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Unfortunately, this seems to be the prevailing attitude of the Gilmer County Commission and it becomes more obvious every day. Appears they’ve taken a page from Ron Blankenship’s play book.  President Kennedy admitted to meeting about the Recreation Centers future behind closed doors.  Oops!  If it were not for citizen outcry to keep that Board along with the Commissions fear of losing votes it would be gone today just like our schools! It is the feeling of some local citizen leaders they will attempt to give the Rec Center to the College next.  Time will tell all if we can still hear it.  The Gilmer Free Press gives us information we would not otherwise receive and a voice they hear loud and clear in spite of their denial and don’t forget it. Remember Bill Simmons holding up one of its articles he disagreed with in the BOE meeting? You’ve heard Ramsey and other “elected” deny they reads it but when he didn’t like what it said he showed up.  They all do.

Has there ever been a mistake?  Probably, no one is God or perfect but not too many and that’s for sure.  We have all read necessary corrections and polite apologies on the GFP. Only if a prominent name complains will you see that in the counties only printed “news source”. No minutes from any meeting are ever published by its editor though its reporters always voice record them.  It is a DISGRACE to the freedoms established under the Constitution of this United States for anyone to attempt to suppress our rights to free speech and public information!  Anyone doing that has something to hide. That is the only logical conclusion one can come to.

Using public office to influence Tax Payer choice of which business to support is unacceptable but easy to do in a small county where we all know each other. To persecute this site out of a misguided sense of self righteous, self protecting indignation even more so.  Really Commissioners, really EDA?  How many businesses are you going to drive out of our town to keep the money in your own pockets and eliminate competition for limited dollars? Seems the more we give you free reign the more we lose! Take a look around.  Oddly enough you all swear you support broadband and internet technology. Is that only if it supports you?  So it would seem.

Many, too many of us, have heard the owner of this free publication, a successful local businessman that actually serves the public (along with his beautiful family), a contributing tax payer and citizen of the U.S.A., put down, insulted, called a foreigner, a terrorist and other bad names because of the transparency and accessibility to public information provided by the Gilmer Free Press.  Such talk by elected officials on the street to divert attention from their own short comings is an affront to the dignity of public office, it shows ignorance, convinces others we ARE backwoods hillbillies and it is TIME FOR THIS UNPROFESSIONAL NONSENSE TO STOP!

Did it ever occur to one elected official to change their own bad behavior?  Do they think maybe, just maybe they should follow the laws of this state, obey open meeting laws, conduct themselves in a moral and ethical fashion and consider what the tax payers want or need?  NO it doesn’t. They don’t want to take responsibility for their own bad conduct and all they want to do about that is SHUT THE PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH THEM UP. Don’t know about you but my vote just changed for the next several election cycles and it won’t be for more of the same.

~~  Author on file or:  One Ticked Off Tax Payer ~~

GFP – 02.25.2013
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7 Busted FLAT in CROOKED COUNTY! Read this report by the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition!

Concerned Citizens Free Press

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for the Secret Seven Coalition

Law enforcement arrested the following seven people in connection to an active methamphetamine lab at a home on Dusk Camp Road in Gilmer County last night, Sunday around 9 p.m.

Those arrested include Donald Brown, 52, Daniel Hedgoeth, 32, David Cottrill, 52, Shannon Salisbury, 33, Rita Brown, 48, James Ware, 29, and Joshua Casada, 28.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Brown,  Donald  Ray
Height: 5′  9″
Weight: 222 lbs.
Birth Date: 4/11/1960
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 02/18/2013
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
13F-19-20, 13M-62 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $151,000.00
Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Brown,  Rita  Faye
Height: 5′  4″
Weight: 120 lbs.
Birth Date: 6/3/1964
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 02/18/2013
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information


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BREE WOLFE that Gilmer High School student that had sex with teacher and Football Coach Jason Cunningham bares her breasts for CalPatty Press readers in celebration of her 16th Birthday!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks editor and reporter for the Concerned Citizens Free Press/ Little Bear – Teen reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf


Come On Central West Virginia!

Come take a Valentines Day Ride with the Ghost Wolf!!

What’s that I see walkin’ in these Crooked County Woods?
Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood, with a bottle just for ME~

Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood,
You sure are lookin’ good, come on and take a ride!
You’re everything a Big Bad Ghost Wolf could want…

KICK IT with the Secret Seven Coalition during this SPECIAL VALENTINES DAY edition! We found that little red riding hood, and we will be a ridin all day long at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf today February 14th and having a party the WHOLE DAY!!


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Salwa gets busted doing some PILL POPPIN and BED HOPPIN!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor with special February 11th edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Salwa Amin Gets BOOKED February 11 th for Felony Drug Charges and is currently being held in Central Regional Jail in Braxton County!  Good old CRJ!!

Salwa Amin from MTV’s hit show, Buckwild, was booked into the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, WV early today February 11th on felony drug charges according to Central West Virginia Secret Seven sources. Apparently, Salwa was in the possession of drugs and had intent to sell those drugs, which is of course a felony in the state of West Virginia, unless of course you know IKE MORRIS or you are in the Church of Ike and live in Crooked County down by the Crooked River, and then you can always walk on the drug charges like Doug Cottrill and Doug Morris son of the Lord of…

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