act until a child is hurt or dead. One mother I know has been reported repeatedly for drug abuse, alcoholism, beating her teen daughters and nothing has been done because apparently they are too lazy to do anything for these girls who are suffering mentally and physically. This office needs to be investigated before someone else gets hurt!”

CPS in rural West Virginia has long made a business of stealing children. Families who are new to the area do not know that, however. They are attracted to the “People that Shine” in the Glenville Democrat, the bullshit rhetoric about the worst school academically in the entire state of West Virginia, oh, and also, the beauty of the area.

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with information they have presented as “Fact” and validate lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators!” These so called elites from Gilmer County have covered up countless rapes, and some of those rapes were victims under the age of 18 like the rape that happened that night up hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino -the same night the GCHS Basketball coach Bobby Duvall had sex with one of the players on the team! “Where was the CPS in Gilmer County when the rapes and sex with high school teachers was something you couldn’t talk about or mention in Glenville — a secret agreement was put in action by members of the Church of Ike – a group of public officials & politicians for reasons of the pursuance of policies that must be kept SECRET awful sexual crimes occurred with minor children which they dare not mention in public.”

 If the new people to the area knew about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many  would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settle anyplace in Gilmer County, which has  a very corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV. The County is run by a Board of Commissioners who are constantly screwing the citizen with levies and bond issues geared toward making the rich in the area richer and the poor people of this part of Central WV even poorer.

Children are a commodity for which there is a steady and growing market both in the United States and across the world, so WV will grap their piece of the action just like they did the marijuana trade and the PILL MILLS that rule the state and have even effected the elite with rampant prescription drug abuse.

Child sex-slaves arrive in Europe and elsewhere from unspecified locations, even West Virginia! Children taken from homes routinely end up in the porn industry, believe it or not. It has been going on for many years but since it did not impact most of us it was easy to ignore.

But as counties across the state have cycled down into bankruptcy like Gilmer County has, the need to pump harder for every buck to be made has become more compelling. Today it is not just the most vulnerable who are targeted, but families that would before have been passed over as too well connected that are currently also in jeopardy from all the crime, dope and corrupt law enforcement.

The Butcher Bitches paved the way for underage drinking being condoned many years ago & now it has been a family tradition of sorts in Crooked County down by the Crooked River! Beer Bong Bitches Breaking Bad!

Here is a latest comment from a reader of the many Secret Seven Coalition articles …

The last RAPE VICTIM from GSC that was discovered by the Secret Seven Coalition, said, “NO FEMALE is SAFE at GSC! The last rape that took place in Goodwin Hall had difficulty in the courts because DAN BELL the Chief of Public Safety made sure the rape kit evidence was immediately lost, but the court was recently notified that law enforcement went over an above to make sure there was no evidence and if the parents of the victim did not speak up and contact the Secret Seven Coalition, then mostly the public would have never known about another horrible rape in GOODWIN hall, but then RAPE is common in Gilmer County, especially since there have been multiple rapes and no convictions.The crime statistics that exist for Gilmer County, West Virginia are a complete LIE and fabrication, if the public only knew the truth they would be shouting to bring in the national guard!

“Let’s see the raucous party up Rt. 33 did not happen, the Charleston romp didn’t either with all the pomp and booze supplied by the Gerry Hough household, and the sexual molestation by the Coaching Staff in which the Gilmer Sheriff Mickey Metz does not have the qualifications for! What about CPS? Where in the HELL is the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES when children need protected from the METZ GANG and the lawless Hough Starletts! In WV what the hell, where is the CPS? Where are they to protect the children, they steal the children. Why not do a story about what Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, the County Commission and the big muckitty mucks do to our children, by way of torture, denial and mistreatment. As for everyone questioning what happened to the kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang. If one of those parents or someone that knows the truth calls in to CPS and pushes the issue you might find some resolution there. However, I have a much diminished view of that organization but they seem to be able to run their own witch hunt when given just the right amount of information but it would have to be someone who knows and is aware of the facts. As well if Mrs.

Rape at Glenville State College is now as Common Place as IKE MORRIS eating at Audrey’s family restaurant in the heart of Crooked County down by the Crooked River at 7pm on a Tuesday night.

Butcher had knowledge or report had been made to her then she too would be legally liable as a mandated reporter to have filed a CPS report.

Failure to do so would make her guilty by association and therefore place her job in Jeopardy. I think she should be in Jeopardy, in fact I think she should be in a zoo for outdated back woods feeble minded whore raising nitwit bitches, but they probably couldn’t get all that on the sign in front of her cage!! YOU MAKE ME NAH SHA’S NAY SHA!”

The PARTY ANIMAL LADY TITANS HOST DRUNKEN BASH AT THE V-BALL TOURNEY down at the state capitial — “They all drank Thursday night, went to the tournament Friday and then the real party started.
The boy friend of Crystal Metz was so drunk and fucked up on drugs, that nobody cared when he ventured off, and then what he was trying to do to the girls by pulling their pants and panties down and then trying to play with their precious feminine secret places!
Another one of Gerry Hough’s daughters, Lauren Hough, Carly’s Lil Sis was named as a chief player in all of the sexual exchanges and drunk shit and such.
The boyfriend of Crystal Metz was going room to room and in hallways trying to get the girls naked and play box banging bingo the Butcher Bitches way!
“In one incident dude hid in the bathtub in the ladies facilities and when the girls went to use the bathroom then he jumped out swinging his penis to and fro just like they do down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

Local psychiatrists, psychologists, attorneys and physicians become little more than hired guns for authorities trying to take children from their parents into foster care.

Mickey Metz is not qualified to serve as a coach on the Volleyball team. He does not have the credentials to fill that position at the high school, but Gilmer County is so corrupt that even after the document Metz used to qualify to be on the ballot to run for magistrate was proven a phony, Metz still was allowed to be on the ballot against the laws of West Virginia, and even allowed to run for office on primary election day, but Metz only received a small amount of votes and came in last place. By the time the election was held, the FREE PRESS had already published the document Metz brought forward and it was a FAKE!!

As the fear fades and justifiable anger comes to the forefront falsely accused parents are shining a spotlight on a family court system normally shrouded in secrecy. This raises the crucial question of who should be allowed to determine the most fundamental rights of parents to bring up their own children and what standards are used to make such a serious and life altering decision. Who is truly working in the best interest of the children?  Many times it may be the parent.

“Another filthy CPS pedophile busted  ….”will most likely be an upcoming headline on some future Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article.  Mark Levriers a CPS worker had 23 years of access to vulnerable, defenseless children, before he was found out and caught for child molestation!

There are many more Mark Levriers in CPS, count on it. CPS is a magnet for perverts and pedophiles. Even a braindead pedophile knows you don’t have to hang around playgrounds = you can get a job at CPS and get paid to be a pervert, just like Gerry Hough gets two paychecks from the state of West Virginia to engage in criminal activities, like subornation of perjury and felony conspiracy, and even white collar crimes to help out his friend Timothy B and R Terry Butcher!

Children, the latest victims being snatched in broad daylight by CPS, should be a serious concern for law enforcement agencies. We must have better coordination among state and local agencies of all levels to ensure that children are unharmed and not victimized by our own institutions. They must put forth better efforts to ensure that the price of children as individual human beings is not being calculated in cold cash.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More than $1 million in federal funds have been approved for West Virginia to encourage more adoptions of children in foster care.

“The funding was announced in September of 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The department said the adoption incentive awards are intended to improve states’ child welfare programs, but for many it was just a license to steal!!”

We must be concerned because this could well be a precursor of graver problems like child sex trafficking,  and other illegal operations which use children to  commit crimes.  The local CPS must take steps, in coordination with law enforcement, society at large and the media, to warn the public plus assist and advise parents on how to protect their children against not only street abduction by criminals but also by legal criminals of their making like they have in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River!

To be a high school coach of any sport there are certain requirements that need to be met and Sheriff Mickey Metz did not meet these requirements.
A. ASEP Coaches Education Program – Complete our 14 hour course with
a WVSSAC instructor and pass all 3 tests with a minimum score of 80%.
B. Local School Board approval (must be a high school graduate or GED)

What is happening here is not an oddity and unfortunately it is not new. Children are being taken from their families prematurely or unnecessarily because federal formulas give states a strong financial incentive to do so rather than provide services to keep families together.  Taking a child and paying a middle class family to care for them has fast become the latest form of middle class welfare.  All available help goes to foster and adoptive parents.  About the only parents the federal government won’t help indefinitely are birth parents. What’s wrong with this picture?

Laws give bounties to states of up to $8,000 or more per child for every adoption they finalize over a baseline number. But the injustices don’t stop there, because in order to get that money, states have to have children to take away and place them – and therein lay the incentive to falsely accuse parents of harming their children and to forcibly remove children even when there is no evidence to do so.

MARTINSBURG — Just a short few months ago Louis Palma was wrestling with more than just 40-plus vacancies for Child Protective Services workers across the state.

In addition to the 10.8 percent vacancy rate for CPS staff, another 17 percent of the CPS work force has been on the job for less than a year, Palma said. Many of those hired to work for CPS don’t hold degrees in social work but in fields deemed related: criminal justice, sociology, education or psychology, Palma said.

“CPS is doing a job they have never been trained to do.  They are investigating people who have never been charged, calling them child abusers, taking kids away and getting paid to do it. The money that follows a child abuse accusation and subsequent placement of the so-called endangered children into foster care or adoption is the real catalyst for the epidemic of child abuse accusations!”

Lizzie Butcher could break any law bang any box , suck any…well you get the idea … and there was never any consequence for underage drinking or bad behavior back in the day. And when you ask where was the CPS in those days? …You could get laughed out of town, for why should they care about abuse, or child abuse of any kind if it isn’t endorsed by the elite and labeled especially for poor folk. Butcher Bitches fun shown above sucking hard to get the juice to make you loose for summer fun in the VILLE where they live by the “Power of Darkness!”

And there is no incentive for any physician or anybody involved to be intellectually honest in court about this because the law also gives them immunity if they’re wrong. So what happens is that the minute CPS is involved – or the second the EMTs are called (for example, in sudden infant death, choking or alleged shaken baby cases), parents are already labeled as child abusers. They never had a chance.

 Families are coerced into participating by intimidation and the threat of losing their children. In return for fraudulently collected profits, the contracted “vendors” (physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists) provide trumped up “evidence” of child maltreatment to support the claim that they need to keep the child in foster care. In return for this they receive more federal funding. Now this is truly job security.

Nothing in our life experience is more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted forced separation from family and loved ones by strangers. The parent-child bond is our strongest instinct, taking precedent over all else. To have this bond severed by state agents who possess unhindered power, and give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity.

Removal of non-abused children is an act of emotional and psychological terrorism. CPS does not follow established law and policy. They face no consequences for their illegal behavior. Law enforcement routinely submits to the whims of social workers as do family court and magistrate judges in the majority of cases. Children failed by the system have died while in the protective custody of the State, in the care of CPS and in foster care. Citizens should NOT be removed from their homes and family members based on nothing more than hearsay.

May you never experience an introduction to that Kafka-esque world of state child-snatching.  It illustrates so many of the reasons why, hidden behind its self-protective wall of secrecy, this ruthless and corrupt system is fast becoming one of the most serious problems faced by families living at poverty level today.

The victim that was raped in Goodwin Hall at GSC in the Suite occupied by Jordan Opie Watkins contends that she was not prescribed or knowingly took benzodiazepine which she tested positive for at Stonewall Jackson when evidence for the rape kit was obtained. A mixture of high proof alcohol and date rape drugs was mixed by some other students at GSC and the last thing she remembers is sitting with the cup of alcohol mixed from over 100 proof grain-alcohols mixed by Jayde Layne and Jordan Bennett students at GSC. The next thing she remembers is waking up and regaining consciousness nude with five member of the SOB fraternity standing over her in the shower.

“No Child Left Behind Says CPS!”

Parents have experienced that in these “Secret Courts” that are ran and administered by the same people that are taking the children, that it is in fact a Kangaroo or Tribunal Court where there is no justice and no help. There is virtually no possible way the parents can win. In these courts, parents are placed with Gag Orders, instructed to ‘Not discuss the case’, this way, the social workers, crooked probation officers like Tara Kennedy and dishonest prosecutors like Gerald B Hough can conduct their business outside of scrutiny, and they can lie on the reports and to the judges like Richard A Facemire — free to perjure themselves without question, after all who will complain? Parents are often not even allowed in the court rooms while their cases are being discussed. All the people involved are playing the parents like a fiddle. Social Workers may be very nice, claiming they are there to “help” and they are sure ‘you’ll probably get your children back’, however each time the “defendant” expresses any type of conflict with them or their decisions; something to either expose them, or to prove innocence, they threaten that they will and can “put the child up for adoption”.

Three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford was was last seen in her home around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning last Sept. 24th wearing Dora pajamas and a pink princess sweatshirt. She is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 35 pounds. She is missing her four front teeth and has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Is she in the river or taken by the CPS and sold into adoption, in another state?

The children are being taken at an alarming rate, and although they are only investigating ONE child…. they will take them all, regardless of the circumstances. They are stealing the children legally. It is reported that Social Workers have no problems falsifying documents or lying about parents and extended family members.  They may threaten the parents into so called “services” such as parenting classes or anger management which by parents taking these services is an automatic admission of guilt (even if they have done nothing); Many Social Workers will do whatever it takes to ensure your child WILL be placed up for adoption. It’s like they’re bounty hunters.

Children may also be placed and deemed “special needs” ensuring more Federal Funding and Non Profit Grants for the authorities. It has been documented that babies as young as a few months old are considered to have “mental issues” and are given strong psychotropic drugs. With each issue that can be found (or created) the state and Federal Government gets more money, not just from the demand for more taxes, but also from non-profit grants one may donate to.

The Governments motto “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” was meant to be a slogan for better education.  Today, “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND seems to have become the slogan used by Social Services and CPS. No Child Left Behind, means that the Social Workers, the State, and Federal Government including Non Profit groups, Adoption Agencies and all their agents and affiliates have a guaranteed income, and it seems the economics involved is not trickle down.

The state of West Virginia and the office of the CPS have been known to parade our children in front of adoptive parents like cattle at an auction. They do it under the disguise of fun and games. “Come and pick out a child” is the mantra.

“Why not put them on an auction block and sell them to the highest bidder. These children are innocent pawns in a game of greed, politics and corruption. If you don’t believe it is going on in the state of West Virginia, think again!”

Can you imagine the hurt, anger, frustration and guilt these children feel when they are alienated from their own flesh and blood, treated like a lost dog from the pound and then are not “picked” for one reason or another. This is a travesty in the worst possible way.

Talk about illegal adoptions- This is just one of the many reasons the corrupt office of the CPS in West Virginia snatches children from home of parents who are uneducated, poor and who don’t know the system and the crime that goes on in its underbelly. It is time to stop the madness, stop the corruption and stop the selling of our children.

Where were you When I needed you Ms CPS?

Well you could not be found!

What can I do Oh I believed in you

You’re running me around

Well you can take it as a warning

Or take it anyway you like

It’s the lightning not the thunder of the SS!

You never know where it’s gonna strike

Our love’s in jeopardy baby!



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There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

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Come on by the Concerned Citizens Free Press if you would like to watch JUDGE WATKINS go CRAZY in court just like Judge Facemire did in the Travesty of Justice case!

Of course Facemire lied to the Judicial Investigation Commission about the entire incident, actually flat denied it like a lying little bitch, but FACEMIRE was caught on tape too! How will the JIC get out of covering for Richard DICK Facemire when the truth is revealed to all of AMERICA soon? Here are two promo video for the Watkins video as well as a link for the current article that can be found  at the Concerned Citizens Free Press!

Secret Seven members and affiliates and associates of the Secret Seven were instrumental in investigating JUDGE WATKINS for his blatant misconduct and stuck with it long enough to get FOX NEWS coverage.

The Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition has been in direct contact with the Chief Counsel of the Supreme Court for the last two months, and many hours were spent in direct communications and on telephone conference calls, and it was mentioned to Terri Tarr of the WV Supreme Court the Chief Counsel of the Judicial Investigation Commission, WEEKS AGO, that eventually, there would be NATIONAL TV coverage for the tremendous amount of misconduct by judges like Watkins and Judge Facemire.

The JIC is aware that just Richard A Facemire also went on a long rant and tirade during the Travesty of Justice case, similar to the rant of Watkins, and that will be the next issue exposed along with the criminal actions of Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough.

“Courtroom Video REVEALS ABUSIVE CONDUCT of WV JUDGE WATKINS Reminiscent of the RANT of JUDGE FACEMIRE During the Travesty of Justice Trial”

“There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

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Welcome to Gilmer County the home of CROOKS and LIARS and Glenville State College that ranks 73 out of 73 colleges in the State of West Virginia for academics but are NUMBER ONE in RAPE! GLENVILLE the county seat of Crooked County where they will steal your property tax money right from the office of the Gilmer County Sheriff and then spend the money on Cocaine like Michelle Dawn Rose tax deputy for Sheriff Mickey Metz who lied about having a GED for 8 years and then presented a FAKE he bought from a terrorist in Pakistan, and the Democratic Executive Committee approved this illegality cuz they are all CROOKS and LIARS in Gilmer County!

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press /Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Crooks and Liars in Gilmer County are everywhere! And now with an election on the way.. Crooks will be coming out of the woodwork! What can I say…other than tune in and turn on with West Virginia’s own Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!


Like baboons in a lab that will eat cocaine till they die, our leaders are literally addicted to power, and they are addicted to the Power of Darkness!

Cocaine has its effects by hijacking our brain’s reward system.  it can give short-term extreme pleasure but leads to long-term addiction and all the hell that comes with it, so does addiction to power, and so eventually comes the addiction to the Power of Darkness in Gilmer County and Central West Virginia!

Believing we knew what we were doing, we permitted a political class of jacked up drug dealing mob “Want to be’s” and half wits  to develop and thrive here — known to us all as the local CROOKS and LIARS  that have evolved into a corrupted self-selecting priesthood at the Church of IKE in Gilmer County!

Too much power can disrupt normal thinking and emotions leading to gross errors in judgment  impervious to risk, not to mention huge egos and a lack of empathy for others — this description readily exemplifies the person who belongs to the elite club who often frolic up at the ELITE  home known as the FRIGHT HOUSE which is often the welcome home to…


“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Here the road is all uphill and it’s paved with ill gotten gains, and the dirty laundry of the Butcher Bitches!”

Imagine a community, no matter how ideal, where no man or woman’s word could ever be counted on. Where questions asked, answers given and all information passed became worthless, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse because no one could be trusted, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse!

Jean Butcher — A Crook and a Liar — Is also the Gilmer County Commission Clerk on the right in the black & white med length dress, shorter brown hair face turned end of the table holding the red solo cup and she did fill it up for fat boy Tim Farmer with the little Hitler mustache the County Commission Administrator. Dave Hess tries not to make a mess in front of photo of this outdoor luncheon in celebration of some Crooks from Crooked County hanging it up to rip some more people off another day, by stealing out of state property taxes from honest hard working people, hiding deeds or whatever dirty criminal activity they happened to be involved with in the Summer month of JUNE up at the Courthouse on the hill overlooking the Crooked River down below!

Our CROOKS and LIARS, the ones we put in power, like all CROOKS and LIARS, have simply decided that rules and laws of the land don’t apply to them.

Yet even the habitual Crook, even the habitual Liar,  does so figuring that others tell the truth.  Otherwise they would have no point of reference to spin their lie from to give them a Crook advantage.  Any names come to mind, like Gerry Hough, Sheriff Mickey Metz, and Judge Richard A Facemire?


The Corn Bread Mafia of Central WV have a handle on all the Crystal Meth and Crystal Metz too, as we hear it said she was a party to the MURDER of FRED! Poor FRED HILL, it was just like the CalPatty Press said, “Freddie was DEAD!” Waitman Lee Frederick was drinking with Crystal Metz that night that FRED became DEAD, and Crystal made him like the glenville democrat black and blue and red all over, for Metz gave the small built man a Karate chop attack after he pinched her in the ass, that could have very well been the cause of the killing of an outsider, just outside a sacred place of worship by the Church of Ike down by the Crooked River …

During the depression West Virginians and most of Appalachia turned to making illegal whiskey to survive.

We of the pure bred variety never came out of it.  When gambling, dope and prostitution followed it became a stronghold for organized crime, just like the Church of Ike is here in Glenville in modern times.

“When we could not escape that anything – to make a dollar mind set … central West Virginia became a bought and paid for society ready for takeover by the haves — looking to make easy money on the backs of the have – nots!”

How easy it was. Some of the reasons for this were simple: Drug dealing, pedophilia, the sex trade and college sports gambling are areas that historically the Mafia have been involved in; supporting the drug trade for control of an addicted, poverty stricken and thus mind controlled population, supplying under-age males and females to customers of prostitution, producing and distributing child pornography, buying and selling children to support the sex trade in addition to fixing college football and basketball games as part of the multimillion dollar illegal sports gambling industry were guaranteed money makers, especially if you controlled the law.

You don’t have to go to the city. Folks, it’s right here in rural West Virginia. Ask IL and his good friends Joe Manchin or Mike Ross.  Ask if they know anything about Down and Dirty,” taking little boys from behind in the shower after football practice Sandusky and why the Pittsburgh Mafia that controls parts of WV and Virginia let him slide knowing he was a sexual deviant so many years.  It’s profitable and part of doing business. Ask why there is so little fear of going to jail that an honest cop will admit there’s little they can do.  We may not have Sandusky but we have what the mob loves most next to easy money, a team.

Shaving off points in a football or basketball game is a type of game fixing that involves preventing a player or team from covering a pre-published point spread.

Shaving points or shaving poon at the Volley Ball tournament fiasco in which Crystal Metz let her future husband expose himself to and fondle underage teenage high school girls, just months ago, while Sheriff Metz serves as a coach that does not have the credentials for the High School official position – it all goes good with the pills like LORTAB given to IKE MORRIS in great numbers with no fuss and no muss like paper work and scripts — for Church of IKE girl. Crook and Liar Lisa Stewart is there – in a bikini and summer time fun for all those that play the game down by the Crooked River – and also in the luxury vacation condo’s provided by the Church of IKE just for being a team player!

It’s easier in a basketball game due to the fast pace of the game and the potential for a much higher scoring range makes it less obvious but it depends on what the boss is into. A gambler/investor entices a player, players or a team to ensure that they don’t cover a point spread with a bribe so that they can bet against the team. In football it’s often easier to only pay the QB and let him decide who else needs a little cash.  That way, he’s the only one that could ever really roll over on a hand placed minion within the coaching ranks who handles the pay off.  The team seldom has to lose, just don’t hit the mob’s spread.  The bookie stays in business, organized crime players win and the average Joe loses.

Crook and Liar Leslie Ward –  who also received some of her credentials on line – part of the Gerry Hough Hate Gang – and an active member since last June. Ward was part of the gangs conspiracy to attenuate everyone’s rights to free speech on the local websites and blogs in central wv — the hate gangs’ plans failed miserably along with their site that Hough advertised in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

It’s a rich man’s easy money.  It is part and parcel of what makes it profitable to donate tax exempt dollars to college foundations while convincing the public it’s for “Philanthropic” purposes. It is exactly why the black football players of GSC get away with rape.  You may see them arrested, even go to jail a few days before the bond is met, but you’ll never see them do prison time in Gilmer County.  It is why you bring in 30 year old players with poor backgrounds and no educational requirement strings attached.  These guys know the game.  They know deep inside they will never be in a Super Bowl or National Playoff, so they take the perks and the money while they can get it, do what they want with girls and drugs and when it’s all over fade into the woodwork.  Get it while you can.

Doug Morris of Waco Oil and Gas (left) son of IKE MORRIS shown in this photo with KIM MORRIS his wife that he beat on the night Morris had FIVE different drugs in his system including METH when he wrecked his car near the former headquarters of the WV Secret Seven Coalition! “NO DOUG we said COME ON OVER not ROLL ON OVER!” And it all happened because Morris was late for a sexual tryst with his secretary with the alluring breasts and rude mouth.

Gambling activities are in every way directly opposed to sound business principles and economic development. College sport gambling negatively affects education both philosophically and financially. The philosophy of making a living through gambling activity not only destroys the perceived need for an education, but also reinforces economically unproductive activities such as drug dealing, alcoholism, domestic violence and prostitution.  The idea that legalized gambling brings dollars for education has been proven to fail time and time again. It’s a boom or bust business and local shops are not supported by the clientele of illegal gambling who prefer the bars and the back rooms.  Family oriented communities do not thrive but organized crime realizes a sustainable, long term profit. College athletes do not earn the huge salaries of professionals, many are from low-income backgrounds, and since by shaving points the bribed athletes do not cause their teams to lose, such athletes are easy targets for recruitment by the Mob. These kids don’t even realize that’s who they’re working for but you better believe the Coach, the College President and his “Benefactors” do.

The “Powers that Be” can tell you that the surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike, rather than those who think differently.  Do it for the Home Town Church of Ike TEAM! Hoo ya!!

At least a small portion of truthfulness has always been understood as absolutely essential to a successful human society. Philosophers have said more than once that the devils themselves do not lie to one another since even the society of Hell could not continue without some truth any more than others.  There is supposed to be some honor even among thieves.   Yet here we stand, deceived, disgusted, in shock letting the children serve as drug addicted slaves to a local mafia we fear to lose favor with. We have become slavish souls who carry our appreciation for a few pitiful favors done so far that we strangle ourselves with the rope of gratitude.

“The public trust has been betrayed right here in Gilmer County, and individual rights are under attack!”

When the public trust is broken, not just individuals lose – everybody loses.

In 2007, a controversy arose after Manchin’s daughter, Heather Manchin Bresch, a CROOK and a LIAR claimed to have earned an MBA degree from West Virginia University. But that turned out to be a load of COW DUNG, after information emerged detailing the fallacy of her “not –earned – at all – MBA from WVU. Manchin placed the blame on WVU, for what else was he to do. HEATHER the daughter of the then Governor got a FAKE document for education just like all the Crooked hillbillies do, which certainly does not exclude Sheriff Mickey Metz of Gilmer County! The results of the pressure placed on WVU were threefold; President Mike Garrison tossed after a year in office, other officials including the Dean of the Business School and Garrison’s legal counsel booted like a Fire Starting Cult Chick booted for sucking dick in exchange for HOT TODDY PAIN PILLS!! BIG JOE is shown in this photo with SUE MORRIS the wife of IKE MORRIS and a BOG at GSC that ranks dead last — at 73 out of 73 for academics in West Virginia colleges.

What hurts one of us hurts us all. Democracy, the separation of judicial powers and the free press all evolved for essentially one purpose – to reduce the chance of leaders becoming power addicts.

Censorship is an exclusive process, by which individuals, groups, or government officials seek to deny access to or otherwise suppress ideas and information because they find those ideas offensive, objectionable or endangering their personal bank balance and do not want others to have access to them.  Our puppet power mongers are putting out more effort than they ever have to do the jobs they are paid for to censor knowledge of their illegal and unethical behavior in Gilmer and surrounding counties.

It is of fundamental importance in a democracy that citizens are able to express their views — even potentially offensive or distressing views — about their government, or any public body. Local authorities should not be using our laws and officers of the court to silence criticism.

There are four essential human freedoms which must not be denied our people as the values and liberties of the Gilmer County citizen continues to be under attack.

The first is freedom of speech and expression.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way.

The third is freedom from want which means adopting an economic policy which operates in the best interest of all concerned.

The fourth is freedom from fear which requires honest and citizen driven law enforcement working so that no special interest group or individual will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor or to restrict their rights.

Censorship hurts us all. It denies us the personal decision we each have: the right to gain access to information and material and to determine if this material is appropriate for our needs.

The Butcher Bitches and the accepted deviant sexual behavior, Nasia Butcher, Casey Smith the sexual abuse of students, Crystal Metz, GCHS volleyball coach and her associates at the party in Charleston, parties with underage drinking involving other coaches, like the party and rape at the home of a well known power elite, crimes at Glenville State College involving football players, rapes, drugs etc. just to name of a few of the latest wrongdoings. The worst crime is the lack of prosecution for the ones involved by Rapist Lover Gerry Hough, Dumb as fuck Sheriff Mickey Metz – Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones … all of these law enforcement personnel are CROOKED as FUCK and this is “Just the tip of the Iceberg!”.

Resources and public information should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community it serves. Materials and information should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

We remain defined by our decisions and actions, as well as our inactions and denials. This decision on the part of local power grabbers to censor internet and essentially any form of information in an illegal effort to deny transparency is one huge step backwards for what freedom stands for as a whole, and is immediately unfortunate and regretful for the Gilmer County community.

Do we have the courage and knowledge to take back our freedoms?

Will we continue to sit here as special interests deny our constitutional rights in the name of knowing what’s best?  Are you kidding me?

“Our local politicians of Glenville, except for a small number of instances are not very intelligent or very successful: that’s why they became politicians; very few of them even have common sense despite what they tell you. It is the one requirement of the selection process by those in true power!” 

The self-serving few must have total control and blind obedience. 

In Gilmer County, that doesn’t seem hard to find and it’s a real shame.  Given the recent shake up of our educational system, every decent person must acknowledge this disease afflicting our communities but ot seems they can’t be bothered to actually do anything about it!

Now this is something that sexy bad boy Hot Toddy could really speak to from experience if he will.  He knows how crooked the Crooked County Crooks really are.

Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starting Cult had Church of Ike henchman and drug dealer for Doug Cottrill of Drake Auto Sales TIMM FURR as his celly at Central Regional jail and Hot Toddy said that FURR snitched off LISA STEWART and the RITE AID DRUG CONNECTION for the supply of pseudo to make meth by generously making the medication available without a paper trail and for some supplying the big 10’s of LORTAB you can’t get anywhere hardly, which cuts into the Hot Toddy business of pill popping and bed hopping a Cult tradition since 2006 in Calhoun County where it all started in the wilderness of the remote Calhoun Lagoon of conspiracy that led to huge number of law enforcement officers being fired from their jobs and a couple like Chief Deputy Bandy being arrested for 7 felony charges — Ron Gordon the Police Chief of Grantsville was sent to prison for the sexual assault of countless women that were wards of the state or blackmailed into sex! The next Grantsville Police Chief JD Nicholson was beaten severely about the head and shoulder in broad daylight by regulators, and it has been said, it was all because of his addiction to pain killers and the pill poppin whores of the Fire Starting Cult!

Hot Toddy is both a product and, in the beginning, was an unknowing victim just like every young man in our area that knows the score.  If you don’t have the right family name you won’t get the grades and you won’t see college.  It’s got nothing to do with how smart you are.  Just to keep the numbers up they’ll push you through high school. If you are go for it and shut up they might even give you a job tending wells.  If that’s not enough then hit the streets baby, start dealing or starve.  Going to jail at CRJ is just an on the job hazard in Central West Virginia for they sure do like to keep CRJ filled to capacity, it is all part of the plan in West Virginia, thanks to Senator BIG JOE Manchin and our Governor pocket puppet Earl Ray Tomblin.

This is what happens in a rural setting when the mob moves in.  Illegal gambling combined with drug dealing breeds a generation that knows no other way to survive.  The tough life, the street savvy, a get it while its hot mentality takes over and success is measured by what’s in your pocket.  Theft, domestic violence and even murder becomes common place and nothing to get upset about.  When abusing the wife and kids becomes the most frequently committed crime in the area and no government official calls for treatment facilities or safe houses you know who’s in charge.

It is sad, it is wrong in every sense of the word but it has become what passes for life in Crooked County and even the most educated support all the corruption in silence and fear, while the petty and self serving encourage ignorance and assure that a poverty stricken, non voting population stays under control.

Its Hannah Sue, princess of the Lord of Ike kicking it with friends and its a fine how do you do — It’s so bad the elite send their own kids and grand kids out of town to school, not because they fear anyone hurting them, but because they don’t want them raised in a society of their own creation. Now that is fucked up!

How many more children have to be hurt, harmed, or die before we get off our ass, on our feet, out of the shade and into the heat and do something about this?

It’s so bad the elite send their own kids and grand kids out of town to school, not because they fear anyone hurting them, but because they don’t want them raised in a society of their own creation. Now that is fucked up!

Look at what they do to their own?

The Co-ed population at Glenville State College is disrespected abused and molested by the Church of Ike — and black athletes have raped countless number of females. One recent RAPE ruined the life of Mary Hudnall after she was forced to have sex with the quarterback of the Football team Gabe Phrophet. Mary had a job at the GO MART and was a friendly face, and she was a good student and now all of that has been ruined, for she was threatened that she would be raped again, if she came back to court to testify against the BLACK athlete. In all the rape accusations and arrests at Glenville State going back years and years there have been ZERO convictions, the local law enforcement see’s to it that all the Black Boys live to rape another day! Edwin Dale Kennison – a big farm boy white boy peckerwood – got to have some fun by raping one of the students in old Pickens hall where it was easy pickens for white sexually ripe females. The only qualifications to go to GSC as a black athlete are … Rape, murder, arson, and rape, and they state rape twice because they like rape!

Is Doug Morris an addict? Fuck yeah he is, our own Oakie Starsick State Trooper from Calhoun County detachment, that actually makes arrests caught that criminal DOUG MORRIS President of WACO OIL and ASS with Cocaine in his Porsche, and daddy, the Lord over the Church of IKE bought him out of it by giving the State Police their new headquarters in Glenville, for just ONE DOLLAR, but they had to drop the charges, and give back the car, and Doug most likely got his dope back and soon all of AMERICA will know, they will know about your buddy GERRY HOUGH too, Hot Toddy! The prosecutor that let you walk after assaulting Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson — which by and of those actions was a death sentence for Lunacy Lucy and her trained Gila Monster too, for we heard you murdered the lizard, after exposing it to the sexual prowess of Tabitha Clem, who the feds had to bust for Meth because the local cops were buying her dope after fucking her. But, then again, weren’t you friends with RON GORDON the Grantsville Police Chief Rapist who became very good friends with GERALD B HOUGH special prosecutor to Calhoun County?

What about Shelly, how high can she fly Todd? Or should I call you Hot Toddy? Is the courthouse a pill popping haven? You bet it is bitch! Bed hoppin and pill poppin with JEAN BUTCHER Gilmer County Commission Clerk and Tim Farmer Commission Nocturnal Emission Administrator hater.

Ten to one says it’s a lot cheaper to pay the bills in pills than it is by the hour or by the job. How deep are you in Ike that you can’t keep your own out of this cesspool?

It really makes one wonder who owns you and others like you, Mr Firing Starting Cult Leader… Pittsburgh perhaps?

What are they going to do, take the College away because all the girls are gay from being raped? How many Gilmer County players will that really destroy? Zero. It’s on it’s way , and IKE knows it, watch and see.

If you think the Church of Ike gives a damn about a secretary or maintenance man, a professor or some small time politician then think again. This senseless living death of this county of Gilmer has to end. How many children, how many children will they have to spend to buy the evil they so need?

There is NO Freedom of Speech in the Butcher Bitches Crooked County – For that is substituted with EAT – A – PEACH in their Dick shun nary, And then the jukebox plays a song I used to know. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah… And now I’m staring at a Butcher Bitch while they’re dancing so slow …and I have to say … They don’t write ’em like that anymore… Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah… hey Lexi when are you going to take your hands off that girls breasts the dance ended a long time ago! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…

Maybe one more CHILD is one too many before a parent or loved one out of their mind with grief remembers that God made all men — But Mr. Colt made all men equal.

I’d say the ALL OUT BANGING BARREL of a 44 has never been closer than it has ever been  before… And I say they don’t write ‘em like that anymore…

“It is time to BREAK UP with the Church of IKE and the Power Elite, before we have to settle the whole deal just like the Hatfields and McCoys!”

For people are a sayin they heard about all the crimes and corruption — And all about the Crooks and Liars of Gilmer County on the Flagship website of the Secret Seven Coalition…

“Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!”

They don’t write ’em like that anymore.
No, they just don’t write ’em like that anymore.
Oh, they don’t write ’em like that anymore.
They just don’t write ’em like that anymore.
They just don’t, no they don’t, no no, uh-uh,
They just don’t write ’em like that anymore

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” ” They just don’t write ‘em like that anymore

Saturday June 23rd on the Concerned Citizens Free Press Don’t Miss the latest scandal  down by the Crooked River …

TARA KENNEDY from GILMER COUNTY UNDER INVESTIGATION for Conspiracy, Misconduct, and Assault with a Vehicle!

Public Records Fraud! Election Fraud! In a Gilmer County Courthouse! The LAW doesn't Matter in GILMER COUNTY for they are ALL CROOKED AS HELL!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

You know the floor is not clean when the dirt’s been swept under the rug.  And when serious crimes are committed by someone even vaguely connected to a well known elite family, it’s the very first thing on the very feeble mind of any elected official in Gilmer County. 

“We know they were not elected for their IQ!”

Oh Lord, how do I hush this up?  Too many votes to be lost if I do what I’m supposed to do!  What am I supposed to do?  I better get on the horn and ask.  Do you think anybody heard about it yet?

Unless it gets too far out of hand where it can’t be hidden, people can steal money from our banks and get caught putting it back, steal our tax money to buy a trailer, even steal money from the school children themselves and they will never see the inside of a courtroom.  Actually, a new job will be found for them and their partners if they’re in with law enforcement or connected with business and they are told to keep out of sight, keep your head down, keep your mouth shut and make sure to remember who did this for you!

“Who could forget the MICKEY METZ TAX DEPUTY Michelle Dawn Rose that is a thief that only admitted to stealing $12,000 from out of state tax payers and admitted to using the money for Cocaine, alcohol and other drugs but the crazy wacko Crooked County Crook that worked in the Sheriffs office never even saw one day of jail, because that is how they do it in Gilmer County!”

The MONSTER PUPPET Mickey Metz known for calling NO FOUL PLAY involving the death of FRED HILL even before the body was found in the Crooked River behind the house of SHERIFF METZ! A representative of the HILL family recently told the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition that they believe Metz himself may be responsible for the MURDER of FRED HILL! In last weeks Glenville Democrat Metz stated,“I’ve spoken with my legal counsel, and he says I’m in compliance of the WV Code! (For running for magistrate) The Central WV SS would like to know WHO his legal counsel is so we can turn that bastard in, but he must be talking about the biggest CROOK in CROOKED COUNTY- Gerald B Hough the prosecuting attorney for surely being someone’s counsel is a conflict of interest and that sounds just like Hough! “The law states that you must have a high school education, and I went to high school, “Metz Affirms. Are you kidding me, the law states you had to GRADUATE YOU DUMB BACKWOODS HILLBILLY from LEWIS COUNTY THAT SOLD WEED in HIGH SCHOOL and I got that personally from TWO people that Metz was in high school with and one of them the  Sheriff knows well with the first name of “BENNY” who is in prison just like the BROTHER of Mickey Metz who was the first person to state METZ never graduated from high school! You see how they do it down in Gilmer County? In his advertisement in the Democrat Metz says, “ I will never be a puppet on a string and take orders from those who would like to think they are the elite” Yeah right Mickey, you are their MONSTER PUPPET evident by this photo and the fact that you rescued Doug Morris when he wrecked his vehicle under the influence of FIVE different kinds of drugs, and then cleaned up the crime scene and now we hear the DUI has just fallen through the cracks and Morris has had to pay no price. Fuck that, and fuck you Metz you lying ass MONSTER PUPPET!

Pretty sad state of affairs but it’s what passes for justice round here if you just have the right last name.  Doesn’t speak very well of us does it?  Too bad for the honest family members who took no part but are told real quick what will happen to that good name if they don’t play along and return the favor.  It won’t be good for much, (at least not that branch of the family).  The word goes out and the crimes go on!

Look at the sad condition playing politics has put this county in.  The Sheriff not only turns in a fake internet diploma to qualify to file for higher office making more money, but also has the nerve to use the local press to pretty much admit it’s fake and try to convince the public that the law doesn’t matter due to all of his years of experience. 


The last theft known at the courthouse happened under Metz watch and would never have been prosecuted if the state auditor hadn’t found out but believe this, he doesn’t mind and the LAW DOESN’T MATTER!  Let one of the lesser family members take the blame for the good of the office, let one old woman pay.  Don’t mention who was in charge of that fiasco. Metz deputies get paid to sit at home waiting for a phone call that won’t come because 911’s been told no one’s on duty, no one’s in charge.  The county trucks, insurance, gas and guns are used for them to work other jobs in and out of Gilmer County.  Hang tight guys, if you act a little unprofessional, maybe hurt a couple of locals. So what, you got it?  We get it Sheriff.  The law hasn’t mattered much around here for a long, long time.

“It shall be the duty of every clerk for whose office a general index has been provided, to make all proper entries in each general index in his office within a reasonable time after making the recordation to which the index entry pertains.”

IN the continuing saga of a few select Power Elite from Gilmer County that insist they are above the law it is important that we review the facts that have been presented so that as citizens we can ban together and file federal criminal complaints with office of the US Attorney for those that have not only broken the law in a blatant way, but those in Gilmer County and the City of Glenville that actually believe they are above the law. Just like JEAN BUTCHER Gilmer County Commission Clerk, she believes she is above the law, since everyone committed ELECTION FRAUD just to put her dumb ass in a public office so she could have her strings pulled too!

Angel Ball on the left and JEAN BUTCHER who penned the names that Beverly Marks picked to receive the funds from the MISSING ONE SIXTH that was hidden from the land books and needed in a court case that went all the way to the WV Supreme Court that would have proved equal ownership of property — Hough the PA for Gilmer County paid Roanna Rafferty to LIE on the stand and say it was hers, but the DEED was missing from the land books and nobody could find it — Sheriff Metz covered up the crime so far by refusing to investigate and even threatened the family member that attempted to file a complaint!

Beverly Marks the former clerk and Jean Butcher are being looked at for the wrongful death of Ruth Woofter since the DEED to her property was pulled from the land books so it wouldn’t exist — after an order to sell the property was ignored, Ruth waited for her money, because her property was sold, but the Commission Clerk on the order of Tim Butcher pulled the deed, and the money never arrived in time to get the operation Ruth needed, she waited and hoped. But, the money never arrived at all and she died!

After the death of Ruth Woofter, Commission Clerk Marks distributed the money to people that Ruth Woofter had not so much has gotten a Christmas card from for thirty years, and Ruth died on Christmas day, her favorite day of the year. And some people on the list Marks made up on her own, were not even remotely related, like Rosabelle Gainer, and her son Jack Gainer who were both NON RELATIVES  — And should have not received even one penny, while the family Ruth lived with received nothing, and they were the people that took care of her for more than twenty years and paid her bills and paid the taxes on her property, for Ruth was mentally challenged and never was able to work, and had to be cared for.

“Ruth waited for and never received the money that was rightfully hers, but she was ripped off by the Crooks from Crooked County – Should Marks and Jean Butcher who was a deputy clerk at the time face charges for wrongful death?”

Ohio law enforcement have been made aware of all the facts, since Woofter was an Ohio resident and the court order came out of the state of Ohio — And the result was they feel a crime was committed in Gilmer County, when they found out Marks dispersed the money to some friends of hers, (for some kick back of course) and now we found out the Gilmer County Commission Clerk may have pilfered as much as FIFTY other estates, and Sheriff Metz covered up the crime by refusing to take a criminal complaint!

Where in the above statement from West Virginia code does it say that the Clerk should give Timothy B Butcher a copy of the indices?

For that is what happened when the Gilmer County Commission clerk tried to hide a lien on property financed by a bank and got caught. The story involving the missing lien that cost Gilmer County at least $50,000 plus attorney fee’s not yet billed, was  published in the Gilmer Free Press — And the news articles that were covered by the mainstream press was a story about wrongdoing by an elected county official, that was broken wide open by Dan Bingman a published writer from Creston, West Virginia and a member of the CCC that has had articles published in national magazines like FATE, or else the public may have never learned of the crime committed by an elected official from Gilmer County.

My research on the subject tells me this is against the law(knowingly hiding liens with intent to commit fraud) and a felony, since it is unauthorized privileged information involving the indices — And in any other county the police would have come to Butchers home in the middle of the night and confiscated all the data and made an arrest and the bail would be high.

I spoke with a federal attorney about this recently, and since he has had personal business with the complained about parties the Butcher and Butcher law firm — And they lied to his face about important legal matters; I believe he is considering my suggestion of….

“Do we have enough to finally go after ALL of these people?”

But, how can you do that when history has shown these few select Power Elite that have included many members of the 14th district circuit court and several of their WV BAR cronies (who play ball with all of their requests whether or not it is a legal request or not) truly feel they are above the law and call JOE MANCHIN when they get in a bind to back that thought up!

You take a complaint to the Sheriff and he complains with…

Well Gerry Hough is the head law man here in these parts!”

I never did quite get that one…. What the heck does that mean anyway?

“Does the Sheriff think we are all stupid and that it is only the Power Elite that really need to know anything or file complaints or do whatever it is they do to ruin lives and destroy people’s homes, finances and reputations?”

“Well, I hate to break the bad news to y’all but they all do think we are stupid and I can relate a personal experience that seems to indicate I am correct!”

So here goes, Once upon a time…

I asked a certain unnamed prison guard to take me around town so that I could meet some of the elite that I had only read about in the newspapers and since I was a pure bred West Virginian on both sides going back to the early 1800’s and I was just out from California, and had a lot of family in the area, maybe he could show me around and we could have us a few drinks and paint the town!

“Well, although the man was way past the legal limit himself, I took a ride that was only maybe a few hundred yards, but it was the scariest few hundred yards I have ever traveled since it was a pedal to the metal in a truck with a big ole motor kind of ride — And I was hanging on for dear life!”

After a harrowing 90 seconds of burning rubber and sliding sideways I found myself paying a small door fee at a bar called the Main Event and the host was Leslie Campbell that night. She seemed liked a rather pleasant lady and made darn sure that I got a drink right away.  My new found friend who had some skills as a driver (since we made it there alive) showed me into the back room where I found myself pleased to be sitting with Timothy B Butcher, Dianna L Butcher and a new associate of Butchers who just went through some ritual or initiation of being brought into some exclusive Power Elite club!

I won’t mention the name of that particular person, but he was the only one in the very private setting of the back room that I couldn’t previously identify.

Lizzy Butcher from the “SUMMER OF LOVE” when the Butcher Bitches BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press! Oh my! All that nudity, all that sex, it sure was some Butcher Bitch party in Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Lizzy is the daughter of R Terry Butcher who was replaced on the Board of Governors at GSC by his brother Timothy B Butcher.

I was thinking to myself, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. I hit the mother lode I was at an exclusive private Power Elite party on a Wednesday night.

Who could want more? I smiled at my new found friend because he delivered on his promise, so I thought I should at least buy him a beer, which I did and then he promptly disappeared and left me there, which was cool, because that is exactly what I wanted. Now did I deceive the folks in the back room in the matter that this person was a friend of mine and it was OK I was there, because I was with him? Yes I did, and you all will have to forgive me, but it is what I do best, for I was working for the Central WV SS that night!

Working my way into top tiers of the music business in Southern California, I used this tactic a time or two to get to the big shots so I could pitch the record I was promoting or give them a reason why they should hire me as their new rep, since my numbers in a major market were so high.  I have to admit it all worked out for me a couple of times. So I had some experience in this kind of hidden agenda sneaky stuff.

The Butcher Bitches are going to cry because all the Cocaine is gone and their dude can’t get any more until the next day,and it is not even midnight! WHAT! NO COKE! Jesus man you promised!

Luckily for me Butcher had absolutely no idea who I was, but I gave him my name and the name of several of my family members, names on both sides of my family and we discussed the old days back when you had to take the ferry across the river to get to Creston and general table talk that would be appropriate and normal for such an occasion. Butcher said, “Yeah, all those names ring some bells!”

I bet they did, and he still didn’t get it which was really working out for me. Then Mr. Timothy B Butcher explained to me that…

He really wasn’t usually in a bar on Wednesday night, but that on that particular night he was celebrating because it was a real big night for his friend being brought into an exclusive Glenville Organization!

I was more than convinced it was the same organization that held close big name members like IKE Morris and a few other Power Elite. I was a little disappointed that the big guy Ike was not there that night since I have been dying to meet him. Heck, “Ike” was the Mick Jagger of Gilmer County! He was just as famous as a Rolling Stone in these here parts.

“I must have had a grin from ear to ear, since there I was on the inside with the Power Elite just yards away from the famous Crooked River. I was in hog heaven!”

Leslie came around and I could see she was trying to decide just who I was, but I seemed to be enjoying myself, or at least I could see that was what she thought. I felt like the cat that just ate the canary and anyone would be hard pressed to wipe the smile off one’s face, or risk being discovered for smiling in a silly way for no apparent reason might give my new Power Elite associates reason for concern.

I had to think of my military training from 1968 with a huge black Sgt screaming at me to wipe that smile off my face and he made me step on it, and then screamed while I did, then he made me kill it, and then he escorted me to a place where…

I was ordered to bury that smile. “And then it was hit the deck and give me 50!”

Thinking back to those days wiped that silly canary grin off my face as I heard Tim Butcher say again, “You know I am not usually here on a Wednesday night!”

That was the third time I had heard that statement in a half hour and I thought it odd that such an obviously intelligent man would keep repeating the same sentence over and over. It was just then that I finally figured out that Timothy B was terribly worried about his image.

I looked at my watch and reminded myself it was never good to play “This” game too long, and that maybe my clandestine visit could be deemed a success since I was happy with some of the information I was able to gather that was freely given.

So, I made sure everyone was tipped out, bills were paid and excused myself, and in a very polite manner thanked each one at the table and walked around and mentioned them all by their first names. Timothy B was somehow impressed by this and said,

“How did you remember all of our names?”  Hmmm…. should I tell him the truth or just act stupid?

I chose the latter, all the while a movie clip was running in my mind that featured Brad Pitt in the movie True Romance, where his line is, “Don’t condescend me (censored , censored) or I’ll (censored) … I especially remember the movie “True Romance for the sound byte that featured DJ David Perry saying,

“It’s 67 degrees at  622 in Los Angeles and this is David Perry on K B L U”

That movie always made an impression on me since I knew the REAL David Perry and even dated his girlfriend (whoops) and had done TWO stints at radio station…

K B L U!  It was the station I pulled the big numbers at that still stand.

At that point in the evening, with that comment from Tim Butcher – who was extremely surprised that I did remember everyone’s names of the complete strangers that I had met that night- I have to say I truly did feel insulted about the comment and the tone of which it was used.

I never did like Tim Butcher after that, but it didn’t stop me from having drinks with his wife Diana L Butcher at that very same bar while being on a similar mission months later.

“Have another drink Princess Di!  Woo hoo!”

I met Bill Martin at about 830am early the next morning for some business at the courthouse and we walked into the back room where all the lawyers hang out and it led to the back stairs where Bill wanted to have a smoke and also talk to me in private in a place that would be more difficult to be overheard.

We ran smack dab into Tim Butcher and I lit up!

“Tim!!” I loudly proclaimed, “How the heck are you doing, boy did we ever tie one on last night, and Tim, you, you, Tim, You!” 

…And then I looked at Bill Martin who knows me rather well and he had a pasted on grin from ear to ear because Bill is a sharp cookie and KNEW where I was going with this!

“Tim, you character, glad to see you made it home OK and you are at work this morning!”

Then I turned to Bill and said, “Tim and I got DRUNK last night, and I mean we really tied one on!”

 “Butcher was changing colors on me, and that revved up my motor just like my favorite German Shepherd when someone was actually going to be stupid enough to run   …after the dog took an attack stance and was waiting for the command!”

I went on and on about how drunk we all were …sometimes talking over Tim Butchers denial of “Lying in the gutter out in front of the bar at 1am”

I just acted glad to see him like a long lost army buddy that you really did get drunk with, and that you were surprised to see survive to look so darn good the next day … the day after!

“As I stood out the back looking into the parking I seemed to hear something like a little motor running. “What is that?” I thought, but I determined that strange sound was Bill trying to not laugh but still was but slightly under his breath. The harder he tried not to laugh, the more that funny sound kept coming out!” (Travesty of Justice defense counsel BILL MARTIN in photo above) Bill is skilled counsel and got the TRAVESTY of JUSTICE case dismissed, but Hough refiled the case which has cost the state approx 750,000 to fight through all the highest courts in the United States, and all three felony charges were defeated in circuit court.

The only reason I stopped after about two minutes of continuous motions and mentions of how darn glad I was to see Tim Butcher and how glad I was to see that he was OK after being half passed out in front of the bar… was that Bill Martin was nudging me towards the back door while chuckling and laughing, and I was backing up continuing my Hollywood acting debut that included 100% false information on the state of Tim Butcher that Wednesday night. All of the back room had their ears stretched out to hear this one, for they could not believe what was being said, “Tim Butcher …DRUNK and lying in the gutter in front of the Main Event!?” How could it be?

The truth of the matter was Tim Butcher was not the least bit drunk and conducted himself with poise and grace the night before, and his polished rhetoric was all about letting everyone know that HE was the KING in Leslie Campbell’s MAIN EVENT bar and there was no mistaking that, in fact HE was the KING of all Gilmer County, because he knew the governor on a first name basis and everybody else in the state that mattered.

As I stood out the back looking into the parking I seemed to hear something like a little motor running. “What is that?” I thought, but I determined that strange sound was Bill trying to not laugh, but still was   …but slightly under his breath. The harder he tried not to laugh, the more that funny sound kept coming out. In fact Bill kind of got stuck in that mode for a moment or two.

Bill seemed to get a grip on himself, and then started up again with the laughing, although he was making an effort to control it.

I finally turned to Bill, and asked, “Was it really that funny?” He looked at me, and then tried to get it out which he finally did, and said, “Yes!”  …and then I just lost it and laughed and laughed until I was wiping tears from my eyes at the top of the stairs in back of the courthouse in Glenville, WV.

I will never forget that fun day with Bill Martin, another decent human being. Bill’s office was burned down shortly after that with all of the BOXES AND BOXES of documents that took me three weeks to gather involving the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE.

I had delivered some very important documents to Lisa, Bill’s secretary and they were moved into his very large back office with a full law library.

At any rate, that’s my story about meeting Tim Butcher and he had no idea that he had just met and partied down with a member of the Secret Seven Coalition, and he had no idea that I would be the man to hire the last two lawyers to handle and settle the infamous AJ Woofter estate in which the Butcher and Butcher law firm charged as much as $10, 850.00 per day in fee’s which most all attorneys feel was an outrageous act of betrayal to the wishes of AJ Woofter according to his will.

Somehow, Glenville, Gilmer County, and the state of West Virginia seem to think they are NOT part of the United States of America and if you have powerful friends in this state you really are above the law. Certainly Tim and R Terry Butcher feel they are above the law.

Sheriff Metz refused to investigate the theft from the Woofter estate and stated, “I’m not going to go over there and bother those people!”

When you have the authority to pick and choose what crimes are prosecuted, plus an” in” with the people in charge of that, we guess it doesn’t.  But for every person whose family member is harassed for a non-violent crime, which doesn’t have a vote getting name and makes it look like the Sheriff is doing the job, THE LAW SHOULD MATTER. 

At his direction the courts will take your money, no problem.  Make someone pay and if they don’t have any money take the car or take them to JAIL! Better yet, he’ll save us some money and see they get home confinement if they can scrape up the cash.

The Secret Seven was contacted by the parents of the RAPE victim from Glenville State and referred them to someone that is helping them to bring JUSTICE — Two members of the Glenville Sheriffs office attempted to cover up the crime, DAN BELL from GSC LOST important evidence after sending it to himself by mail from the Stonewall Jackson hospital — the prosecutor Gerald B Hough threatened the victim by letter — You can witness for yourself that the SOB fraternity LOVED the prearranged sex party so much that they indulged themselves in a sexual assault as this photo readily depicts!

Here are two of the principal suspects in the latest rape at GSC uncovered by the SS of Central WV – Jordan Bennett and Jordon OPIE Watkins pictured below who became engaged on 24 February 2012, shortly after SS officials tried to contact Jordon Bennett in Ohio about the rape, and then she ran down to Georgia since we wanted to question her.

Jordan Opie Watkins with Jordan Bennet – THE TWO JORDANS along with Jayde Layne participated in the PARTY where a straight A Honor Student was RAPED after Jayde Layne made up a concoction of grain alcohol in some punch with date rape drugs mixed in to turn a girl out that did not have much experience with men or boys of her own age, but the SOB fraternity volunteered to do the honors! At least GSC in Glenville is NUMBER ONE in RAPE after finishing 73rd place out of 73 colleges for academics! That is a loaded weapon on the hip of Watkins on campus — And the cuffs were used for fun and to teach a young CO-ED a LESSON! Yeah! That MONSTER PUPPET METZ refused to investigate and Gerry Hough threatened to arrest the RAPE VICTIM if she kept TELLING everyone about it. HOUGH said he would prosecute her for being intoxicated and being underage!

Allegations of the crime of rape have turned up some results in which a pubic hair believed to be from Jordan Opie Watkins was found by the attending nurse along with a swab that we suspect was positive for semen, however the investigating SS has not yet spoken with the nurse personally.

“A document in the form of a threatening letter sent to a rape victim by Gerald B Hough stands as proof that the Patron Saint of Rape at GSC is desperately trying to cover up a series of rapes at Glenville State College!”

When ANY victim pursues legally the wrong ELITE name (but GSC doesn’t want involved in any scandal), that victim will be told to shut the hell up or they’ll be the ones in trouble.  Raped? 

“Quit lying,” Metz says, “Back off!”Or one of the real criminals  … myself and the Prosecutor Gerry Hough have protected in the past like CHRISTOPHER TODD SMITH will be sent to handle you!”

“You know, the worst of the worst were defended by GERRY  HOUGH! … At a real cheap price before he got elected, not another criminal lawyer around in town and all the bad guys keep in touch!”

The SOB fraternity reps who are wearing dark shades to hide the evil within, and when an honor student at GSC was asked by the SC of the Secret Seven if the SOB fraternity would rape a girl, her answer was, “YES, most definitely, if they had the chance and the opportunity, they would commit rape, and also none of those members can even hold a C average for it is a fraternity just to party and has nothing to do with academics!”

They just love to ride around in my truck some nights, Sheriff Metz says…

“I know real criminal types that can handle anything I give em’.  I’ve got the in, he’s got the phone numbers and you jokers are nobody to be telling me what’s illegal in this county!”

“I’m the Sheriff damn it and remember, I will be your next Magistrate; I’ve got the inside track! Be glad if that’s all that happens and I’m sending you word to shut up now before me and my lawyer buddy set the dogs loose on ya!”

 That’s the Metz way of doing business, that’s the Metz way of enforcing the laws and that’s what Gilmer County gets for their tax money which is a lot to pay for someone with almost an eighth grade education.

Have you noticed these little sniggling comments that sneak in on the GFP once in a while whining about the “negativity?”  R Terry told a Coalition member a while back; “If you just leave it alone and let this school be built on the site everything will be all right.”  Same thing with Metz and his illegal diploma, if we just leave him alone and let him be Magistrate everything will be all right.  If we just let every politician and friend do what they want everything will be all right! ALL RIGHT FOR THEM BUT NOT FOR US!

It is not being negative that bothers that bunch it is the TRUTH. 

“Exposing corruption and back door deals is not negativity; it is the only way to give this county back to its citizens.  You remember them don’t you Terry, don’t you Mickey, how about you Ike?”

 Do you remember the people who pay your salaries and treated you right back in the day Mr Fancy Pants?    Oh yeah, back when you needed them, but that’s not true anymore …huh guys?

“Don’t whine! Because it’s not negativity that has hurt Gilmer County.  It is the corruption you have encouraged and profited by!” 

Why do the Butcher brothers keep trading positions up at the College?  The Housing Corp., the Board of Governors, the Alumni Association appointments are traded like baseball cards.  Now you have a dilemma, since the public found out the Governor wasn’t keeping up with term expiration’s on the BOG.  I guess that was negativity too. 

President Sue Morris’ term is up in June.  Who to bring to the fold? Who will keep the secrets?  Rumor has it the newest old kid in town will be no other than Butcher Buddy Attorney Chuck Wilson out of Harrison County.  Good old Chuck, some say he’s the mafia mouthpiece and likes to hang in Fairmont.  He likes to intimidate and brag.  Guess what Chucky, around here people do favors, isn’t that hilarious?

Play ball if you will.  Sooner or later it all gets found out and no one with any self esteem is going to bow to that nonsense in Gilmer County anymore! There is no single person to blame or get rid of that will solve the organization’s problem here.  Most of the money is already in your buddies pockets. Doubt you’ll see much of that but for sure you’ll get some or you wouldn’t be coming. Maybe what cash is left up on the hill.

“The common people of Gilmer County are fed up and many are up against it.  Do you really think much else can scare them?  While you are at it take these jerks with you!”

“All that the people of Gilmer County really want is to clean up the corruption, throw the bums out and get back to what it was before your all the elite pals of IKE MORRIS and the CHURCH of IKE and their political patsies decided it belonged to them, a great place for decent folk to live!”

OH what a beautiful feeling it would be to rid the town of the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River.

What a beautiful feeling that would be to be CROOK FREE!

Sweet! Oh what a sweet thing…

Indeed what a beautiful feeling it would be, it would be like Crimson and Clover over and over…

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf editors and staff writers wish everyone a happy and healthy SPRING BREAK just like Crimson and Clover over and over! Don’t Miss the next RGW article  …coming up Friday March 30th on your Secret Seven Coalition Broadcast Network Station in the Indian Nation of WV!

Sandy Pettit of WACO OIL AND GAS has always picked the candidates who RUN FOR ELECTION — VOTER FRAUD gets them ELECTED — Mickey Metz CHEATS and BUYS FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA on 11-21-11!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“There is an employee of WACO OIL and GAS — SANDY PETTIT — who heads a board that is permitted use of some of Ike’s money and even his family name to drop for the express purpose of, ensuring the chosen puppet candidate who will be elected to local and state government office !”

Gilmer County Star athlete Sydney with mom SANDY PETTIT on right in this photo above, the Church of IKE leader who has gotten some very unsavory characters in office by hook or crook, but mostly CROOK!

Some are allowed to pick the names of those who will be placed in control of local boards including the GSC Board of Governors.  They do what they’re told.  Boss man handles all state and federal appointments personally…  Many or most work for IL “Ike” Morris or where he puts them.

Some of his local people have actually become so drunk with what they think is personal power they will even stand in a crowd on election night and boast of who is next in line to lose.  The downhill slide into corruption is not a pretty thing to watch.

For as long as anybody can remember Sandy Pettit has been in charge of picking who will run for local elected office, and who will win by hook or crook, and we have had some very bad experiences like county commissioner  Larry Chapman who appointed himself a job with the GCEDA for a nice salary before being VOTED OUT of office — And the Dog Faced Woman Reta Kight who we hear takes it up the rear after giving current Commissioner Darrell Ramsey lessons on how to steal like the real Phil Reale!

Now we have a huge interest in the upcoming election for magistrate and here are the candidates with their qualifications.

Chapter 50, Article 1, Section 4 of the West Virginia Code of Law specifies that, “Each magistrate … shall have a high school education or its equivalent.“

“Questions have arisen as to whether all candidates that have filed for this office in Gilmer County meet the educational requirements provided by statute!”

Therefore, in an effort to put the matter to rest and provide the voting public with documentation that all candidates for this position are indeed qualified to hold the post, we asked all candidates for Magistrate to submit to us proof that they meet the educational requirements of this position.

Following is the Result :

Carol Wolfe – Thank You

Click to See Document 1

Click to See Document 2

Click to See Document 3

Lori Rosenburg – Thank You

Click to See Document 1

Click to See Document 2

Alton Skinner – Thank You

Click to See Document

Bill Stalnaker – Thank You

Click to See Document

Mickey Metz – Did Not Provide Proof until the FREE PRESS of and for the PEOPLE — served the CROOKED COUNTY COMMISSION CLERK  Jean “That’s the way we always do it!” Butcher, with an FOIA request.

Mickey Metz unlawfully provided Jean Butcher with a FAKE High School Diploma that he bought on the internet and should be removed from office immediately — and a petition is being drawn up to have him removed for lying to us about having a GED, for he never had even a high school diploma — and the fact that he lied about it is reason enough for him to be removed, further, the fact that Metz submitted a false document to qualify as a candidate we believe is a conspiracy involving SANDY PETTIT of WACO OIL and ASSJean Butcher Crooked County Commission Clerk and Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State for West Virginia!

Here is the FAKE bought and paid for High School Diploma  SHERIFF METZ used as proof that he was complying with the qualifications to hold the position of magistrate.

The diploma SHERIFF MICKEY METZ brought forward to comply with the FOIA is from an online high school. METZ got this fake document on 11.21.11-After checking the school, you can pay $300,and they ask a few questions and issue a diploma. Then they send you the one page colorful diploma. The diploma is fake and according to the Better Business Bureau the online site has an F rating. Read about the conspiracy with Natalie Tennant in a mainstream news source near you next week!

“When you give a person with a dirt poor background enough money to drag themselves to lower middle class, you own them!” 

Show the Church of IKE followers like Sheriff Mickey Metz the benefits of graft and corruption.  Tell them it could be them someday if they play their cards right they may be rich too!

Let the members of the CHURCH of IKE  use a few of your toys so their image is improved, toss in a few drugs supplied by IKE’s personal drug connection Lisa Stewart at RITE AID, plus a little planned debauchery while on vacation …

Gerry Hough - Crooked County Prosecutor looking down to see if he stepped on his dick again after trying to hide the FAKE document bought an paid for by Metz, and after suing an investigative reporter for utilizing his 1st amendment rights.

“..And they will do absolutely anything you say as long as you don’t throw them back in that briar patch.  They’ll never be put in an investor or partner position. They will never be a true player, but oh what a good lap dog they will make and man are they fun to watch and always a good topic for dinner conversation at the compound!”

Throw that bitch a bone, let them act like they are somebody, let them use your name, give em a little authority, hell, give them a new car.  If they do everything they’re told, buy them a house.  But at the end of the day that face they see in the mirror at home is just what it always was and the fear of going back is a constant gnaw.

“The natural progression of that fear of being poor again is greed and it grows at a phenomenal rate of speed as that fear never quite leaves their mind and they have to have it all at any cost.  Just like dogs at a plate of steak, they will fight to the death if they’re hungry enough.  All they want is all they can get — And don’t dare get in the way. They want more!”

Doug Cottrill an IKE MORRIS EMPLOYEE -- SUE MORRIS SAYS, "Doug is just like a song to us," Sue meant son but she was too fucked up from the pills Lisa Stewart gave her -- Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it, when busted for DUI. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE. In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen). Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS - Straight from LISA at RITE AID -- Two bags of weed were also found by Police. The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics!

From scheming to develop an internal control of the elections through supposed support of a party to creating a namesake foundation with alumni money without legal ties to the institution all the while heading up the Board of Governors, there is no area in Gilmer County untainted by WACO influence and power. You’d think running a multimillion dollar oil and gas corporation would be enough. It should have been but remember greed is a deadly master, and the Church of Ike watches over all of its minions!

This poster is perfect for the existing CROOKED COUNTY situation where we hear DOUG MORRIS once again had his charges for wrecking his car under the influence of five different drugs BOUGHT OFF! The STATE POLICE has been bought and paid for by IKE MORRIS and they should be held accountable for a criminal conspiracy!

That is the position the IL Morris regime is in today.  The pressure is on to clean up the image for it is harming Senator Manchin in his pocket.  The Delegates are afraid, the power they had is waning.  The constant nip of the always hungry,  always greedy, never satisfied strays Ike took in nip at his heels and are wearing him out.  He’s fed them, he’s clothed and sheltered them, even gave them a title but they are still too backwards to understand that only makes them expendable.  Words of wisdom Ike, don’t feed the Ethiopians.

As a result, the depths this pack will sink to in order to get what they want while butchering the name of their own boss or anyone else for that matter, has no boundaries, no bottom, nothing moral or ethical about it.  The dead weight of greedy hangers on around the neck of WACO multiplies but we hear that the pay off is getting to be less and less and they are thinking about dropping a few pounds.  Infighting is underway to decrease the liabilities as they say and eliminate the competition. Wish I had tickets to see that fight. It should be as bloody and ruthless as they come.  No doubt there will be a lot of collateral damage.

When the Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks walked out the door and left matters in the hands of her buddy Jean (Oh sure I am a Republican) Butcher — there’s something the two never bothered to tell during all of the campaign.

Butcher and Marks didn’t bother to say that since February 2010 they had been informed by both letter from bank law firms and the Secretary of State who had been served process that they were being sued in federal court for improper handling of legal documents.  They knew all through the Primary election in May as well as the General in November and never saw the need to inform the public or other personnel. A well kept secret that they swore never to tell (pinkie swore). This act was criminal and Natalie Tennant better get on that or we will know for sure that TENNANT is bought and paid for by IKE MORRIS also, in fact didn’t she used to be their baby sitter?   … Before she started fucking that pretty boy and thinking she was a “Television Personality,” when she was just a small market no talent that sucked “On the Air,” as bad as she sucks IKE MORRIS dick!

Crooked Vultures of Crooked County head up the CHURCH of IKE MORRIS and they could give a damn about the people of Gilmer County, they are self serving and feed off the dead burnt bodies and are seen late at night with bloody veins between their teeth and the only thing that will make them look up and wonder is the darkness that comes when the Ghost Wolf is near for they fear the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

This highly unethical suppression of litigation pending was known by the Gilmer  Commission and other elected officials of the court but, when Prosecutor Hough brought up the unethical and possible illegal attempt to hide this knowledge from the voters could be a problem- especially since it involved a candidate for the office, no one seemed interested in doing anything about it (no kidding – Hough has proved to be as crooked as they come).  That election should have been overturned for the irregularities already charged as well as these actions but Beverly Marks walked out the door knowing it would be too late by the time it was found out (if it ever was) and perfectly willing for the tax payers to pick up the tab for her illegal actions as long as she didn’t have to appear in court and kept her retirement.  That’s her legacy to Gilmer County.  That’s what she left behind.  A fitting tribute to all that transparency and accountability Commissioner Kennedy is so big on in the Democrap and it should be a  fitting eulogy for our so called leaders sitting in the court house today as apparently, we have not yet seen how low they are willing to go to get what they want.

Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine
You’re so fine Adison High School is only in your mind
Hey, Mickey
Hey, Mickey

Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine
You’re so fine you cheat my kind
Hey, Mickey
Hey, Mickey

Hey, Mickey
You’ve been around all night
Getting things right for another fight

And getting a FAKE DIPLOMA
You think it’s all tight
But I think you’ve got it wrong
 So can’t you say goodnight

 You can show us your dong  – it will be alright!

 Oh, what you do, Mickey, do, Mickey

Cause when you say you will

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Metz is a nightmare, but running for magistrate with a fake document for a diploma is beyond any pale of acceptability

It always means you won’t
When you killed FRED HILL
I said Please, baby don’t

Oh, what you do, Mickey, do, Mickey
Don’t break my neck, Mickey!!



By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor/Rina McCoy Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition

Lisa and Roger Stewart LIVING the HIGH LIFE - High on the HOG from all that MONEY SELLING DRUGS!

Lisa Stewart is the main pharmacist at RITE AID and fills the prescriptions brought in by IKE MORRIS personally and they all seem to be CASH PURCHASES. STEWART does not run the transaction through the insurance and collects cash from IKE MORRIS to hide the paper trail as to where all the DRUGS go.

“Well it appears RITE AID DRUGS go FROM THE HANDS OF IKE MORRIS and into the hands of his employee’s like DOUG COTTRILL!”

Douglas Darrell Cottrill BUSTED FLAT in Greenbrier after DRUGS are supplied by LISA STEWART of RITE AID in GLENVILLE!!

Many people from Gilmer County have complained and witnessed the large drug transactions in public at RITE AID.  It almost goes without saying that … Lisa Stewart and her husband Roger who works at the prison love DRUGS themselves and are DRUG USERS — Imagine that, another DRUG USER on the IKE MORRIS TEAM!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form.

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 200 lbs. DOB: 7/20/1971

Booked: 7/29/2011 Booking ID: 999038831

Greenbrier County – Bail: $0.00 – SRJ

Charge Type: Misdemeanor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill a WACO OIL employee and suspected member of the local drug cartel.


Rite Aid 902 N Lewis Street
Glenville, WV 26351-132

Lisa Stewart SMILING from all the CASH TRANSACTIONS involving DRUGS at RITE AID PHARMACY in Glenville!

Rite Aid in Glenville, WV is a private company which is listed under medicines-patent and proprietary. Current estimates show this company has annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of 5 to 9.

“But, that’s OK Joe Manchin will get dude off the coke charges after all Doug Boy part of the Doug Morris drug Cartel donated one grand to Big Joe last time it was time to give!”

DOUGLAS COTTRILL (WACO OIL & GAS/SALESMAN), (Zip code: 26351) $1000 to MANCHIN FOR WEST VIRGINIA on 10/08/10 just before the November election.

Doug Cottrill is also the Owner of Drakes Auto Sales, which is listed under automobiles, used cars only in Glenville, WV.

Doug Cottrill Laundromat. 313 W. Main St.

May 2, 2011 – Cottrill, Doug GLENVILLE, WV 26351, Miller Supply of WV Inc./Sales Manager

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE.

In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen).

Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police.

The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Lewisburg Police Officer Brandon McCormick was on a routine traffic run at the intersection of Rt. 219 and Rt. 60 in downtown Lewisburg Greenbrier County WV, when he noticed a Red Jeep entering the intersection without its headlights on when it was dark.

The officer noticed the driver and passenger had two open containers and a box of beer in the back seat as they were passing by when he yelled for them to pull over in the parking lot nearby.

To makes matters worse, the officer discovered a tail light on the vehicle was also out, and then the officer could smell that marijuana was being smoked.

Better WATCH YOUR STEP when you know the CalPatty Chips are down! This is an Actual Copy of the Arrest Report of WACO OIL and ASS Salesman Doug Cottrill for those who claim the story is made up by the GFP – The Gilmer FREE PRESS  Reports the TRUTH read at your own risk!

By clicking on the above link in green you can read the arrest report for yourself, and see that at 2130 hrs on 28 July Doug Cottrill was arrested and booked on 29 July. Included in the driving with open container, were the drug charges clearly noted on the arrest report.

The Power Elite seek to put us all in prison while their children are allowed to break all the rules, like,Doug Cottrill,” for Waco Oil and Gas that is, “Just like a son to us….” according to Sue Morris!

Doug Morris of Waco Oil and Gas (left) son of IKE MORRIS had FIVE different drugs including METH in him when he wrecked his car near the former headquarters of the WV Secret Seven Coalition! "NO DOUG we said COME OVER not ROLL OVER!"!

Doug Morris is staying at IKE and SUE MORRIS’ COMPLEX after crashing under the influence of FIVE DIFFERENT KIND of drugs and it is obvious that DRUGS COME EASY for members of the elite!

VP of WACO OIL and ASS Doug, is back to staying with his parents and living in the helicopter complex (you know the place where Catherine Butcher banged her Coach Darrel that was a workin for Shelly Morris Demareeny) which is a mansion by itself.

Sue and Ike raided the complex to collect and clean all the drugs in case police showed up not long after WACO OIL and ASS VP DOUG MORRIS had the wreck on the way to fa fa fuck the bejesus out of his gal pal his smart mouthed secretary that covers for all the cool stuff and the friends on staff with the Cocaine Eyes!

“But, soon after MAMA and PAPA Wolf cleaned the DEN, more drugs were brought in, for how can you play if you can’t get some friends to come and stay! And then, soon, things were once again just like a Teenage Wasteland inside the WINTER WONDERLAND home of how do you do IKE and SUE!”

“Or how about CRYSTAL METZ the daughter of Sheriff Mickey Mouse Metz who many are convinced is the person that killed FRED HILL behind Trezans Grille and Bar just across from the Conrad Motel down by the Crooked River!”

"Glenville" PARTY HOME of the Butcher Bitches represented by Lexy Butcher on the right and guest for the bath when the party really gets started!

The EVIL ROLLS ON with the Butcher Bitches, the Raucous Parties complete with DRUGS FROM RITE AID  — HARD DRUGS and HARD BOOZE TOO all up Hwy 33 — PARTY PARTY PARTY — Nothing has changed!

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Metz has been a nightmare for GILMER COUNTY! Mickey never even bothered looking into the well publicized misconduct of the Commission Clerk Beverly Marks -- METZ performance as SHERIFF HAS BEEN POOR AT BEST!

CRYSTAL METZ deep in controversy as well as misconduct involving State Tourney Scandal of drunken V-Ball players and students on an out of town trip, and CRYSTAL had contact with FRED HILL the last few minutes he was alive on that FATEFUL NIGHT the Crooked County Crooks KILLED FRED HILL down by the Crooked River - And Crystal was NEVER questioned by any Police Agency!

It might as well be the MICKEY METZ MOUSE CLUB  in GILMER COUNTY—where unsupervised children are raped and take dangerous drugs while their power elite parents are out getting drunk, fucked, and fucked up their damn selves — which leaves a recipe of perfect evil to be followed later on the hill in the deepest darkest dungeons of the VILLE which shall forever be filled with BLACKNESS!

Doug Cottrill was caught last summer with a prescription for LORTAB, several of the deadly narcotic pills, along with a bindle of COCAINE, and two bags of potent high quality marijuana and was released on misdemeanor charges — while the arresting officer was berated later for making the arrest of a member of the elite – and now the whole matter will have to be covered up and is being covered up much to the detriment of the people doing it, for now we can report who what when where and why it all happened and record it for future reports of asinine cover ups to be broadcast about how fucked up central WV is.  SEE HOW THEY ARE?!

Rumor has it that Crystal Metz is leaving Gilmer County since too many people are talking about her involvement with Fred Hill which includes the family of FRED HILL — who recently met with the highest ranks of the SS — who earlier had met with the Council of Conservative Citizens on the 28th of December at a luxury hotel for a special meeting about the corrupt Gilmer County, West Virginia and crimes committed against ordinary white people by a Crooked County Power Elite mostly from Glenville, West Virginia, and backed by the Clarksburg, Mafia.

Photo above is legendary shot of the PARTY TEAM that got drunk on the bus and the girls got chased by Jeremy Wagging his Wiener Wagner an assistant coach that assisted with asses mostly!

Also the boyfriend of Metz, JEREMY WAGGING HIS WEINER WAGNER has been  involved in joking around with some of the guys at basketball games cheering, but then calling some of the cheerleaders pigs.

A few parents went to the magistrate in Glenville, since where else are they gonna go, SHERIFF METZ has always been a phony Sheriff. They went to Blankenship too, but he refused to give them the grievance papers since he is a chicken shit member of the Power Elite. Some parents went to the Vice Principal Chambers and he said he would not do anything about it.

“Well then the parents decided to tape the game and incidents and NAY SHA BUTCHER SAID NO —  We are talking NO NO NASIA told them they could not do it!!”

Hell you say, parents can tape their own children and parents can also record criminal activity brought on by a prison guard that just happens to be having sexual relations with the Sheriffs’ daughter who everyone agrees should be allowed to leave, but when the family of FRED HILL gather enough evidence, they will be coming for her, for someday everyone has to be held accountable for their sins, even the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the CROOKED RIVER!!

“And then, soon, things were once again just like a Teenage Wasteland inside the WINTER WONDERLAND home of how do you do IKE and SUE!”

NO JUSTICE TWO YEARS LATER for the murdered FRED HILL in Gilmer County the home of the CHURCH OF IKE!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor

It’s hard to believe, but it is already the second anniversary of the disappearance of Fred Hill and no further evidence ever brought forth in the Sheriff’s “NO FOUL PLAY” case. 

Fred Hill Shoveling Snow six years before his LAST TRIP TO GLENVILLE and only DEATH met him at the station.

What happened to Fred was a mortal sin and someone should have to pay for taking his life.  We know there is a murderer among us and nothing is ever going to be done to apprehend the criminal.  Is this due to connections?  This question has been asked over and over but no one seems to have the answer.

What we have here are handpicked thugs, and a failure to communicate.

Local law enforcement are paid well to keep the peace of those in control of their pay checks, which in this county it is all controlled by IKE MORRIS of WACO OIL and ASS and the Church of IKE!

“The people of Gilmer County have no say in what goes on in the county and no one in charge cares what they say, because Glenville survives by being a totalitarian ruled society, governed not by law, but by the local Power Elite!”

The offices charged with the responsibility to protect and serve become turnkey operations once the power to rule is given in Gilmer County and the County Commission is so impressed that they are given inside and personal information from these hacks that they back them up at every turn and increase their salary as well.

WVSU - February, 2002. Freddy - Member of Pi Alpha Sigma Honor Society for Political Science with Rob Barnes , inductee in to the Honor Society

There is no reason for them to be concerned when they know the county Prosecutor will back them up no matter what they do.  No reason to be concerned when they have the local voters convinced they control the vote so why bother.  There is no reason for these people to be in power.

Watch the recent tasing incident mature as time goes on….

The situation is a bad one when the State Police has to step up and serve process on one of our very own deputies in Gilmer County.  Mr Mickey Metz has proved to be a worthless piece of shit Sheriff.  Hey Mickey you’re not so fine, “You” as the Sheriff of Gilmer County should have done that, but figured the good old boy way of leave without pay would placate the masses, but you can use your leave and get a paycheck.

The SS from Central WV takes pride in its work and KNEW immediately FRED WAS DEAD when it was said he was missing for we have seen that sort of thing a time or two! MURDER and RAPE in GILMER COUNTY is COMMON PLACE!!

The group known as the Secret Seven which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.

Lets travel back to the same week as this two years ago where we will find NO JUSTICE for Fred Hill….

This was the TITLE of the FAMOUS CALPATTY PRESS article that all turned out to be true right from the start that cold December night just two years ago!

The local chapter of the WV Secret Seven was on this story early and knew it was just another Murder in Crooked County!


“Fred is dead … Freddies dead! Missing Charlston Man Feared Murdered”

“It was just another Murder in Crooked County!”

Fred had a kind heart and a unbelievable love for life shown here with a girlfriend that came all the way from ENGLAND to spend some good times with Basil Fred Hill the third.

The group known as the Secret Seven which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.
“FRED HILL Murdered in Glenville! Police cover up with the ‘NO FOUL PLAY’ lie after a local journalist predicted the cover up well in advance!”
Fred Hill had just returned home from Texas to be with his family and his ill father – he knew time was precious!
This is how the situation was told by those close to FRED HILL …

Pam Sovine is Fred’s boss, but she says Fred is a family friend. He works for her at her company, Southern Building Systems.

Sovine says Fred normally works in the Charleston office, but Thursday December the 10th 2009  Fred went to help on the project in Glenville.

“Basil Fred Hill the third and another co-worker went to dinner that fateful Thursday night, then went to a bar for a drink.”

Fred left first without his colleague, who had been chatting at the bar during the evening with another out-of-town worker as Fred mingled.

This PHOTO was taken not long before FRED HILL WAS MURDERED in GLENVILLE! SS investigations have uncovered suspicions Fred's death was not only sanctioned, but Fred was killed by local elite connected and law enforcement connected Perps and we said that from the day Fred went missing. The Central WV SS KNEW FRED WAS DEAD!!

Here is an EYEWITNESS account from a GSC student that was there, and conversed with Fred, knew who all the people that were there, and the PO PO never once talked to her or interviewed her but she shared this information with the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition…

“I met Fred for the first time on the night he went missing. He was obviously intoxicated, but was a calm peaceful man. He did start hitting on some of us girls at the bar, but was not pushy or out of line at all. I talked to him for awhile and thought he was a very nice guy. I have a sketchy memory of the night, seeing as how I was too intoxicated, however I do remember him being asked to leave the bar by the bouncer. He was standing toward the back of the bar and was asked to leave through the back door, I just assumed that it was because of where he was when the incident happened, but now that I think of it, I have never seen anyone asked to leave through the back. I pray that he is found and well. Prayers are with he and his family until some answers are found.

What has been confusing, frustrating and heartbreaking for friends and family is there are two different circumstances under which Fred left. One story goes on to say Fred was asked to leave. Another says he was sober, and simply wanted to go back to the hotel.

Now, we know that the Saturday sighting of FRED HILL was complete bullshit and some disinformation to lead everyone off of the real truth of the matter which was told by CalPatty Press reporters early on.

“Fred went out the back was knocked out cold within 60 seconds and tossed in the river where he remained until conveniently discovered in back of the house of Sheriff Mickey Metz!”

Imagine that!

A man told investigators that he saw a man matching Hill’s description on Saturday December 12th in the morning between 9 and 9:30 a.m.–The man said the person he saw was standing in the median on Route 33, and appeared to be disoriented

This story told about the seeing FRED on the 12th was purposeful disinformation brought by the guilty parties that are most definitely elite associated and we knew that story was bullshit the first time we heard it.

“The SS has more on this, and more about the people that brought forth disinformation that we will reveal at a later date, someone also said that FRED HILL was seen buying cigarettes and was up on the hill near the college, but we also knew that was a lie and so did Fred’s very best friends — the comment below is from someone that has known Fred Hill all of his life!”

“I once again have to discount your theory I have known Fred for years and have partied with him all over the country while working at music concerts.. FRED NEVER SMOKED CIGS EVER!!!”

“So the fact that he would be out getting cigs/ bumming cigs can be thrown out the window. Fred also dated a girl for several years that smoked and he never once smoked and actually he would always ride her ass about smoking.. and the fact you think Fred just wandered around and found some people to party with and did something and ODed would probably be at the complete bottom of my list.. like i said before i have partied with Fred in our younger days and he for 1 could handle his own drunk or not, and 2 Fred would never get so fucked up on a work night that he wasn’t able to go to work in the morning, this goes as far back as i can remember working out door festivals and such.. so i think now you are starting to get off point and you are starting to fall into the trap the bastards responsible for his disappearance want, the “To fucked up” theory, I just don’t believe that for a second!”

Once again, first hand account, long time friend corrects and steers in the right way anyone with a doubt about Fred’s character.

A photo taken by Freds close longtime friend Jenn Meeker McCormick in 2001

Here in central WV corrupt prosecutors like Gerry Hough are involved in conspiracies to  lose evidence against bad Law Enforcement, or just never bring a case forward, as was done in the circuit court case of Doug Starcher from the WV State Police twice brought up on charges of perjury, but the cases were mysteriously dismissed, without cause by Gerald B Hough.

Officials, firemen and volunteers and friends of Freddy Hill met days after Fred went missing at the Gilmer County VFD to continue the search that had been going on since the last Friday Fred Hill was seen alive.

Freddy Hill reportedly left Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville a little after midnight Thursday, so Friday December 11th, was when he was last seen — with friends and his family yet to hear from him, but the people from the CalPatty Press and the West Virginia SS already knew that Fred was dead.

“With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County,  home to rape and murder!”

Police used cadaver dogs and a sonar-equipped boat  to look for the man in or near the Little Kanawha River.

Funny, how they already know where to look for dude.

If you’re looking for Fred, now don’t shake your head because ya know… Freddy is dead!   Freddy’s dead!

“The evil still lurks in the hills of Central West Virginia!”

Freddy’s dead is how the CalPatty Press article ended the week Fred went missing two years ago because we knew exactly what happened because we actually investigated the matter and talked to people that were there, unlike local law enforcement who’s only goal was to cover up the facts.

Jenn Meeker McCormick Senior Winter Formal 1998 -Jenn makes a comment below this photo

This is what another close friend of Fred Hill,  JENN said,  after he disappeared…

This is so crazy! Freddy and I have been friends for 12 years. He is a super cool, sweet, caring guy and I truly think someone has done something horrible to him. I agree that Gilmer County is crazy and it kills me to think that some stupid ‘good ‘ol boys’ may have done something to him for being different. I am disgusted by the lack of information available to his loved ones and also at the backwards law enforcement. This will not go unsolved, but someone may be getting away with murder and it’s a shame. Lots of love to you Freddy. Turn on your love light. Peace out…

“The Central WV SS and the Crooked County Crooks website predicted exactly to the letter the outcome of the FRED HILL DEBACLE!”

The saddest part of all of this is that soon we will just hear no more of it. Fred’s body will maybe be found in three months or so, and then for a few days that will be talked about and then you will hear of it no more. In fact years from now Sheriff Metz won’t even admit to being Sheriff when it all happened. He will answer the question with, “Was I the elected Sheriff then? I thought I was only a deputy,” and with that statement alone there will be denial and a hidden meaning spelled with capitals. The cold blooded murder has already been covered up, and we would have no doubts that a few certain public officials had to be involved for the cover up all to take place. I would not get my hopes up for any happy endings, the criminals disguised as police and public officials aren’t going to let anybody come here and mess up their perfect world of profit. They make a damn good living at being crooked and they make a damn good living when it costs you everything you have ever had, just like in this case. Basil Fred Hill lost everything he ever had and the good town of Glenville, and the fine criminals of Crooked County will figure out a way where that bad event puts money in their pocket/or they have already taken precautions to see that nobody messes with their future profit, since they have a pretty good deal going for themselves and all the money just goes around and around in the power elites’ own corrupt little circle. Also, they have a newspaper in their pocket…the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit to sway the story in the way that will make them all look good.

Meanwhile back in modern times at the ranch known as the CHURCH OF IKE...

The Gilmer County protect the children movement is gaining momentum in the form of an Engorged Phallus for Gilmer folk like JEREMY “Wagging his Wiener” Wagner, and others like this gentleman who has a special taste for young girls of Crooked County that they all hope and pray will follow in the footsteps of the famous Butcher Bitches!

Observe the lack of oversight of adults put in charge of Gilmer County children.  They will not be held responsible; school administration will claim no responsibility and the kids blamed for their own abuse and lack of oversight.  This is how it is done in Gilmer County and it is a damn disgrace!

Fred Hill’s family must feel helpless with no hope of ever finding justice for the loss of their loved one.  Another year, another holiday, hearts go out to every family who has lost a loved one so senselessly. They must feel the way every working family in Gilmer County feels when we hear of a rape case that results in no prosecution or a convicted murderer walking out of jail and back on the streets in a year or a drug dealer or child molester being placed on home confinement, thieves being set free or put on probation while the productive citizen is threatened with being set up or framed if the truth gets out.

I don’t like disruption during the holidays but know the election is coming.  Those in power are working hard behind the scenes right now to determine who you will vote for and how to bring them into the fold while taking care of their losers for future use.

“The Central WV SS say, Love your family; remember those who have gone before us, but fight for the children today!”

Get ready to vote, get ready to change the way business is done in this county.  It may be the only justice the Hill family ever sees.

We are taking names, and keeping track of who the wrongdoers are, and the day may come when they can all be rounded up and dealt with accordingly.

“But if FRED HILL could communicate to us from the beyond, this December two years ago from tomorrow, just maybe he would say…”


No sun comin’ through my windows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
No-ho sun comin’ through my windows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
I wish you’d hurry up and rescue me
So I can be on my miserable way
(well), I don’t
Live today

NO GO DAY and NO GAY BASHING! But there was a BALL BASHING involving a STATE WITNESS from the TRAVESTY of JUSTICE CASE — BITCHES and Calhoun County SNITCHES get STITCHES and Weren’t ‘In like Flynn’ at the Millstone INN!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor the website that made the word press top 100 fastest growing websites in the world in page views in just 3 days the summer the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad/ Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS

“DON’T GO TO SCHOOL on MONDAY DECEMBER FIFTH by order of the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the Supreme Commander of the SS!”

Dr Simmons discovered funding was being used inappropriately for sports programs at Glenville State College and brought that matter to the attention of auditors. Then the Butchers and the Church of Ike went on a campaign to have Simmons removed as President of GSC and according to FOIA requests and in the possession of the Central WV SS GSC spent $56,000 on attorney fees to have Simmons removed. That is six thousand more than was spent on attorneys on the famous “Travesty of Justice Case” that was the longest court case in Gilmer County history going all the way to US Supreme Court with FALSE EVIDENCE backed by Gilmer County Commissioners and the Gilmer County Sheriff and prosecutors office. Yes, it’s hard to survive doing the honest and right thing in this county.

The latest POWER ELITE power play and passion play of having the Church of Ike leaders and followers call the wife of a US Senator, and former Governor that heads up the board of education in the state of West Virginia, who then just reached out and pulled the control from the people of Gilmer County – and from any kind of a “SAY SO” in their own Gilmer County Schools  …. should stand as a reminder that no lasting good can come from sacrificing  ethics or principles for the sake of material or political gain. We must all resist the temptation to GO ALONG with the latest ploy of the few against the many!

The Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County have spoken and we have truth.  We have rights.  We have the numbers.

“We have GOD on our side fighting against the sinful and the wicked!”

“We have more minds working to out maneuver them,”  someone in the Free Press said!
“They are on  the defense.  We will keep them on  the defense.  We will keep them off balance.  Gilmer County will prevail.  We will get our schools back.  These folks have never faced off with a well-organized community.”
“I will say that, in time, T-V, radio, and newsprint media in the state will cover the Gilmer County “story”.  Civil protests, posters, ads, petitions, will bring outside scrutiny to the issues at hand.”

And now we have SIMMONS TOO!

  “The people of Gilmer County have had enough.  The County is small and getting smaller.  We need answers and those answers need to be straightforward and above board.  Complaining will not in and of itself resolve the situation!”

William K. Simmons, Ph.D.

“The Dec. 5 No-Go school day will be a small step in that direction!”


“See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil–Unless Politically Expedient”

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”Groucho Marx

“Politics, noun: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.”Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

“The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullshit.”Lars-Erik Nelson, political columnist.

What happens when we overlook other people’s unethical behavior?  Take a look around Gilmer County. Because of incredible lack of awareness and oversight, regarding the administration of our school system and local law enforcement, Gilmer County is quickly becoming a cesspool of immorality and illegality.

Under the current leadership of big business and their appointed minions, those hand selected to run this show are individually or collectively striving to obstruct justice, or are just the most grossly incompetent individuals to have ever held their positions.

Gilmer County has become a carefully guided, weak-corrupt-government/strong-corrupt-local-elite kind of world.  In this kind of world, it is hard to do well.

Speaking of unethical behavior and corruption in law enforcement and the judicial system in Gilmer county, Shirley BALL,  from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County — a state witness in the Gilmer County ‘Travesty of Justice’ case was involved in the raucous BAR fight this past weekend at the MILLSTONE INN and made up a story that was in no way true just like she did by the instruction of Gerald B Hough and in front of JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE who called her a friend in the 14th district circuit court.

"I'm extremely sad to find that people whom I've known for such a long time in my life and whom I've gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime," said Melissa Ball daughter to Shirley Ball who was paid by Gerald B Hough to commit perjury on a case where Gilmer County and the State of West Virginia backed those lies all the way to the United States Supreme Court and Shirley Ball nor Hough have had to pay for knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a felony trial jury.

Shirley ended up getting her ass beat because she brought along her son, a dude by the name of Steve Long who is 36 years old and from southern Ohio.  I have met Steve personally a few times before. He used to live in Portage County Ohio, but they didn’t like him much up in Streetsboro, or Mantua (Man-O-way)so he got the boot.

High ranking SS officials from Central WV spoke with  Evangeline Darling the owner of the Millstone Inn late Thursday evening the first of December and got the exact story of what happened last Thanksgiving day weekend.

“It was the busiest Saturday night of the year and we had to close the bar,” Ms. Darling stated.

“Steve Long has been in here before causing trouble!”  Evangeline further stated.

When asked by an SS official if she knew Shirley Ball, Evangeline Darling made the comment that Ball had been in there before many times with others which included Nub Marks another GERRY HOUGH STATE WITNESS in the TRAVESTY CASE who also had been drunk and disorderly and Danny Nub Marks is shown at the bottom of this article shortly after he was booked for DUI at CRJ on the 4th of November.

Shirley Ball is the crazy bitch who had an affair on her husband GERRY BALL and got involved with NUB MARKS a year before the time of the Travesty trial but defense counsel F JOHN OSHOWAY refused to expose that fact to the jury. Justice Albright and Justice Starcher of the WV Supreme Court stated that OSHOWAY was guilty of ineffective assistance to the defendant during the trial and should be sued for malpractice.

Nub Marks blew a point two one — three times the legal limit and also was carrying loaded weapons in the back of the vehicle when arrested.

When our enemies that have made overt threats are busted, drunk, with dangerous loaded weapons in the car, it make us a little nervous. Drunk and loaded weapons is NEVER GOOD!

Here is the rest of the story:

High ranking SS officials from Central WV spoke with Evangeline Darling (shown in photo) the owner of the Millstone Inn late Thursday December 1st

MILLSTONE BAR BRAWL INJURES THREE – Family Calls Incident ‘Gay Bashing but in actuality it had nothing to do with the fact of anybody being GAY. Dude is a BALL just like JIM BALL Bail Bondsman who really is a GAY fuck and an ENEMY to many.

JIM BALL calls himself a private investigator now, and JIM BALLS boyfriend, “SHYLOH” just got his head kicked in recently and died from it, but the matter was covered up and the obit said “Due to long illness, at home” …which is a complete fabrication and that can be proven.

JIM BALL is a henchman for the Butchers, and is the son to the LATE Gerry Ball who was married to Shirley, but found out she was having an affair with rub a dub NUB aka Danny Marks also a person that Gerry Hough GC prosecutor got to lie on the stand and Marks was impeached by his own testimony. Basically, what is up is there was some collateral damage because Shirley is a trouble making bitch that truly is a drunken alcoholic that can’t drive to the fucking grocery story without a beer in her hand that hooked up with a very dishonest Gerry Hough and did some bad deeds that became quite expensive, so nobody gives a fuck that it was a ….better call somebody bitch  …kind of night for her special Holiday occasion!

“Better call somebody Shirley you lying bitch, better call ONSTAR!”

According to witnesses on the scene the brawl injured three people attending Karaoke Night at the Millstone Inn early late Saturday and past midnight, after customers attacked 36-year-old Steven Long of Cincinnati, Ohio, then attacked his mother, Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville and his aunt, Carolyn Newrones, 70, of Mantua, Ohio.

However Shirley Ball lied to the State Police and her statements now are conflicting. Now if this was anybody else besides the WV State Police BALL would already be in jail for telling the police it was a “GAY BASHING” incident for that is total lie. Steve long is not gay,  and the last time he was seen by an SS member was inside a strip club, and it was a situation where the dancers had complained that Long could not keep his hands to himself, which was the same problem Mr Long ran into at the Millstone Inn. He is lucky he was not beaten to death and this was not the first time the little bitch has caused trouble there.

The attack started on Long, inside the bar and continued in the parking lot for several minutes, causing head trauma, face fractures, and a broken foot, but the broken foot was self inflicted as we found out during our investigations.

Ball said at least three males continuously beat and kicked him in the parking lot.

During the ambulance trip to Roane General Hospital in Spencer, Long reportedly quit breathing for a period of time.

Lots of tongue, and some strange photos surface of local Glenville Girls having a party in the potty with friends are common place in Gilmer County when the Butcher Bitches the daughters and nieces of two local attorneys, break bad. Timothy B Butcher and his brother R Terry Butcher are members of the Gilmer County Power Elite who gained control of GSC when serving on the Board of Governors, along with SUE MORRIS. Before long, MISSY BALL who was involved in the BALL BASH at the Millstone Inn may be joining the ranks of the Butcher Bitches that broke bad on the CalPatty Press! It certainly looks like she is headed that way!

When the individuals were ordered out of the bar, according to Ball, the male subjects shoved, kicked and spit on her and 70-year-old Newrones, who suffered a severe fracture and broken joint in her arm with multiple bruises.

Now we come to find out after talking to the owner of the Millstone Inn that Shirley Ball and her son Steve Long actually started the altercation.

Ball said she was trampled by the subjects and lost consciousness briefly when her head hit concrete, after which she locked herself in a truck and used OnStar to contact 911.

“They kept beating on the truck, trying to get in,” Ball said.

Now if they were beating on the TRUCK, to get in, and she is a female is that GAY BASHING, no that is BALL BASHING because she has done some bad things like LIE on the stand, costing someone hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“That BITCH Shirley BALL has a foul loud mouth and is a documented LIAR.   Too bad there was not enough time to talk to her about her criminal activity and conspiracy to bring false evidence to a felony trial with GERALD B HOUGH!”

After all the facts have now been revealed the situation hardly constitutes GAY BASHING, that was entirely made up by BALL and she should be immediately arrested by the West Virginia State Police.

Steven Long lied to the Police, along with his mother Shirley Ball about being gay, but his step brother Jim Ball and former Sutton Law Enforcement officer is gay.

LONG was beaten because he is an ASS HOLE and a BALL not because he sucks dick like step brother Jim Ball. Has anybody bashed Sutton COP Jim Ball for being gay? Nada!

Ball described the incident as “Gay bashing,” which she says could easily have claimed the victim’s life. What a liar!

“I’m extremely sad to find that people whom I’ve known for such a long time in my life and whom I’ve gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime,” said Long’s sister, Melissa.

Melissa, is known as MISSY to her friends in Calhoun County. As it turns out MISSY is full of Shit! The people committing the horrendous crime included her mother and her half wit step brother who I would bet two dollars has at least attempted to molest her once, and those are not the actions of a gay man.

The WV State Police are investigating. Arrests have yet to be made over the incident, but if arrests are made lets hope it is LONG and BALL that are arrested for causing a disturbance and then trying to disguise the matter with a false police report, which would not be the first time for alcoholic Shirley Ball from Calhoun County.

The management at the MILLSTONE INN also agree with the Secret Seven Coalition and recently made a public statement in the HUR HERALD in Calhoun County.


The owners of the Millstone Inn are widely disputing claims that a customer was the victim of “Gay bashing” during a fight that broke out during karaoke at the bar early Sunday morning.

Steven Long, 36, of Cincinnati, Ohio, received multiple injuries during a dispute that lasted more than half an hour.

His mother Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville, said he was beaten by three different males, a fight that continued in the parking lot of the establishment.


“But, basically Shirley Ball has always been a lying alcoholic which turned out to be perfect to be a state witness for Gerald B Hough!”

Evangeline Darling owner of the bar, says the fight started when Long groped the posterior of a female customer. When he was confronted by her boyfriend, Long said it was o.k. because he was gay, according to Darling.

“Steve Long was out-of-control, continuing to create separate problems with other individuals in the parking lot for a half-hour, while our staff and his family attempted to calm him,” Darling said.

“The ‘Truth’ in Gilmer County is negotiable at best under terms set by the elite. It is no longer applicable unless it fits a specific paradigm.”


Shirley Ball lied about the GAY BASHING because she is a lying bitch and we know that because we know her.

Dude got beat because he had it coming and there will be no arrests.

SHIRLEY BALL lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice trial and was PAID to lie by Gerald B HOUGH, so can’t have much sympathy for people like that. BALL also stole a Volvo from the defendant in the case and has not had to pay for the vehicle left at the CAR CARE center in Big Bend after leaving 400 in cash to fix the brakes.

The State Police did nothing about the theft. ALTHOUGH, STATE POLICE MAJOR INGOLD gave the order to find the car.

Shirley Ball would be best advised to stay in her own little world up there at the end of Bull River Rd where all the snitches and bitches live. Now the dumb bitch has really pissed some people off.

If you are going to falsely testify and steal from people don’t cry about the FALL OUT or the Karma that comes from the crimes committed.

Shirley is not a real BALL anyway she is from OHIO, she married Gerry Ball and then he stuck a gun to her head and was going to kill her for sucking the dick of NUB MARKS and getting caught.

63 yr old Shirley Ball looking more like 73 from all the alcohol abuse shown here in a photo from November 10th 2011 in Grantsville , West Virginia the county seat of Calhoun County.

DUDE got drunk, drove his brand new 35,000 dollar truck off a cliff and then got arrested for assault, but because a relative STEVE JOHNSON was magistrate Gerry Ball walked with no charges and all is forgotten.

SHIRLEY BALL YOU OLD WHORE, dudes told your boyfriend NUB not to be coming around and that meant you too!

” Stay out! Next time they won’t be so nice”

WHITE TRASH like y’all are NOT WANTED at the Millstone Inn.

Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case, and the man that actually did move the equipment in question found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in 2008 and 2009.  Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony. “NUB” is considered an enemy of the SS and is currently at the top of 2011 SNITCH LIST as well!  And that fact should be considered if personal contact is made with this man of obvious questionable character that is from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County! Just up the holler from Grantsville a ways.

Gerald R. Ball  is the original owner of the house NUB and ALL STAR from the CalPatty Press SNITCH LIST resides in currently!


Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Marks,  Danny  Cleo
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/8/1959
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 11/04/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

In fact, I, myself was present while the house was being built and visited often, right after they moved out of the trailor, and into the house when the finishing touches were being built on. There was a beautiful iron spiral stair case at the front of the house that gave the home a different style and look.  Also a moment in history and a very important fact is the famous SS reporter Rina McCoy was on hand to see the home go up, as those were the early days of the SS and Rina had just started to show the signs of being pregnant that spring of 2001 and of course there were rumors that made it all the way to Judge Facemire’s office as to who the father was.

But, in this case the situation was “Fathers” for the dog had a litter of puppies too. In fact one of them was a GHOST WOLF for it was said both of the fathers were wild, and that one of them was a Wolf, but it was never clear as to which one.

“Gerry Ball” was charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon, and generally fucking up one summer not so very long ago, in fact Gerry drove his brand new $35,000 truck off a cliff drunk and the truck was a total loss, after he found out his wife Shirley Ball was sucking the little Nub of Nub, but the charges mysteriously just vanished one day, like Calhoun Magistrate  “Steve Johnson” a relative of Gerry Ball in Calhoun County along with about 3,000 dollars of local govt funds.

Gerry Ball, father to JIM BALL the local private detective bails bond dude was arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond and a plea hearing was set for Calhoun Magistrate’s Court on July 26, that year, but that all got squashed since the magistrate who was a relative was really on a binder and was a raisin cain like it was a Calhoun County tradition, and then I heard it was!

This all happened about the time Jimmy Moss from the Glenville Sheriff Department went on down there to talk to Gerry when he was in a bit of a legal pickle, but later that got picked and what was born from all of it was a legal case that took about five years to resolve and went all the way to the Supreme Court and that case is the more than famous, “Travesty of Justice,”case that has proven to be rife with both alleged and proven misconduct by prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

“The SS has long said, that most of the witnesses that testify for the State of West Virginia on behalf of Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough are liars and criminals he hands selects to tell what ever tale old Gerry needs a told that day as he serves jurors bottled water with his picture on it, and then goes and tells the jury during deliberations he needs a guilty verdict because that particular court case had been in the courts for over three years already…”

Yeah, there ya go some good ole Gilmer County Justice with a Power Elite Jury! But, then, “That’s how we always do it here in Gilmer County!”

“They kept beating on the truck, trying to get in,” Ball said. But Evangeline Darling said, that was a lie, that it was Steve Long that was pounding on Shirley Balls Car and he broke the mirror off the car and Long tried to kick the door at the club after they closed down and injured his foot. Witnesses said Long had been in there before causing trouble and hitting on all the women.Long grabbed the behind of some woman which was the action that started the fight and the action that got FRED HILL KILLED in Glenville in a similar situation! Mikey Ball from Calhoun County a former employee on the right in this photo with the owner of the club Evangeline Darling on the left.

Jim Ball from BALL BAIL-BONDS who is also a relative to Mikey Ball shown above is an obvious come from behind kind of guy – and is the individual that kept “Hot Toddy” out on bail even though Smith would continually be arrested in other counties on felony charges. Smiths bail was never revoked until sent to prison.

Ball is relative of Christopher Todd Smith who was allowed to walk on assault charges of beating up his girlfriend in Glenville.

Lunacy Lucy of the Cult was found dead in HOT TODDY’S bed seven months later.

I Had Jim Ball in the rear view not very long ago, and heard he was a following some people all around town. Not a guy you want sneaking up on you from behind, not unless you want a dick in your ass for he is the man that is the homo sexual.

Dude is like ZED or something … weird!

“Jim Ball showed up at the scene within ten minutes of his butt buddy and  boyfriend SHYLOH TANT being killed, kicked in the head by Crystal while SHYLOH was attacking her. It was a self defense killing that was covered up by law enforcement in Gilmer County, but no surprise there!”

Ryan Shyloh Tant:

Age 28 of Gluck Run, Glenville departed this life at 11:30 PM, Saturday, September 24, 2011 at his residence following an unexpected illness is about the biggest lie told in an obituary in a long time because he was kicked in the head and by his companion of 7 years Crystal Wallbrown while she was being attacked and she had marks and bruises to prove it.

Shyloh was an employee of B & B Bonding as a bondsman.

He is survived by two sons: Austin and Logan Tant and his companion of 7 years Crystal Wallbrown that will be the first to tell you her dude was the boyfriend of JIM BALL.

Funeral services were conducted at 1:00 PM, Thursday, September 29, 2011 at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville with Rev. Alfred Hickman officiating.

Some say SHYLOH that dirty dog did DIE of old age, for 29 was creeping up on him awful fast, a couple days before next spring he would hit the big TWO NINE, so that must be a sudden illness that suddenly kills a 28 year old like good COCAINE from the Cocaine getter the never quitter, or the people that really run the show around here, if ya know what I mean…

Shyloh Tant is dead, and quite frankly, this is not a bad thing at all. This man was pure evil and was a drunken whack job with a gun.

Shyloh Tant can’t say he wasn’t getting fucked up the ass by Jim Ball the bail bonds dude, cuz he was. And dude was his boss and he looked like a guy named hoss, but now he is just as dead as Fred.

Shyloh was even allowed to hand cuff people when he was only a civilian, not a cop. Everyone would talk about how he was a nark for Ball when Ball was a Sutton cop.

Well “SHYLOH” which really is a damn good name for a dog, died that Saturday night in his home, a trailer that was rented from Jim Ball.

In Gilmer County, West Virginia the ELITE are ALL DEMOCRATS and the rest of us are treated just like Republicans!

As was mentioned, Shyloh Tant was Ball’s Boyfriend too, not just Crystals. What a fucking trip, your local bail bondsman was getting his dick sucked by a dude with a dogs name.

Jim Ball and a man named Bobby Hartman paid for Tant’s funeral. SHYLOH  was a buried Thursday the 29th of September, according to testimony from relatives.

It is believed it was Alcohol/drug death and due to the fact that dude was kicked in the head and then just never got up.

“Crystal works at a local gas station and someone should tell her that an SS member once told dude he would never see 29 talking to people the way he did and those words rang true!”

In fact, some are disappointed he died, because some members of the SS truly wanted to kick his SHYLOH ass back to wherever it was he came from and we don’t give a fuck!

CRYSTAL asked SHYLOH to watch the kids for her that Saturday night while she worked. A paramedic that must live close was having a party and Tant said,

“I’m not watching those fucking little sons of bitches, or something to that effect. The DOG FACE man supposedly went to the party!”

So Crystal took the boys to a relative or a friend. She went home after work and Shyloh broke in on her during the night and started beating her senseless, she defended herself and killed him.

“CRYSTAL said that SHYLOH’S pupils were black and covered the color of his eyes!”

SHYLOH was pulling Crystals hair out and beat her from one end of the trailer to the other. He abused her sexually in her private area, and she has had a blood clot in one of her legs, he was pulling her by that leg on top of her, she kicked him off of her, when he hit the floor, he never got up after Crystal kicked the holy fuck out of that dumb asshole!

Crystal called Jim ball because the elite Mafia never call the cops, and Ball came with a paramedic.

“They couldn’t revive him. SHYLOH was as DEAD as a DOG!”

MURDER … or just a dumb ass getting what he deserved?

One of the most disturbing trends in Gilmer County is the abandonment of reason and logic in favor of supposition and placating the powerful.  Lies become truths and truths become lies and this case is another perfect example.

Facts are shoved into the background and evidence is summarily dismissed in favor of “feelings”, personal “experiences”, and parroted ideological clap trap.  Knowledge is no longer acquired through fact finding and study, it’s simply crushed in the dusty footprint of time marching in cadence to the current flavor of fear and distrust that is manufactured by a few who wish to control the rest.

The “Truth” in Gilmer County is negotiable at best under terms set by the elite.  It is no longer applicable unless it fits a specific paradigm.  This county is run by complete indoctrination.  Trusting citizens are intoxicated, enthralled, hypnotized by the power of simple, non-reality based suggestion and any suggestion can easily become their “Truth”.

Regardless of evidence to the contrary, the “in charge” beliefs must be upheld.   What’s more, these so called leaders of the community know they can simply pick up a phone and turn up the drip, drip, drip of misinformation for as long as it takes to achieve their ultimate goal of control and domination. Bought off or terrorized into compliance by local government, this county is awash with corruption promoted by the gangsters and local police along with the state and seemingly beyond repair. There is a totally dysfunctional justice system to go with the corrupt police forces.  We are all between the devil and the deep blue sea!

A statement is only believed to be true if certain chosen power elite people say it is among the “IN” crowd in the lawless town of Glenville, West Virginia

The County Clerk’s office deliberately conceals liens, for the chosen elite and then claim that’s the way they always do it!

School officials say Casey Smith is on administrative leave due to his actions regarding a minor child under his care as an educator with police involvement.

Casey Smith who has received special treatment from the elite recently treated one of his male GCHS students to a fun night in a motel room that included pill popping and bed hopping

Yet the Principal Neo Nasia Butcher, saw to it that he was sitting right there at the high school during the recent funeral.  No students were drinking alcohol after the game in Charleston and there was no misbehavior, yet we are told that the student held responsible was suspended and as soon as a few big player family names come up it is over. Have to trust them, they are the chosen. They had to take the kids down the night before to a day game so no one would miss the Sheriff’s daughter’s engagement party.  Leave no party person behind is Metz’s theme of the year.  If you think that’s something go ahead and make him a Magistrate.  You can’t watch the kids and be at the party too.   Go down early was the answer and then browbeat the kids to keep their mouths shut. We still don’t know who really paid that bill.  

Gilmer County Deputy Casey Jones on the left and Chief Deputy Gerwig on the right and both mentioned in the latest documents involving misconduct and the case from Gilmer County that went all the way to US Supreme Court in DC with Gilmer County backing evidence for five years now proved false!

It was good news to learn that Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Casey Jones has had an official police complaint filed against him for tasing private citizens for fun, while unsolved murders, no prosecution for rape and rampant drug dealing that ultimately goes unpunished is the norm for the students at GSC. 

Do yourself a favor. Use your head for something besides a hat rack. Don’t believe anything at first blush. Read, listen, learn, and take faith out of the equation.  Put “feelings” aside.  Use healthy skepticism and demand evidence.

If reality is what you seek, then live it.  If you don’t, in the end you will surrender the very thing you were fighting for.

There is no freedom and liberty if it isn’t for ALL PEOPLE in the county not just the self serving elite. Right now, in current times, it is always all about the POWER  ELITE of Gilmer County and that’s a truth that becomes more evident every day.

Not much to be proud of in Gilmer County, not much at all. Will we change the way business is being done in this county or will this truly be a record of our last days?

Well if we have told the elite once we have told them twice

But, they never listen to our advice.

The Church of IKE don’t try very hard to please me

And, with what they know it should be easy

Well this could be the last time

This could be the last time

Maybe this could be the last time

I really don’t know

If I told you once I told you twice

That someone will have to pay the price


By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Editor Edison – Cosmic Communications publisher

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “Fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators”. 

That label is actually nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions.

The “Conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the free press, the attacks continue.

“People are seeking the truth for good reason!”

“Politicians in Gilmer County and surrounding areas have grown more corrupt, immoral and deceitful and politically corrupted the Justice and Judicial systems!”

Members of the media in Charleston under direction of the “BJ” lobbyist Phil Reale, often in collaboration with government officials, keep the corruption out of the spotlight and accept whatever information is fed to them as fact without question. This helps create a populace of ignorant and uninformed citizens kept in the dark.

“Force feeding lies on the population without public discussion and input only works when people stop asking questions and seeking the truth!”

But, that is always the plan for those already in POWER in Gilmer County!

The Crooked TRUTH in GLENVILLE is sometimes scary and unbelievable but always true! How many small towns in American allow their coaches of sports teams to have sex with the players and even bring the beer to the party! All this and more goes on in infamous Crooked County!!

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

Mark Twain spoke on this subject many years ago…

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Glenville West Virginia is the home to some of the biggest white collar criminals in the state of West Virginia. Decades of graft and corruption have been witnessed, but when the local city, county and state government violate the rights of whites as was done in the “Travesty of Justice” case, that has been looked at by every great student of law in the state of West Virginia and other southern states, then a matter of political interference by well known elite individuals from the county becomes quite evident and clear.

When Gilmer County decided to knowingly break laws to prosecute a professional white man whose family has been local property owners since before the civil war, and then protect the blacks obviously guilty of heinous crimes against whites, this area now known as Crooked County went on the radar all over the United States and the Crooked Truth was revealed to all of those reviewing the hard cold facts.

THE GIRLS OF THE POWER ELITE – The Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie drunk as can be and about to do it for free just like when they ROCKED Gilmer County last summer during BEACH BLANKET BINGO when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press!!

It BROKE BAD at the house of Shelly Morris DeMarino too last January 22nd when a child of the Power Elite was raped by a star football player from Gilmer County High School that has aspirations of being a star rapist for GSC while also being a member of their team! So far TH has shown all the qualities of a fine rapist and an asset for IKE MORRIS who is with the…

“Good Old Boys at GSC!”

The Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press during the Beach Blanket Bingo Summer perfected the potty party and made it popular as hell in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!! “I snorted it all while I was waiting for you,” said Brooklyn. “But there’s still a little bit of powder on the counter by the sink!”

“This is how it went at the outrageous party thrown at the home of Shelly Morris D because nobody rides to the top for free”

“Nobody moves nobody gets hurt, cuz I’m gonna take little  (name censored) into the bedroom and show her what that hole is for,” said Bobby Duvall new coach of the Lady Titans!

Then Bobby proceeded to put his balls through (name censored) Hoop!

(photo and name censored)
A FLASH photo was shown just like an escort on back page dot com (photo and name censored) The CROOKED TRUTH Is …  (name censored) fucked her basketball coach and got caught in bed with dude at the party, where there was drinking, drugs and some damn good sex
No consequence for these actions in Crooked County …why do you think they call it Crooked County?!!

But   (name censored) was CAUGHT IN THE SACK WITH THE COACH BOBBY DUVALL and that is the Crooked Truth of it all — as unbelievable as it sounds!

Shelly knows it, and  (name censored) knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

There was a big party at Shelly DeMarino’s house involving the basketball team and things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a Lady Titan team player and talented ball handler  was raped!

“Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and it has been confirmed the rape occurred at the same party!”

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm – highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position, but  what we did not know was …

Lexie licks the ear of Gina cuz she likes it a lot and it tastes good too! “Just like Gina should!” …according to Sexy Lexy Butcher!

…that Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with (name censored)

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out Bobby  lied on his resume about where he had worked. ….And what other team members Duvall has fucked!!

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.

It is said that “Knowledge is Power!”

It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms.

“Knowledge and Wisdom are more valuable than Gold and Silver some say!”

“Knowledge in West Virginia is often banned, suppressed, labeled with some smear word, or categorized as politically incorrect or radical!”

“Any movement to disprove and expose unlawfulness, corruption, dehumanization and tyranny is readily discouraged!”

Evidence clearly shows wrongdoing by Judge Facemire, Gerry Hough, and David Lane Smith involving the early processes of jury selection in the greatly studied “Travesty” case from Gilmer County.

This fact was proved by the latest posting of the court record and other evidence in an ODC complaint filed against Gerald B Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor.

Citizens such as Judy Stalnaker, and Peggy Moore, along with two employee’s from Flying W plastics a local elite run business, have been implicated in violating laws related to proper conduct and jury tampering involving the case falsely brought forward by Hough!

Beverly Marks armed with an intentional motivation and under orders from local attorney Timothy B Butcher refused a court order in regard to property needed as evidence pertaining to the case, and a crime was committed when this court evidence was knowingly pulled from the land books by Marks under orders from Butcher – and then the matter was brought to the attention of Sheriff Mickey Metz where an active cover up began.

What types of conclusions can we already draw from the facts uncovered and brought forward and already presented to the public?

It is easy to draw the conclusion that the local white collar criminals and members of the West Virginia Bar actually aid and assist in false arrests to protect their friends and/or for the purpose of stealing estates or redistributing family assets in an illegal and wrongful manner as was evidenced by Marks in the famous case of the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in Dekalb near the Calhoun County line on route five towards Grantsville.

“The CROOKED TRUTH about GILMER COUNTY has been found out by studying court cases and documented wrongdoings by the most visible and better known of the Power Elite in Glenville West Virginia,  the home of corruption, rape and murder!”

Truth and facts are hard to find and not readily available yet truly relevant and important to our lives.  It should be noted that every single time someone responds to an open forum in an unpopular manner some interested party will attack to try and shut them up to hide the truth, the real facts!!

The assistance given to black criminals and rapists to the detriment of the local mainly white population has become disconcerting and an immediate investigation into the latest rape on campus has become warranted, along with a closer look at the Andrae Wright allegations!

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” All the while the Ghost Wolf watches from high atop the mountains overlooking the town below. When the moon is full if you look closely you may observe a black shadow stalking his prey while making his way down the hills, but if his eyes should be red, you surely better run instead!

When speaking of corruption one usually refers to misuse of a position of trust for personal gain. Political corruption is the illegitimate use of government powers by officials for personal purposes and Glenville and Gilmer County are now serving as a perfect example, since documents prove misconduct by several public officials in a county known as crooked and the entire United States should be watching and take a lesson on just how bad it can get!

Corruption and especially corruption CROOKED COUNTY STYLE  influences the lives of our citizens in many ways and hinders the overall development of the region.

Political corruption can take many forms like bribery, patronage (favoring supporters by granting financial aid or favors) and graft (offering money). All forms of corruption are illegal but when you don’t fear prosecution,then illegal,  just doesn’t seem to matter! Glenville serves as a perfect example of a situation in which corruption is ideal for nobody fears prosecution around here when Big Joe Manchin is in your pocket and just a phone call away!

“Hell, Ike even has connects to Earl Ray!”

And did you notice Earl Ray our current governor just sent someone last time he was suppose to make an appearance?

“Ole Earl Ray wasn’t very anxious to have his photo taken with corrupt public officials known for all of their bad press up there in a Gilmer County where men are men and the goats are scared!”

The most recent conspiracy is, perhaps, the most shameful in the recent history of Gilmer County.

A well known family with an old ax to grind with William K. Simmons chose to use their influence with political powers to stop his legal hire as Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools which resulted in a state takeover.

When anyone considers personal desires more important than the needs of the children it is an unbelievable act of pure selfishness and greed.

Are you listening Principal Nasia Butcher?

Do you really believe that a previous college Chancellor would enter the system looking to fire you without cause?

Do you really believe that man would have been so unprofessional and without legal ethics as to take actions that would endanger his position?

Or do you really believe if he entered the system the evidence would have been so overwhelmingly against your retention he would have had no other choice?

Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools. And who could forget when she did not get her way, all of the sudden the situation turned into: NASIA BUTCHER, PLAINTIFF, APPELLANT, v. GILMER COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, In the West Virginia Supreme Court!(Lizzy Butcher with Nasia)

The vote of Gilmer County citizens was unanimous that the last would be true but you didn’t have the guts to stand on your own record!

You chose a path that ripped Gilmer County apart as any common, self serving, pathetic believer in self entitlement to power in this county does.

The whole thing was just another fine example of corruption and reveals the TRUE CONSPIRACY against the people of Gilmer County.

The TRUE CONSPIRACY of the power mongers of Crooked County is way over the top of anything any normal community can withstand!

Just two summers ago in Gilmer County there was quite a log of misconduct involving Gerald B Hough in the John Manis Richards trial, and here is a mainstream news report from that case:

On Monday, July 20, 2009 Special Judge Larry Starcher appeared in Gilmer County Circuit Court to reschedule the trial of State vs. John Manis Richards.
The trial is now set for Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 9:00 AM for motions with the jurors to report at 10:00 AM for the trial.

Richards has retained Kevin Hughart as defense counsel.

Former Supreme Court Justice Starcher who voted in favor and against Hough in the Travesty of Justice case had to be called in to preside over this high profile case and more accusations surfaced that accused Gerry Hough of intentionally losing taped evidence from the court record, that proved the Glenville Police Chief Moss made untrue statements in the pre-trial hearing of a felony case and further his testimony directly conflicted the police report he himself wrote.

Below is a document from this case that speaks for itself!

This document is a GOOD EXAMPLE of the ILLEGAL ACTIVITY In the GILMER COURTS and how Facemire goes along with the corruption – hiding and losing of valuable evidence. This document is bogus -the tapes were lost purposely!

Misconduct often leads to criminal conduct and behavior in Crooked County, just ask Fred Hill, or just ask anyone from Fred Hills family, or talk to a friend of his, they will tell you.

In the John Manis Richards case, after Hough destroyed the evidence that could have proved John Richards (also known as the Lone Meth Ranger) innocent, he decided to buy himself some insurance since the defense counsel for Richards said that he had the testimony of the Police Chief, the missing taped testimony as a matter of record in some notes he took on a legal pad during court.

“Within days the office of  the defense Counsel for Johnny Richards burned down mysteriously!”

Kevin Hughart’s office mysteriously was set ablaze and the matter was not covered by any mainstream news sources or press. Only the SS reported. We went to the office of Hughart and we took the photo you see below of the burned down office of the defense counsel of Richards during the time his case was in court.

During the very long battle of the Gilmer County Case of the Lone Meth Ranger Johnny Richards, evidence was destroyed, but the defense counsel Kevin Hughart still had his notes of the testimony in which the tape was lost on purpose. During the dispute Hugart’s office mysteriously burned down and SS sources say Gerald B Hough had it burned down. The office of BILL MARTIN – SUTTON the defendant counsel in the 5 year “Travesty” case, also had his office burned down while storing original documents pertaining to the AJ WOOFTER estate!

A government official has both money and power in his/her hand; citizens tax money for the development of the area served and power to utilize the money. The government official then uses both of these for personal gain.

It is because of money and power that many politicians make politics a family business. In case the politician cannot rule the government then his brother, sister or even wife will participate at another level. Control must be maintained for success.
“It takes two parties to participate in any form of corruption!”

There is the one who offers the money or favors (such as a job or an investment opportunity) and the one who accepts. It is an opportunity given to local government officials each time they are put in office.

Sometimes FAVORS are offered in the concept and form of supporting a local business person like Lisa Minney who was associated with the SS back in the day Calhoun County was trying to clean up from all the corruption.Those were the days the bad police chief  Ron Gordon allegedly raped 14 women while he was a cop on duty in Calhoun County giving them a choice, sex or jail.

Ron Bandy the Chief Deputy Sheriff in Calhoun County when Minney worked for the Calhoun Chronicle was saved from prison for 8 felony charges brought by the state police when Gerry Hough got his admitted good friend Sgt CJ Ellyson of the state police to steal the evidence against Bandy, and the bad cops and corruption just went on and on back then and we worked hard to bring the public all the facts and Lisa Minney did her share back then, but then went over to the side of the elite when we moved our actions to Gilmer County. I guess Minney didn’t like it that she had so many friends caught up in the bullshit underhanded dealings! This letter republished below, describes in her own words how it went back then for Lisa Minney the publisher of  TWO-FACED TWO LANE Ain’t living long like this magazine!

Lisa Minney reveals ACTUAL behind the scene happenings from her days with the Secret Seven Coalition!!

Lisa Minney from Gilmer County lets the real truth out with her heartfelt letter to the SS in this article

Below she begins her letter by telling us how many hits she is getting on her site, because of the links we have up on the CalPatty Press.

I’ve already noticed the visits coming over from your site. Quite a few. I have also gotten several emails about it. Nothing I can’t handle, but not all of them positive. I simply explain that you can link to whomever you wish. The traffic will help us, we hope to start pushing web ads this year, and the increase in traffic helps us, no matter where it comes from.

Your site is getting quite popular. When I’m out and about (not often) I have a lot of people ask me about it. Many, I think, are testing me to see if I am a participant. I am clear that I am merely a reader, and that…

“I don’t do news anymore!”

I think, because of the link, Vickie Shaver was compelled to contact me. I sent the following email to calpatty in the wee hours this morning:

Kelli Lawson long time girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult Leader TODD SMITH! Kelli was assaulted by Todd in Glenville in May of 09 and died in his bed in Weston December of 09 of a drug overdose while Todd was involved in a relationship with a Tabitha Clem who was convicted of federal meth charges of manufacturing and distributing and was Todd’s main Meth connection

Vickie Shaver has approached me in her mourning to ask me to use what little respect I have with all of you to request that you show some empathy for her as a mother to let Kelli be, now that she has died.

I do find it difficult to understand how you can show such empathy for Fred and his family when you didn’t even know him and not show any at all for Kelli and her family. There is no doubt that Kelli was a victim, just as Fred was.

Cult member Lil Steph also became involved with drugs and Todd Smith and had a sexual relationship with him at the same time her sister did. The relationship became volatile when HOT TODDY tried to run Lil Steph down in his truck on a main street in Grantsville, WV

Kelli was not Todd’s first victim. He lured Lulu Hamrick away from her husband, hooked her on drugs, got her off her medication, and alienated her from all friends and family who could help her. Lulu ended up committing suicide by jumping out in front of a car in Grantsville because no one could save her from the world Todd surrounded her with. Lulu was my friend, and I know what Todd did to her, and how he manipulated her. I am sure he did the same to Kelli.

You know I support your efforts, and I am appreciative of the respect you have shown for me. But Vickie Shaver and I bonded when we joined forces to press charges against Todd together, and I do hate to see her suffer any more than she is. No mother should ever feel the loss of her child. It is unlike her to approach me with such a request. It shows how truly she is hurting. I feel for her, and I promised her that I would ask you to at least remove the images of Kelli at her lowest point in life – so that Vicki may remember Kelli at her best instead.

You know, when John Paul was killed, many around me said, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!” He was no angel either, but I loved him, and he was trying to get his life back on track.

 Such comments were torturous to me. They dismissed all the good things about him and focused only on his mistakes in life. I cannot help but feel for Vicki and ask this for her.

Kelli has a mourning family, just as Fred does. Kelli was no angel, but I feel confident she was led off her path in life by Todd. What happened to her was a tragedy as well. I have read that Kelli asked you for help and you denied her. This could be your chance to make amends for that by helping those who mourn her.

I hope you get Todd. I hope you bury him. What he did to ruin Lulu and Kelli’s lives is pure evil. His actions have tortured her family enough. I hope you will consider this, and also consider my request to not hurt Vickie any further.

I ask this respectfully,

In addition to the above, I have one personal request: If you get ANY information about Craig Craft, his increasingly strange behavior around the community, or word that he was in town the night Fred Hill disappeared, will you tell me? You know, he has past experience making a man disappear after a night out on the town, and although many believe it was self-defense, no one saw the autopsy report (plea bargain – no trial) that showed that JP was shot in the back of the head at close range. It was three months before JP’s body was found. I feel for his family, I know exactly what they are going through. Unfortunately, they will likely never know the truth of what happened to Fred, even if they find his body. It takes years to come to grips with not knowing what really happened. It was only through my own research and interviews that I came to learn that JP’s murder was likely pre-meditated, that others helped Craig dispose of the body in the river, and that forever most people will believe that JP deserved it.

Of course, I would prefer these comments I have sent not be posted to my credit. These things I have my own way of handling, and have some plans in place to do so. I have learned many ways to do things “behind the scenes” and prefer to handle things in such a way. That way, when shit hits the fan, I can smile pretty and feign innocence. Also, Frank gets upset with me for communicating with you. My ‘involvement’ with “unknown internet people” makes him worry. After all that online with Todd in the past, I can understand his thinking.

If you do agree to remove the “smutty” pictures of Kelli though, feel free to note that they were removed at my request, if that will appease your mates. I don’t care what Gilmer “powers that be” think any more, they’ve blackballed Two-Lane Livin’ anyway and won’t support us.



In the case of Gilmer County, the citizens are the ones who give opportunities to the official to make higher salaries and benefits (among other things) hoping for a return that happens only for a chosen few.
“Anything that is illegal becomes a source of corruption for government officials. Take the example of drug trafficking or trading of illegal drugs”

It is a fact that the distribution and sale of certain illegal drugs is banned.

There are many people who are ready to offer money, so as to allow trading of such illegal drugs. Limiting the prosecution of drug dealers keeps the number of crimes reported in trafficking and money laundering along with the domestic violence it breeds low … to create a sense of security in the community and show a job “Well done” by local law enforcement.

“This rather “FAKE” way of doing things in Gilmer County has become as “COMMON PLACE” as  the restaurant where the elite meet!”

Recent events have shown this to be a very false sense of security for Gilmer County residents, for the Crooked Truth is often hidden!

The Court Record published in the previous RGW release Friday 26 August clearly showed a CONSPIRACY by Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County to bring false evidence by way of paid for false testimony and this photo reveals the place all the misconduct takes place …the Gilmer County Circuit Courthouse, the home of the 14th district!

Acceptance of bribery by a citizen during election or in other words, vote buying, is another example well known to the citizens of Gilmer County. The candidate offers money or grants favors to supporters and citizens to gain election votes and voila, the same candidate wins the election. The consequence is plain to see, he/she will try to cover up the money spent during the election time. The financial reporting is accepted by those in charge with no analysis or proof required. In addition, he/she has to save more money for the next elections. So, the only way to obtain this sum is by indulging corruption.

In Gilmer County, before the government job openings are advertised to the citizens, the jobs are already sold out if at all possible and this  practice is performed by a consensus of the political leaders.

“The local officials will take bribery from people able to offer money or influence over the electorate in their best interest!”

This way, eligible candidates are often neglected, while recruiting of non-deserving candidates is rampant.  It is not a victimless crime.  If by some fluke one of the hand selected is caught in an illegal act, they will be given a job elsewhere.  More than one valued elite minion has been moved in this manner.

The final outcome of political corruption is obvious as, “That Time” does come just as it has now – when Gilmer County West Virginia is ruled by thieves, not by deserving citizens or those trustworthy enough to be political leaders. 

The fate of the people is sealed and only through a concerted effort requiring vigilance, observation and persistent auditing of the process will this ever be changed.

“Is it too late for all of us in Gilmer County?”

“Have the true conspirators who hide the truth won?” 

“Not on our watch bitches!!”



The CROOKED TRUTH in Gilmer County is that GSC leads the State of West Virginia in ALL STATE RAPISTS and featured this month is Glenville, West Virginia’s own, right in the heart of Crooked County  ….GABE PHROPHET!

Another alleged rapist at GSC getting special treatment. This GSC student was arrested for RAPE but the preliminary hearing has NOT BEEN HELD in a timely manner.

Class: Senior
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 170

Team: Football
Position: QB
Number: 7

Is it another COVER UP because the people at GSC are nothing but FUCK UPS?

Where is the preliminary hearing for Phrophet??

Do the Crooked as fuck public officials think they can swindle the public again and again and again with their underhanded illegal power elite bullshit?

The Crooks from Crooked County are well into their way of another cover up, but this time we are going to bust those bitches in the act!

The SECRET SEVEN COALITION has learned that some media outlets  have taken an interest in GSC covering up sexual assaults committed by GSC student athletes!

The names of the student athletes being investigated are…

1. Gabriel Phrophet
2. Edward Dale Kinnison
3. Erik Davis
4. Christopher Todd Smith
5. Wilkie Perez

** Search this website for information indicating Gerald B Hough took an active part in violating a rape victims rights in regards to the WILKIE PEREZ incident and further, Hough was  involved in illegal acts to protect the rapist to the detriment of the female victim. The crimes in Crooked County have gone on long enough, it is time these Crooked public officials like Gerry Hough be held accountable for their actions.

Please refer to this SS article for information and documents proving the criminal and illegal acts of school faculty to protect rapists, to save the image of GSC!!

Political Corruption leads to NO ECONOMIC GROWTH in Gilmer County! West Virginians possess the least economic freedom nationwide! FRED turned out to be DEAD just like what was SAID in the CALPATTY PRESS!! August 17th RGW Special Feature …Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy- Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press/Editor

Research has shown that people living in states with high levels of economic freedom enjoy higher standards of living, greater individual freedoms, and longer life spans. 

On a state-by-state basis, the 2010 report on economic freedom in the U.S. found that West Virginians possess the least economic freedom nationwide.

“But in GILMER COUNTY the situation is TEN TIMES worse!”

Studies find that states and counties with greater economic freedom – defined as the protection of private property and private markets operating with minimal government interference – experienced greater rates of employment growth.

Employment growth and economic growth are stifled in Gilmer County, West Virginia by election fraud and the mafia like existence of a special group consisting of a ruling class of elite that have taken control of the Gilmer County Schools and the local job market. County and state jobs are ruled by nepotism in Gilmer County.  Several good examples of nepotism are within the pages of this website, but the latest infraction was when Gilmer County Commission clerk hired her own 15 year old unqualified daughter as an assistant. Cronyism is also prevalent in Gilmer County and very much alive and well!

Evil Lurks from on top of the hill in the VILLE! Glenville, West Virginia where the POWER ELITE meet!

In addition, studies find that less restrictive state and national government labor market policies have the greatest impact on employment growth in U.S. states

On the other hand…

A common theme among states with high levels of economic freedom is a commitment to low taxes, small government, and flexible labor markets. These conditions stimulate job creation and greater opportunities for economic growth. 

Because of these conditions, Gilmer County has seen little or no economic growth and now with the school system failure and the problems brought on by cronyism and nepotism, many people would rather live and grow up in an area with better schools and a much improved school system, but what we have here in Glenville is a failure to communicate because of the totalitarian rule that exists. That is why we have Blankenship as the superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, which is a situation forced onto us by the state, just the same as if we were communists living in a third world country!  Truly the situation that exists is no different.

Has anyone seen any flexibility in the labor market around here in GILMER COUNTY the past 30 years?

 Do you remember the loud outcry about raising the minimum wage? 

Yet the salaries for the elected officials in this county increase $5,000 every time they feel like giving themselves a raise.

West Virginia’s number one industry is certainly leaning towards being the Jail and Prison industry, following in the footsteps of California. The new trend is for all the Power Elite to become financially involved in the private prison industry, the coolest thing to put your money in now. All the local CROOKS from Crooked County will soon have a VESTED INTEREST in the privately owned prison system. The IKE MORRIS Criminal Justice Center is a prime example of a huge investment in the future of the correctional system in West Virginia. The Power Elite seek to put us all in prison while their children are allowed to break all the rules, like, “Doug Cottrill,” for Waco Oil and Gas that is, “Just like a son to us,” according to Sue Morris. I guess that is why the son was allowed to raid the medicine cabinet and take some narcotics with Ike’s name on them, and then toss in some Cocaine too. “Don’t forget the weed and the bitches!!” The daughters are allowed to break the law too! Anything goes for the Butcher Bitches so proudly displaying their party dresses and just in time for the Beach Blanket Bingo Extravaganza on the CalPatty Press!! If you’re a true Christian and Catholic why not enjoy a Sunday Afternoon worshiping with Lizzy and Lexy Butcher this Sunday, join them both, for ASS, GRASS, and Mass!!

How many new business ventures in Gilmer County are happening currently that aren’t your basic Mom and Pop with one or two employees?

What’s up with that?

Nothing new under the sun it’s just good old POLITICAL CAPITALISM in Gilmer County!!

Keep the rich, rich and forget about the rest. 

The average tax paying citizen in GILMER is less than nobody in the eyes of the power elite, just workers and a cash resource and as long as they can limit the number and kind of businesses who provide the jobs that’s how it will stay.

The most cited factors contributing to economic growth, according to the latest studies include the stock of human capital, investment in technology, trade specialization, and low levels of political corruption.

“With the HIGH LEVELS of political corruption in Gilmer County how can there ever be ANY Economic growth!?”

West Virginia’s business environment is unfortunately driven by POLITICAL CAPITALISM and no county more openly and proudly limits growth than Gilmer County


The proven fact is that whoever controls politics and policy controls the wages and benefits paid to their workers and that is why the business owners must control the political offices.  These same businesses will fight to the last dime to keep minimum wage and benefit payments at the lowest level possible if they can’t eliminate them. 

The girls of the “Ville” (Video release this fall!) are not afraid to get their hands dirty or get down and dirty or even do the hands jive to make their quests come alive! Beer mugs, drugs, hugs and tugs go on endlessly during the frequent bathroom visits when the Butcher Bitches throw a Bash! Better bring some cash! .. And some cocaine for to feel no pain, for it ain’t nobodies business but the Power Elite, the cops would never get invited to this meet and greet! Lexy Butcher and associate above.

“In Glenville WV you better be a member of the ‘CHURCH of IKE’ or you will be one broke Mother Fucker that is for sure!!”

No competition for employees means no competitive wages and no growth to help alleviate the economic disadvantages faced by Gilmer County residents. 

 “This situation is brought into being  by creating an environment of fear and retaliation and it’s called coercion!!”

 And there is nobody better at coercion than the Butcher and Butcher law firm, Gerald B Hough prosecutor of Gilmer County, and  our “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff Mickey Metz!

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin visited Gilmer County West Virginia on 08.11.2011-- Big Joe has plenty of campaign supporters in Crooked County going back to the days of when he was Secretary of State of WV-- just a few short years ago. Gayle Manchin, the wife of big Joe got an appointment to the State Board of Education by her husband not long in the past and that situation paid off in spades when IKE MORRIS called to let Big Joe know Nasia Butcher would be out the door as soon as Bill Simmons took the helm and top dog spot involving Gilmer County Schools. Gayle cut that political change off at the pass, and then castigated John Bennett and placed blame on him for the failure of the school system to be held to standards. It was all a ruse, and the people that truly suffered are the good citizens of Gilmer County, the teachers, the parents and the students.

“…Don’t forget the Gilmer County Commission and Waco OIL and ASS !!”

Coercion is the practice of using threats, rewards, intimidation, or any other incentive to affect another. In law, coercion is known as the duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in the desired way. Coercion doesn’t have to involve the actual infliction of physical pain.

“Psychological harm is the most commonly used method to enhance the credibility of the threats made in Gilmer County, West Virginia where the ELITE MEET!”

 Have you ever heard the words…

“They’ll never work in this county again “ 


We’ll take all of their assets including their money in the bank”

or even …

“They won’t be around for long if they keep talking like that!”

If you have lived in Glenville long, or have lived in Gilmer County  you know the very people who use these words to suppress freedom of speech along with economic growth of the region and keep the citizens living and cooperating out of fear.

“If you ask me it is about damn time these people got their asses turned upside down on them, and dealt with in a severe manner!!”

Who else will they pay above and beyond a political office salary like Gilmer’s County’s Commissioners current and past?

Who else puts only politically connected family members to work in their offices? 

Who else can kill an unarmed man, overdose and rape young girls or deal drugs at will and get away with it? 

Major crimes occur in Central WV and some of those you never hear about. One of the women in this photo was brutally raped all night long. The victim was drugged but the matter was covered up by the “Powers that Be”

NOBODY else but the elite from Gilmer County, West Virginia can get away with these egregious acts! And the whole debacle provoked by the local feudal lords is backed by EARL RAY the Governor and BIG JOE Manchin our bought and paid for former Governor now filling the big shoes of Senator Byrd in DC.

Big men with very small minds run Gilmer County and keep it under the feudal system of yesteryear for no other purpose than personal financial gain . 

Political Capitalism has long been destroying the county  of Gilmer and the consistent decrease in population proves it.

In Gilmer County and in Glenville, West Virginia to be more precise, we are speaking specifically about  either business owners, lawyers or their paid flunkies placed in local elected positions and given the highest paid jobs available with the only qualification required being that habit of saying yes!

“…Or drunks and drug addicts who will do anything they are told to stay out of jail and keep their habit paid for like Doug Cottrill from Waco Oil and Gas!”

 It is a fact, it is a shame but every once in a while the POWER ELITE of GILMER COUNTY lose control of their weak minded minions, just ask Fred Hill and his family.  

“Oops, didn’t mean for that to happen but oh well, it makes the yokels just afraid enough to keep their mouths shut!”

So what FRED Is DEAD!!

  “Besides, what is he to us?  Thank goodness it wasn’t another local boy.  That’s a little harder to explain!”

Deep inside we all know that Basil Fred Hill the third didn’t go in that river conscious. 

It was impossible, “Technically,”  that FRED wound up down stream below that old log jam at the bridge where the dog search and divers concentrated. 

If his body had been in the jam his clothing would have been torn off him when it was blasted free just before Spring. 

No, that was not the case or situation here since the body was in good condition and the body was most likely placed where it was and somebody knows who followed him out the back door that fateful night, and then made sure FRED was DEAD, but they are too scared — too coerced by, “the Powers that Be” to tell.

An animal lover, and also a person animal’s of all types, kinds and sizes, seemed to love too, Fred Hill is shown with the dog in this photo while at a gathering with friends and family. Gerald B Hough the prosecutor for Gilmer County promised a SPECIAL INVESTIGATION into the death of Fred Hill when his body was found behind the house of Sheriff Metz, but no investigation was ever brought forward.

What we have here is the MURDER of FRED HILL!

“Thomas Chapman and Jake Evans found Basil Fred Hills body while fishing in the Little Kanawha River outside of Glenville!”

Sheriff Metz announced the body was found April 18th 2010 about 3:00PM  well-preserved and in the river behind his house by, “Tom and Jake” after being missing since the early morning hours of Friday December 11th 2009.

The pertinent facts in this case were knowingly covered up by our own Sheriff Mickey Metz and the prosecutor for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

 “The common citizen knows what can happen and it’s just better not to get involved most people say!”

The locals have been psychologically conditioned to, ” Let the Prosecutor and the Sheriff investigate, they get paid well and it’s their problem and so what if nothing was done. “

Nothing was really expected to be done.   The ELITE show no mercy in Gilmer County when it comes to the almighty dollar and protecting those that keep the rich, rich…

Basil Fred Hill (third from right) shown in this photo seven years before his death having a fun weekend with friends. Fred has many friends who have been confused and saddened by his sudden disappearance and death. The “No Foul Play” theory announced well in advance as the excuse Sheriff Metz would use to close the wrongful death case was predicted within hours of Fred going missing by members of the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition back in 2009.

May God show no mercy to those who allow murder, corruption and oppression of the citizens of Gilmer County and our precious children for personal gain, money and power.

May God show no mercy to the Power Elite of Gilmer County, those very people who did allow the death of Basil Fred Hill !!    


Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Peter Barr Code protected!

Full Name: Wright,   Andrae,Cymone
Height: 6′  5″
Weight: 285 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/7/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 08/17/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!

August 17, 2011 Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Cason Jones in Glenville let Andrae WRIGHT know that it was all WRONG what he was a doin, a sneaking around in the dark, and hiding behind the Barr Code rule and all!

Wright is charged with night time burglary!

It was BLACKNESS in the BLACKNESS when Wright approached a home close to Glenville in his uniform during his burglary attempt.

Peter Barr Code protected, according to claims by WrightDr. Barr, the GSC President, confirmed this position when Barr officially stated he is not planning to take any disciplinary action against the public safety officer.

Barr belongs to the CHURCH of the poison mind and kneels before the Temple of IKE so won’t mind, since Wright has some responsibility in the easy acclamation and arrival concerning  an incoming shitload of white girls for the upcoming fall semester this weekend at GSC !! White chicks are part of the payment when blacks come to Glenville, it has become a Morris family tradition!

“Welcome to MORRIS TOWN KIDS where you can get fucked and robbed!!”

“Better leave your hymen at home girls for if you come to GSC chances are, considering the Barr Rule, somebody coming out of the ‘Blackness’ will bust that bitch wide open!”

Andrae Wright is a Public Safety Officer for the college, but the public safety is of concern due to the local totalitarian rule and the conception of feudalism being the prevalent mode of operation in Gilmer County.

Don’t get me wrong, for I am Andrae Wright! I’m gonna get me some of that pussy white because I’m a little uptight. My wife she’s a coach at the local JR High School - A job she got from NASIA at GCHS where it is cool to fuck the players, just ask the Lady Titan’s basketball team and I almost got to cream and go for two until that lady got a gun, and I had to run! She took away all my fun because I was about to make her scream for the Church of IKE team!

Andrae was arraigned before Gilmer County Magistrate Carol Wolfe, and is currently playing some spades at CRJ in Flatwoods, where he is waiting to be turned loose on the new girls coming in to town in the next few days when his 25,000 dollar bail is paid by the Power Elite.

The “Brotherhood of Darkness” will need Wright out of jail so he can help get the new bitches in line for the upcoming school year.

If you are a white chick, then you just are not in a safe environment where it is, “JUST OK” to break the new bitches in, when all you need to do is pray to the Patron Saint of Rape at GSC, Gerald B Hough!

Gilmer County residents have had enough! Just listen to what they have to say!

“What is happening to our town of Glenville and Gilmer County???”

“The college was once known for what is taught to students and came highly recommended by most! Not anymore!!

“I don’t think that Mr. Barr should keep this man on or any where near our college campus. I think as people in this community we need to let him know how we feel call his office at 304-462-7361

“Tell Peter his Barr rule sucks the big one!”

Is this how we meet and greet hundreds of new freshman and hundreds of new students coming to the area to live for the first time? ” Oh, excuse the black monsters in the night, but I hope your not a virgin”

“This 4th tier college is not really about education. Glenville State College  is controlled by a handful of individuals with agendas that do not include education!”

We hear the public statement by IKE MORRIS like…


Yet, we see individuals like Andrae Bubba Wright who played for  WVU and Rich Rod bring shame to the county, and elite hires like Wright are given jobs at the college on taxpayers payroll!”

“We see buildings are taken over one after another in the county in the name of the college to avoid paying property taxes and how does that fucking help the community bitches?”

“It’s all about the Power Elite and their self serving agenda and we the people are getting god damn sick of it!”


“A TRUE CONSPIRACY” …the Crooked Truth coming up in AUGUST on RGW!!

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “conspirators”.   That label is actually nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions. The “conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the free press, the attacks continue.

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

Mark Twain spoke on this subject many years ago…

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.  It is said that “Knowledge is power.” It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms. Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold and silver some say.

Be prepared to gain some knowledge, and be prepared to comprehend some truth as, “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf” brings you :

“A TRUE CONSPIRACY “  …coming up AUGUST 29th on RGW!!

Could the CROOKED TRUTH about DEAD BLACK BABIES born from teenage POWER ELITE mothers be revealed?
Secret Scandals of the POWER ELITE down in Crooked County coming up on a Secret Seven Coalition website near you!!

Don’t miss it!!

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Gerry Hough is the PATRON SAINT of male GSC Athletes Accused of Rape!! GSC RAPE HISTORY 101 – the House that Gerry Built! Beware of the DOG DAYS of Summer with RETA KIGHT who wants to make it to a County Commission seat again — Special RGW feature for FRIDAY August 5th! A DOPE buddy of DOUG MORRIS and WACO OIL Salesperson Doug Cottrill GETS POPPED WITH DOPE and A PILL BOTTLE filled with narcotics and COCAINE with the name IKE MORRIS on it!

By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird-RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy Editor of Cosmos Communicator– the website that peaked at #66 on the WORLDS TOP 100 fastest growing WordPress websites just last summer!!

There have been shocked reactions to the Secret Seven Coalition article exposing Gabe Phrophet, as another alleged rapist and a Football player at GSC. Charges were brought at the very beginning of this summer, but no effort to bring the case forward has been made since June.

“Just another RAPE at GSC,” and it was all predicted by the Central WV SS who have seen this all happen a time or two!!”

For years websites like the CalPatty Press and Crooked County Crooks, the Calhoun Underground and the Lone Meth Ranger published stories of RAPE at GSC and posted detailed stories that included court testimony!

Glenville State College with it’s powerful political connections and Board of Governors, conveniently had one Butcher Brother from the B&B Law firm traded for another recently. R Terry was exchanged for Timothy B Butcher who also served as foundation president for years, switched places on the BOG with his brother R Terry during this last change up.

Hough as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted and set a very bad example for GSC staff members

It was discovered last summer that all BOG members had expired terms!

Big Joe had to jump on that situation like a big dog and it put the Gilmer Free Press on the map when the matter was exposed to the public!

Changes at GSC are always to improve their image at all costs regardless of the outcome to the community.

The Board of Governors at GSC are close to the Governor and close to Senator Joe Manchin which gets everyone up close and personal with the puppet masters that are truly pulling the strings for the highest ranks of the elite who also have managed to control the mainstream press and cover up the rapes at GSC that have become predictable and traditional — and if not for the Central West Virginia SS there would be little published about these awful crimes against young women students.

In Glenville, as to not tarnish the image of the college, everyone pretends another horrible rape did not happen. And then, when the evidence and the gossip become too much, that next step is start to smear the reputation of the victim no matter who she is. If she is the victim the word is put out on her that she is a whore that was asking for it.

The SS has seen this situation so many times in the past that this time we got specific about what would be said about the victim, who would say it, and from “What” mainstream news source the propaganda would be born.

The only responsible coverage of the latest alleged sexual assault by another QB for GSC was the article in the State Journal based on the article posted on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website.

The Secret Seven Coalition website published the facts immediately following the arrest of Gabe Phrophet red shirt QB for the GSC football squad.

The SS predicted far in advance just how the EDWIN DALE KINNISON Rape case would go. The alleged rape took place in the dorm and evidence was gathered and the police did their job as they have done in the past. The case was never brought forward, but this time the SS was able to call the outcome of the case well in advance of the final resolve. Kinnison(above in photo) walked Scott Free on rape charges!

The alleged rapist in the documents posted and provided in this article was also a Quarterback and an athlete to be protected at all costs, even if lying and cheating have to take place!

Lying and cheating, is always the first responsibility of Gerry Hough, as we so proudly prove by providing these documents for public viewing.

In reading the comments that followed the story on RGW, one alleging an ethics complaint filed against Gerry Hough for improperly obtaining a rape victim’s school records caught the eye of many of our readers.

The informed individual that posted that important bit of information in the comment is someone in the know from the Central WV SS.

"I told you NO!" " ...I can't do this, I have a boyfriend!" "I am drunk leave me alone!"

We decided to elaborate with all the documents included in our investigation after an associate retrieved all the pertinent documents from the West Virginia Supreme Court.

We found the outcome to fall right into place of special privileges for the Elite and even though Gerry Hough was found to be in the wrong, he received no punishment although guilt and fault were found.

Gerry Hough set a precedent involving illegal actions taken against rape victims at GSC!  You will find out for yourself as you the reader are educated to the facts during this GSC RAPE HISTORY 101 lesson, a course best taught when discussing the misconduct of Gerald B Hough!

Hough was appointed to represent a man by the name of Wilkie Perez, who’d been accused of raping Anita Phillips-Wiseman.  Of course, both were GSC students during these early moments in GSC RAPE History…

In November of that year, Hough asked for, and received, Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts leading the registrar’s office to believe he was her adviser (who is allowed to see a student’s transcripts).  He was able to do that since at the time, in addition to being an attorney, he was also a GSC faculty member.

Here are a list of allegations of wrongdoing and criminal activity performed by Gerald B Hough on behalf of his client the accused rapist who was a star quarterback  as well as WVIAC ALL State first team quarterback for GSC!

List of charges and allegations involving misconduct in a RAPE CASE by attorney Gerald B Hough!

GSC Football players are recruited for the enjoyment of Power Elite and then they enjoy protection and a free ride, which in this instance included a free ride of a drugged up 17 year old GCHS student who now attends WVU !Erik Davis (shown in court room photo) got to play the, "Baby let me BANG YOUR BOX song ALL NIGHT with an underage teen and it was alright down in Crooked County!

After Wiseman-Phillips found out,that Hough had obtained her records illegally and in a fraudulent manner, she filed a compliant against Hough with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

That very sad outcome for the community was that  no action was taken against Hough clearing the way for many more rapes to come and many more cover-ups with a model case to bring forth the proper guidelines .

Hough was only “cautioned” about his actions, and made to reimburse ODC the $400 it cost to conduct its investigation.

The reason the Lawyer Disciplinary Board opted to give Hough a slap on the wrist was due to the fact he was a new attorney, and sole practitioner.  Also, felt the written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell was sufficient punishment, but truly the matter was criminal and now the public has a real good up close documented look at …


I’m sure you’ll agree that bigger forces were at work here in getting Hough off the hook.  If that had happened anywhere else in West Virginia, Hough would not only have been disciplined by the Supreme Court, but also fired as a faculty member.

“Needless to say, this SS article provides more proof that Gerry Hough is indeed the Patron Saint of male GSC athletes accused of rape!”

By my count, the Perez-Phillips-Wiseman case was just one of many similar rape cases involving athletes from GSC  years that have been swept under the rug by using political power and the local press to suppress evidence, witnesses and public opinion.

By my count, the THE RAPE COUNT is TOO MANY NOW!!

Here is the complete file on the Wilkie Perez rape case – as on record at the West Virginia Supreme Court – involving the victim filing against Gerry Hough!

Wilkie Perez, from Glenville State  was the WVIAC Offensive Player of the Year! 

Fucking A !! The Powers that Be are gonna give that boy full rein on any of the co-eds he wants to bang and dude will be protected by the people who really run things in Crooked County!!

Since the report is a total of 59 pages front and back, the documents had to be scanned in four parts. (Please click links below in green for documents)

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 1 back-to-front

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 1 front-to-back

Wiseman-Hough complaint file Part 2 back-to-front

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 2 front-to-back

The Secret Seven Coalition is delighted to publish these document where we hope these facts will help in exposing this first of many cover-up’s of horrible attacks on young women co-eds at GSC!

Glenville Police Chief Moss heard banging, knocks, kicks, screams and then more loud banging on the doors, windows or walls,” Moss told the court, and it was obvious Chief Moss was shocked and dismayed with the strange and unusual behavior by Timothy B Butcher! Moss stopped the interview and opened a door to see what the commotion was about. He told the court he saw a man he believed to be an assistant coach from the college and a few of Davis’ friends outside. He shut the door, intending to resume the interview, but there was more banging at the rear of the building. Moss testified he went out the back door and was confronted by Glenville attorney, Tim Butcher. According to Moss, Butcher demanded that he allow friends of Erik Davis the RAPE SUSPECT to be present during the ongoing interview. Veteran police officers said after the trial, unlike the scenario Butcher suggested, one of the first cardinal rules taught to policeman is to always interview witnesses or suspects alone. “It kind of surprised me,” Moss told the court. “He (Butcher) made a few threats, including that he’d get me fired,” Moss testified. Moss admitted to the court he became very angry at Butcher! “I more or less slammed the door in his face,” Moss told the court. Erik Davis at his trial was accused of raping a drunk 17 year old, the GSC football player walked on the charges! Protected by the BARR CODE!

The likeness of  Gabe Phrophet shown above in photo with likeness of
alleged rape victim last June at the home of the red-shirted QB of the GSC football team  …just before throwing the bitch down hard and stealing some of that white pussy, because the staff at GSC have alluded to the fact that it’s all part of his football contract!

“Don’t worry, Gerry Hough will get you off  …that’s his job!”

“He does what we say!”

“Pray to Gerry he is the Patron Saint to all Negro rapists down in Crooked County!”

” If this article reaches enough of our readers this effort of exposing the real facts of GSC RAPE HISTORY 101 via court documents could be the one tug that unravels the whole Crooked County cloak of deception that we are all wrapped up in by the sacred members of the Powers that Be, who are sometimes referred to as..”

“…the Brotherhood of Darkness!


In a close knit community where everyone knows your name, how do you have a person run for City Council that doesn’t even vote their own ballot?  How do you bring back the very person who left the seat with no desire to return?  Why do you have a college student for Mayor?  Why are people running for office in your county who have never voted or exhibited any interest in local government of any kind and have absolutely no investment in the community and winning or darn close to it?

 Are these elected offices just place holders for GSC and those who will follow its direction?  It seems so to me.

The same thing has gone on with the County Commission for years.  Here we sit with a new commissioner that has never even owned a piece of property in the very county that elected him to office.

Reta Kight is walking her dog and already greasing the wheels behind the scenes during these HOT DOG DAYS of SUMMER and is planning some type of scheme to pull the wool over the eye's of the community and get back on the Gilmer County Commission where she can be a shot caller for Ike Morris again!

No history other than a very few years at the Recreation Center which seems to be the only place he’s comfortable and the type of job he’s good at. No experience, no education, no investment but willing to do anything for a vote and the backing of the power mongers to say it’s just OK. 

What’s next on the agenda? 

An educated guess says it will be to try and bring back his backer Reta Kight and his new commission consultant Larry Chapman. 

That should be an interesting scenario.  Brian Kennedy has already tried to pull a Chapman and claim he is now the Commissioner from the Center Magisterial District because he moved from Walnut Street to Normantown well after his election.

 That creates a problem because Charles Hess sits as the Center District Commissioner. What a dilemma!

In the case of Gilmer County’s local political scene it consists of social interactions involving authority or power and the methods and tactics our local politicians use to formulate and apply the policies which best assists them in keeping that authority and power conveyed by their elected position.

Just ask Mayor Tashua Allman and the Glenville City Council.  Although Glenville consists of about 1.1 square miles of land it is ruled with a heavy hand.  Remember the gag orders mandated after the election?

Well the County Commission has nothing on Mayor Allman and her Council.

“By the way County Commissioners, when are the politics going to end and the governing begin?”

The Mayor posted a PUBLIC COMMENT POLICY in the Glenville paper.  In the very first paragraph it states that “No person shall be permitted to speak from a location other than standing before the Council”.  Well, SIEG HEIL  Mayor! 

Some of our own council persons may find it difficult to stand for the graciously allotted 5 minutes.  Have you forgotten the high number of Senior, disabled and handicapped citizens residing in our town.

Whatever can you be thinking power elite?

From the beginning  policy of public officials proves that they have no consideration for or any knowledge regarding those you were elected to serve.

No one would say you do not have the right to conduct a civilized meeting and establish the rules of proper conduct, but to insist that any person wishing to speak must fill out a public comment request form is ludicrous.  Are you trying to stop the less educated citizen or those who may not be able to see well from having their say in their  government?  The bet is on that you are.  After all, what could they possibly have to say that would be of any interest to you?  No email or phone registrations accepted. What about those who can no longer drive or may have transportation problems?  Who will be there before a meeting to get the paper work done so a person can speak knowing they will probably not be given any answers?

“When did our Council get away from the Citizens and into the power trip you brought down from the hill Tampon Tashua?”

The Mayor posted a PUBLIC COMMENT POLICY in the Glenville paper. In the very first paragraph it states that “No person shall be permitted to speak from a location other than standing before the Council”. Well, SIEG HEIL Mayor!

Tampon Tashua the Youngest Mayor, graduate of GSC and back up the hill to GSC as an employee. This Mayor serves no one but Peter Barr and  friends who were oh so disappointed when her fellow student did not win the election for a Council position and her boyfriend was fired as Recreation Center Director.  Therefore, in order to show us who’s boss, the policies which have long been in place and which permitted conversation between the Mayor, the Council and the taxpayers must be changed and/or strictly enforced.

The very idea of commoners thinking they can just talk with the Rulers of the elite about anything other than animal control and tall grass could not be considered by those that think they are better than we are.  Every taxpayer in the incorporation needs to carefully read this piece — a lot of rules are laid down.

But, don’t let any of this city council bullshit fool you, the big idea during this DOG DAYS of SUMMER thing …is to stay a jump ahead and thoughts are all about how to open a door for Kight to run when Hess retires  but not by
West Virginia Code. Kennedy had to live in the magisterial district he was elected to represent.  He will be the City Commissioner until his term is up!   Kight lives on Kanawha (City District) and there can not be two Commissioners from the same district. 

Chapman tried that when he moved to DeKalb and it didn’t work and he could not change his seating from Glenville District to DeKalb until his term was up and he ran for office again.

Don’t be fooled
Gilmer County, they will try it, the word is already out.  If that fails they will try to run Chapman if Hess retires and Reta Kight will have to fend for herself against Kennedy if he decides to run next term(or maybe not if he runs for Magistrate or Sheriff). 

With text provided by the RGW article, "Oil and Gas" shown here is an artists concept of a much younger Reta Kight former Gilmer County Commissioner! Reta Kight known as the dog faced woman is the mentor who runs the professional life of her puppet Darrell Ramsey and we hear sleeps with him too, that is when they can get away while her husband Gary Kight knows nothing and see’s nothing, just like Sgt Shultz from Hogans Heroes and Gilmer County Sheriff Micky Metz. Gary Kight was put back on the city council even though he swore he would never be there again. Councilman Gary Kight worked in the college print shop until he retired with a heart condition and with any luck Reta may be able stress him out enough to kill him so that she and Ramsey can do their thing with whatever they can drag into bed with them. If I could just get that ugly picture (as it was told to me) out of my mind, there he is… “Darrel Ramsey taking that MANLY Dog Faced woman Reta Kight from behind and making her bark like a dog!!” YIKES!!!!! But, no matter it is just SEX in SIN CITY!!

The powers that be do not want someone in office who will question the “Way it’s always been done!” …in Gilmer County elected positions.

 How else will the “I’ll do anything” group keep all the perks and take care of the big bosses and forget about the taxpayers?

“How else are things going to get done if not done the Crooked County way?!

Special Feature article for RGW!!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill BUSTED FLAT in Greenbrier!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill - Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form.

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 200 lbs. DOB: 7/20/1971

Booked: 7/29/2011 Booking ID: 999038831

Greenbrier County – Bail: $0.00 – SRJ

Charge Type: Misdemeanor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill a WACO OIL employee and suspected member of the local drug cartel.


But, that’s OK Joe Manchin will get dude off the coke charges after all Doug Boy part of the Doug Morris drug Cartel donated one grand to Big Joe last time it was time to give!

DOUGLAS COTTRILL (WACO OIL & GAS/SALESMAN), (Zip code: 26351) $1000 to MANCHIN FOR WEST VIRGINIA on 10/08/10 just before the November election.

Doug Cottrill is also the Owner of Drakes Auto Sales, which is listed under automobiles, used cars only in Glenville, WV.

Doug Cottrill Laundromat. 313 W. Main St.

May 2, 2011 – Cottrill, Doug GLENVILLE, WV 26351, Miller Supply of WV Inc./Sales Manager

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE.

In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen).

Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police.

The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Lewisburg Police Officer Brandon McCormick was on a routine traffic run at the intersection of Rt. 219 and Rt. 60 in downtown Lewisburg Greenbrier County WV, when he noticed a Red Jeep entering the intersection without its headlights on when it was dark.

The officer noticed the driver and passenger had two open containers and a box of beer in the back seat as they were passing by when he yelled for them to pull over in the parking lot nearby.

To makes matters worse, the officer discovered a tail light on the vehicle was also out, and then the officer could smell that marijuana was being smoked.

Better WATCH YOUR STEP when you know the CalPatty Chips are down! This is an Actual Copy of the Arrest Report of WACO OIL and ASS Salesman Doug Cottrill for those who claim the story is made up by the GFP – The Gilmer FREE PRESS  Reports the TRUTH read at your own risk!

By clicking on the above link in green you can read the arrest report for yourself, and see that at 2130 hrs on 28 July Doug Cottrill was arrested and booked on 29 July. Included in the driving with open container, were the drug charges clearly noted on the arrest report.