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“Frequently inexperienced and sometimes inadequately educated local authorities  known as the CPS from across this state get to judge whether hundreds of young, low income mothers and fathers are fit to be parents in West Virginia. Simply asking the question “Are you depressed?”, and getting a yes answer gives them license to misdiagnose those parents as having mental disorders and allows social services to remove children from the home.  Well duh, CPS has been called and whether right or wrong of course they’re depressed, wouldn’t you be?”

Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services is a specialized Child Welfare service provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. This service is provided to families on behalf of children who are neglected or abused by their parents or by the guardians or custodians responsible for the care of children.

This is Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County, and Sheriff Metz will be first to tell you “Hough is the head law man around here!” If the new people to the area knew previously about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settled anyplace in Gilmer County, which has the most corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV.

I know there are some people who are really trying and use their skills and education to benefit under privileged children. But, in this part of the state, I do know of a lot of people who use their kids for the free stuff and I have seen them sell their stamps for half price to buy drugs. There are rumors people are even selling their children via CPS employee’s to families looking to adopt or possibly into white slavery!

Some children in this part of the state are still doing without and the parents are spending the money on drugs and if those parents are drugged out of their minds, or drinking at Tallies Duck, how safe are those kids?

God Bless the ones who are responsible and take advantage that all the CPS has to offer to the parents that if they did drug test they would not have anything to worry about anyways. And I know kids who have been taken out of homes for petty stuff and then, there are the individuals who live in hell each and every day!  Nikki Harris and Teresa Williams, are two CPS workers in West Virginia that can make peoples life a living hell, according to citizens complaints.

“I don’t see how those two sleep at night. What if it was your kids or a family kid and a CPS worker acted like they did and did not do nothing to look into it or spend no more than a trip to ask a couple of questions and dropped it and forgot about it all together and did not investigate into it further?”

Those two CPS workers won’t even pick up a phone and call and ask witnesses to see if they can tell you something to back up a report.

Without tax payers CPS would have no financial support, so the specialty now of CPS is to steal from and destroy the people that actually put food on all their tables, which seems counterproductive to me.

Gilmer County, the home of RAPE and MURDER in Central West Virginia is certainly no stranger to child rape and child molestation, and some well known people are guilty as hell, but protected quite adequately by the local Church of Ike as this account attests to…

“I feel so sorry for these children that have been let down. I didn’t realize the justice system was failing so many children!”

“I thought that my situation was just a fluke or an accident or just simply an unwillingness to take on someone with money and a prominent name but to know that so many children have suffered the way one child in Gilmer County has …”

The CPS corruption in Calhoun County is lead by Crystal Kimble and Loretta Smith.
Ryan Underwood and Samara Keith are the only two honest CPS workers in the Calhoun office.
Loretta Smith blackmails mothers that have trouble with the law to make false statements, and then mixes a little bit of this and that to tell lies to set people up. The adult protective services workers also are corrupted ran by Jackie Blankenship and Victoria Butcher-Shaver. (Shown in this photo)
The facts are coming out, like HOT TODDY on a HOT SUMMER night with a cool summer breeze a blowin on that Big Gila Monster.

“It just truly saddens my heart and for the person that said parents are bad just cause our teenage daughter was molested by a supposed leader of the community is just wrong.”

“I trusted my ex-husband with our child on weekends, because I thought a father would protect his little girl, but he let something happen to her for promise of advancement at his work. I was wrong he allowed someone to repeatedly hurt her and introduce her to Cocaine! And when something was said to him he covered it up and refused to believe it. So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said it happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

“I just don’t know why so many children just slip through the cracks and something needs to change but how do you go about changing it?”

“I am grateful for one CPS worker she told my ex that she believed it happened and she made him see the light so my daughter has not been around this person and since she was 16. I think she forgot most of those bad days, or repressed it, but u can never be sure!”

When it comes to the children of citizens of Gilmer County things are so corrupt and dire that your everyday common person is AFRAID TO ATTEND a public meeting or openly discuss such issues since many of the public officials have proven to be criminals that can carry out violent reprisals or false charges for a false arrest, so most of the citizens are AFRAID in Gilmer County according to this poll of nearly 500 participants which is a large sample from a small County that has a population of only about 7000.

Have you ever had the WV CPS beating on your door for stupid reasons? According to an actual account…

“My child, who was 4 at the time had stepped in a pile of dog poop while he was getting on the school bus. I saw it, told the aid to bring him back off of the bus because of it.

“So sometimes it is out of your hands and when u go to the system for a protective order and the judge throws it out even though the women’s and children’s abuse center said a sexual assault happened and my daughter named him 3 different times, but since he is a man of money and power in Glenville, he got away with rape just like so many of them do.”

The Aid says “Oh don’t worry about it we ll clean it off”. I say OK thank you. 2 days later CPS is at my door because my son went to school with dog poop on his shoe. Then a week later, same 2 women from CPS are back because ” your sons hair wasnt brushed when he went to school the last few days”. Ummmm its WINTER he wears a knit skull cap. DUH his hairs gonna be a mess when he takes it off!”

“Seems to me that the only time CPS gets involved is if a School calls, not when a parent calls. Why bother people who ARE taking care of the kids?”

I know as citizens it is out duty that we go to every extent to make CPS do their job and help these kids in Central WV that are being taken from their homes. It is time to CLEAN HOUSE at CPS!

For too long Child Protective Services have stolen children for profit. The parents are not allowed due process, not allowed to question witnesses or face their accuser.  In West Virginia the parents are railroaded, lied about — and their children are bought and sold like a commodity!

Families are torn apart, destroyed and forever changed by a government agency that has no scruples, no morals and no standards, because that’s how they always do it in Gilmer County!

 The West Virginia CPS have no one to make sure they don’t abuse the very system they were put in place to protect. Money has become the issue not the children and not the family. This is just the beginning of the misery many people see down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

There are several excellent WV single parent grants available to single moms and families who qualify.These social programs help to pay for all the necessities of setting up a good home for children including providing shelter, food, and medical care. West Virginia has been immune, so far, from the bloody episodes of gang violence that have marred the big cities from New York to Los Angeles.Yet, there are disturbing signs of something evil that might lurk beneath a tranquil surface and ultimately rear its ugly head. Young women in West Virginia, at the state capital in Charleston are selling themselves to businessmen on the street during the day time to pay for their OXY habit and that of their boyfriends too.Gangs are also becoming more of a problem in WV and Mercer and McDowell counties are listed among eight West Virginia counties with the highest numbers of gang activity, according a report on gang violence recently released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kanawha is one of eight West Virginia counties with the most gang activity, according to a report issued last fall by the FBI. The report, released every two years, tracks the estimated 1.4 million members that make up the nation’s more than 33,000 gangs. Young people in WV are falling victim to drug abuse and gang affiliations and violence, by starting to catch up to the paved roads of  gang trends from bigger cities.

Maybe if all the CPS workers lost their jobs they could get on welfare their damn selves and see how these kids feel about the poor service and abandonment by society.

Here is a personal account of bad actions from a citizen of Wood County down in Parkersburg…

The Children of the Power Elite like this young woman are subject to abuse too, and sometimes that is for the lack of adult supervision, just like at the raucous orgy that jumped off the 2011 school year out hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino, where a daughter of the Church of Ike was raped and the result of that rape was a pregnancy and an abortion all while underage, and also the basketball coach got to have his way sexually with one of the star BB Ball players on the Lady Titans Basketball team. It was Bitchen BOBCATS BABY just like BEACH BLANKET BINGO when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad Bumping Butts during the Summer of Love on the CalPatty Press!

“I am a former employee of the CPS unit at the Jackson County DHHR and can personally attest to the many allegations against them. Nikki Harris has no morals. She will and has covered up huge mistakes and illegal behavior on the part of one CPS worker alone. She and the worker should have been fired had the CSM at the time not have been so close to retirement and therefore didn’t want to “stir the pot.” Also, I know that many of the CPS workers would sign themselves out on home visits and never return. Instead of doing home visits they would run personal errands or anything else non-work related. However, because of the irresponsible nature of their supervisor, Mrs. Harris, no questions were asked. Most of the workers in that unit were not there to do their job, they were there because that was one of the only jobs in the building where they could do whatever they pleased without punishment. I will say that the only worker in that unit who was an honest, hardworking, genuine and caring person was the CPS case aide. I am not sure if she is still there or not. Most of the decent employees at that place have since moved on to other positions elsewhere.”

“The CPS pick on the families who are not in danger, and need the  least help and then, help destroy the families  who the CPS leave in danger. The CPS is a self serving entity and just as self serving as the CHURCH of IKE and all the power elite in Gilmer County, West Virginia!”

“Jackson County CPS is horrible!!!! They do not protect children!!! They refuse to act until a child is hurt or dead. One mother I know has been reported repeatedly for drug abuse, alcoholism, beating her teen daughters and nothing has been done because apparently they are too lazy to do anything for these girls who are suffering mentally and physically. This office needs to be investigated before someone else gets hurt!”

CPS in rural West Virginia has long made a business of stealing children. Families who are new to the area do not know that, however. They are attracted to the “People that Shine” in the Glenville Democrat, the bullshit rhetoric about the worst school academically in the entire state of West Virginia, oh, and also, the beauty of the area.

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with information they have presented as “Fact” and validate lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators!” These so called elites from Gilmer County have covered up countless rapes, and some of those rapes were victims under the age of 18 like the rape that happened that night up hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino -the same night the GCHS Basketball coach Bobby Duvall had sex with one of the players on the team! “Where was the CPS in Gilmer County when the rapes and sex with high school teachers was something you couldn’t talk about or mention in Glenville — a secret agreement was put in action by members of the Church of Ike – a group of public officials & politicians for reasons of the pursuance of policies that must be kept SECRET awful sexual crimes occurred with minor children which they dare not mention in public.”

 If the new people to the area knew about the horrors of Glenville, and Crooked County many  would never have taken the job at the federal prison or settle anyplace in Gilmer County, which has  a very corrupt law enforcement and court system in the state of WV. The County is run by a Board of Commissioners who are constantly screwing the citizen with levies and bond issues geared toward making the rich in the area richer and the poor people of this part of Central WV even poorer.

Children are a commodity for which there is a steady and growing market both in the United States and across the world, so WV will grap their piece of the action just like they did the marijuana trade and the PILL MILLS that rule the state and have even effected the elite with rampant prescription drug abuse.

Child sex-slaves arrive in Europe and elsewhere from unspecified locations, even West Virginia! Children taken from homes routinely end up in the porn industry, believe it or not. It has been going on for many years but since it did not impact most of us it was easy to ignore.

But as counties across the state have cycled down into bankruptcy like Gilmer County has, the need to pump harder for every buck to be made has become more compelling. Today it is not just the most vulnerable who are targeted, but families that would before have been passed over as too well connected that are currently also in jeopardy from all the crime, dope and corrupt law enforcement.

The Butcher Bitches paved the way for underage drinking being condoned many years ago & now it has been a family tradition of sorts in Crooked County down by the Crooked River! Beer Bong Bitches Breaking Bad!

Here is a latest comment from a reader of the many Secret Seven Coalition articles …

The last RAPE VICTIM from GSC that was discovered by the Secret Seven Coalition, said, “NO FEMALE is SAFE at GSC! The last rape that took place in Goodwin Hall had difficulty in the courts because DAN BELL the Chief of Public Safety made sure the rape kit evidence was immediately lost, but the court was recently notified that law enforcement went over an above to make sure there was no evidence and if the parents of the victim did not speak up and contact the Secret Seven Coalition, then mostly the public would have never known about another horrible rape in GOODWIN hall, but then RAPE is common in Gilmer County, especially since there have been multiple rapes and no convictions.The crime statistics that exist for Gilmer County, West Virginia are a complete LIE and fabrication, if the public only knew the truth they would be shouting to bring in the national guard!

“Let’s see the raucous party up Rt. 33 did not happen, the Charleston romp didn’t either with all the pomp and booze supplied by the Gerry Hough household, and the sexual molestation by the Coaching Staff in which the Gilmer Sheriff Mickey Metz does not have the qualifications for! What about CPS? Where in the HELL is the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES when children need protected from the METZ GANG and the lawless Hough Starletts! In WV what the hell, where is the CPS? Where are they to protect the children, they steal the children. Why not do a story about what Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, the County Commission and the big muckitty mucks do to our children, by way of torture, denial and mistreatment. As for everyone questioning what happened to the kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang. If one of those parents or someone that knows the truth calls in to CPS and pushes the issue you might find some resolution there. However, I have a much diminished view of that organization but they seem to be able to run their own witch hunt when given just the right amount of information but it would have to be someone who knows and is aware of the facts. As well if Mrs.

Rape at Glenville State College is now as Common Place as IKE MORRIS eating at Audrey’s family restaurant in the heart of Crooked County down by the Crooked River at 7pm on a Tuesday night.

Butcher had knowledge or report had been made to her then she too would be legally liable as a mandated reporter to have filed a CPS report.

Failure to do so would make her guilty by association and therefore place her job in Jeopardy. I think she should be in Jeopardy, in fact I think she should be in a zoo for outdated back woods feeble minded whore raising nitwit bitches, but they probably couldn’t get all that on the sign in front of her cage!! YOU MAKE ME NAH SHA’S NAY SHA!”

The PARTY ANIMAL LADY TITANS HOST DRUNKEN BASH AT THE V-BALL TOURNEY down at the state capitial — “They all drank Thursday night, went to the tournament Friday and then the real party started.
The boy friend of Crystal Metz was so drunk and fucked up on drugs, that nobody cared when he ventured off, and then what he was trying to do to the girls by pulling their pants and panties down and then trying to play with their precious feminine secret places!
Another one of Gerry Hough’s daughters, Lauren Hough, Carly’s Lil Sis was named as a chief player in all of the sexual exchanges and drunk shit and such.
The boyfriend of Crystal Metz was going room to room and in hallways trying to get the girls naked and play box banging bingo the Butcher Bitches way!
“In one incident dude hid in the bathtub in the ladies facilities and when the girls went to use the bathroom then he jumped out swinging his penis to and fro just like they do down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!”

Local psychiatrists, psychologists, attorneys and physicians become little more than hired guns for authorities trying to take children from their parents into foster care.

Mickey Metz is not qualified to serve as a coach on the Volleyball team. He does not have the credentials to fill that position at the high school, but Gilmer County is so corrupt that even after the document Metz used to qualify to be on the ballot to run for magistrate was proven a phony, Metz still was allowed to be on the ballot against the laws of West Virginia, and even allowed to run for office on primary election day, but Metz only received a small amount of votes and came in last place. By the time the election was held, the FREE PRESS had already published the document Metz brought forward and it was a FAKE!!

As the fear fades and justifiable anger comes to the forefront falsely accused parents are shining a spotlight on a family court system normally shrouded in secrecy. This raises the crucial question of who should be allowed to determine the most fundamental rights of parents to bring up their own children and what standards are used to make such a serious and life altering decision. Who is truly working in the best interest of the children?  Many times it may be the parent.

“Another filthy CPS pedophile busted  ….”will most likely be an upcoming headline on some future Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article.  Mark Levriers a CPS worker had 23 years of access to vulnerable, defenseless children, before he was found out and caught for child molestation!

There are many more Mark Levriers in CPS, count on it. CPS is a magnet for perverts and pedophiles. Even a braindead pedophile knows you don’t have to hang around playgrounds = you can get a job at CPS and get paid to be a pervert, just like Gerry Hough gets two paychecks from the state of West Virginia to engage in criminal activities, like subornation of perjury and felony conspiracy, and even white collar crimes to help out his friend Timothy B and R Terry Butcher!

Children, the latest victims being snatched in broad daylight by CPS, should be a serious concern for law enforcement agencies. We must have better coordination among state and local agencies of all levels to ensure that children are unharmed and not victimized by our own institutions. They must put forth better efforts to ensure that the price of children as individual human beings is not being calculated in cold cash.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More than $1 million in federal funds have been approved for West Virginia to encourage more adoptions of children in foster care.

“The funding was announced in September of 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The department said the adoption incentive awards are intended to improve states’ child welfare programs, but for many it was just a license to steal!!”

We must be concerned because this could well be a precursor of graver problems like child sex trafficking,  and other illegal operations which use children to  commit crimes.  The local CPS must take steps, in coordination with law enforcement, society at large and the media, to warn the public plus assist and advise parents on how to protect their children against not only street abduction by criminals but also by legal criminals of their making like they have in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River!

To be a high school coach of any sport there are certain requirements that need to be met and Sheriff Mickey Metz did not meet these requirements.
A. ASEP Coaches Education Program – Complete our 14 hour course with
a WVSSAC instructor and pass all 3 tests with a minimum score of 80%.
B. Local School Board approval (must be a high school graduate or GED)

What is happening here is not an oddity and unfortunately it is not new. Children are being taken from their families prematurely or unnecessarily because federal formulas give states a strong financial incentive to do so rather than provide services to keep families together.  Taking a child and paying a middle class family to care for them has fast become the latest form of middle class welfare.  All available help goes to foster and adoptive parents.  About the only parents the federal government won’t help indefinitely are birth parents. What’s wrong with this picture?

Laws give bounties to states of up to $8,000 or more per child for every adoption they finalize over a baseline number. But the injustices don’t stop there, because in order to get that money, states have to have children to take away and place them – and therein lay the incentive to falsely accuse parents of harming their children and to forcibly remove children even when there is no evidence to do so.

MARTINSBURG — Just a short few months ago Louis Palma was wrestling with more than just 40-plus vacancies for Child Protective Services workers across the state.

In addition to the 10.8 percent vacancy rate for CPS staff, another 17 percent of the CPS work force has been on the job for less than a year, Palma said. Many of those hired to work for CPS don’t hold degrees in social work but in fields deemed related: criminal justice, sociology, education or psychology, Palma said.

“CPS is doing a job they have never been trained to do.  They are investigating people who have never been charged, calling them child abusers, taking kids away and getting paid to do it. The money that follows a child abuse accusation and subsequent placement of the so-called endangered children into foster care or adoption is the real catalyst for the epidemic of child abuse accusations!”

Lizzie Butcher could break any law bang any box , suck any…well you get the idea … and there was never any consequence for underage drinking or bad behavior back in the day. And when you ask where was the CPS in those days? …You could get laughed out of town, for why should they care about abuse, or child abuse of any kind if it isn’t endorsed by the elite and labeled especially for poor folk. Butcher Bitches fun shown above sucking hard to get the juice to make you loose for summer fun in the VILLE where they live by the “Power of Darkness!”

And there is no incentive for any physician or anybody involved to be intellectually honest in court about this because the law also gives them immunity if they’re wrong. So what happens is that the minute CPS is involved – or the second the EMTs are called (for example, in sudden infant death, choking or alleged shaken baby cases), parents are already labeled as child abusers. They never had a chance.

 Families are coerced into participating by intimidation and the threat of losing their children. In return for fraudulently collected profits, the contracted “vendors” (physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists) provide trumped up “evidence” of child maltreatment to support the claim that they need to keep the child in foster care. In return for this they receive more federal funding. Now this is truly job security.

Nothing in our life experience is more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted forced separation from family and loved ones by strangers. The parent-child bond is our strongest instinct, taking precedent over all else. To have this bond severed by state agents who possess unhindered power, and give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity.

Removal of non-abused children is an act of emotional and psychological terrorism. CPS does not follow established law and policy. They face no consequences for their illegal behavior. Law enforcement routinely submits to the whims of social workers as do family court and magistrate judges in the majority of cases. Children failed by the system have died while in the protective custody of the State, in the care of CPS and in foster care. Citizens should NOT be removed from their homes and family members based on nothing more than hearsay.

May you never experience an introduction to that Kafka-esque world of state child-snatching.  It illustrates so many of the reasons why, hidden behind its self-protective wall of secrecy, this ruthless and corrupt system is fast becoming one of the most serious problems faced by families living at poverty level today.

The victim that was raped in Goodwin Hall at GSC in the Suite occupied by Jordan Opie Watkins contends that she was not prescribed or knowingly took benzodiazepine which she tested positive for at Stonewall Jackson when evidence for the rape kit was obtained. A mixture of high proof alcohol and date rape drugs was mixed by some other students at GSC and the last thing she remembers is sitting with the cup of alcohol mixed from over 100 proof grain-alcohols mixed by Jayde Layne and Jordan Bennett students at GSC. The next thing she remembers is waking up and regaining consciousness nude with five member of the SOB fraternity standing over her in the shower.

“No Child Left Behind Says CPS!”

Parents have experienced that in these “Secret Courts” that are ran and administered by the same people that are taking the children, that it is in fact a Kangaroo or Tribunal Court where there is no justice and no help. There is virtually no possible way the parents can win. In these courts, parents are placed with Gag Orders, instructed to ‘Not discuss the case’, this way, the social workers, crooked probation officers like Tara Kennedy and dishonest prosecutors like Gerald B Hough can conduct their business outside of scrutiny, and they can lie on the reports and to the judges like Richard A Facemire — free to perjure themselves without question, after all who will complain? Parents are often not even allowed in the court rooms while their cases are being discussed. All the people involved are playing the parents like a fiddle. Social Workers may be very nice, claiming they are there to “help” and they are sure ‘you’ll probably get your children back’, however each time the “defendant” expresses any type of conflict with them or their decisions; something to either expose them, or to prove innocence, they threaten that they will and can “put the child up for adoption”.

Three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford was was last seen in her home around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning last Sept. 24th wearing Dora pajamas and a pink princess sweatshirt. She is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 35 pounds. She is missing her four front teeth and has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Is she in the river or taken by the CPS and sold into adoption, in another state?

The children are being taken at an alarming rate, and although they are only investigating ONE child…. they will take them all, regardless of the circumstances. They are stealing the children legally. It is reported that Social Workers have no problems falsifying documents or lying about parents and extended family members.  They may threaten the parents into so called “services” such as parenting classes or anger management which by parents taking these services is an automatic admission of guilt (even if they have done nothing); Many Social Workers will do whatever it takes to ensure your child WILL be placed up for adoption. It’s like they’re bounty hunters.

Children may also be placed and deemed “special needs” ensuring more Federal Funding and Non Profit Grants for the authorities. It has been documented that babies as young as a few months old are considered to have “mental issues” and are given strong psychotropic drugs. With each issue that can be found (or created) the state and Federal Government gets more money, not just from the demand for more taxes, but also from non-profit grants one may donate to.

The Governments motto “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” was meant to be a slogan for better education.  Today, “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND seems to have become the slogan used by Social Services and CPS. No Child Left Behind, means that the Social Workers, the State, and Federal Government including Non Profit groups, Adoption Agencies and all their agents and affiliates have a guaranteed income, and it seems the economics involved is not trickle down.

The state of West Virginia and the office of the CPS have been known to parade our children in front of adoptive parents like cattle at an auction. They do it under the disguise of fun and games. “Come and pick out a child” is the mantra.

“Why not put them on an auction block and sell them to the highest bidder. These children are innocent pawns in a game of greed, politics and corruption. If you don’t believe it is going on in the state of West Virginia, think again!”

Can you imagine the hurt, anger, frustration and guilt these children feel when they are alienated from their own flesh and blood, treated like a lost dog from the pound and then are not “picked” for one reason or another. This is a travesty in the worst possible way.

Talk about illegal adoptions- This is just one of the many reasons the corrupt office of the CPS in West Virginia snatches children from home of parents who are uneducated, poor and who don’t know the system and the crime that goes on in its underbelly. It is time to stop the madness, stop the corruption and stop the selling of our children.

Where were you When I needed you Ms CPS?

Well you could not be found!

What can I do Oh I believed in you

You’re running me around

Well you can take it as a warning

Or take it anyway you like

It’s the lightning not the thunder of the SS!

You never know where it’s gonna strike

Our love’s in jeopardy baby!



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There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

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Come on by the Concerned Citizens Free Press if you would like to watch JUDGE WATKINS go CRAZY in court just like Judge Facemire did in the Travesty of Justice case!

Of course Facemire lied to the Judicial Investigation Commission about the entire incident, actually flat denied it like a lying little bitch, but FACEMIRE was caught on tape too! How will the JIC get out of covering for Richard DICK Facemire when the truth is revealed to all of AMERICA soon? Here are two promo video for the Watkins video as well as a link for the current article that can be found  at the Concerned Citizens Free Press!

Secret Seven members and affiliates and associates of the Secret Seven were instrumental in investigating JUDGE WATKINS for his blatant misconduct and stuck with it long enough to get FOX NEWS coverage.

The Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition has been in direct contact with the Chief Counsel of the Supreme Court for the last two months, and many hours were spent in direct communications and on telephone conference calls, and it was mentioned to Terri Tarr of the WV Supreme Court the Chief Counsel of the Judicial Investigation Commission, WEEKS AGO, that eventually, there would be NATIONAL TV coverage for the tremendous amount of misconduct by judges like Watkins and Judge Facemire.

The JIC is aware that just Richard A Facemire also went on a long rant and tirade during the Travesty of Justice case, similar to the rant of Watkins, and that will be the next issue exposed along with the criminal actions of Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough.

“Courtroom Video REVEALS ABUSIVE CONDUCT of WV JUDGE WATKINS Reminiscent of the RANT of JUDGE FACEMIRE During the Travesty of Justice Trial”

“There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

….coming up on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf this FRIDAY the 13th!


  1. Ian Morris and Luke Montgomery were recently arrested for being drunk and for possession of Marijuana, but nothing happened to them, no consequences, no jail, no bail, BECAUSE THEY ARE the CHILDREN of ELITE – so in line with what the above article clearly stated here is more of the rest of the story…

    Ian Morris
    son to WACO OIL and GAS President Doug Morris and grandson to the Lord of the Church of Ike, IKE MORRIS and his buddy Luke Montgomery whose mom was married to Doug Cottrill one of the Doug Morris drug cartel leaders recently caught with COCAINE and a PILL BOTTLE that said IKE MORRIS on it full of drugs, but no consequence for the bust …were about to be taken to jail when Luke’s dad shows up to keep him from going to jail. He gets hit by stoned out doped up Ian saying to Luke’s dad they are grown boys and do not need any help!! Of course LUKE who used the force, nor IAN Morris has to suit up in orange for they are truly above the law in Gilmer County and were freed!!!

  2. A tragic shooting of three Webster County residents has resulted in the arrest of a man and his wife.

    Authorities say a 5-year-old Webster County girl told police her father fatally shot three people following an altercation Wednesday night, after which the man’s wife attempted to hide the bodies.

    Michael York (left) was captured at about 10 p.m. Wednesday on Interstate 79 near the Amma exit, 85 miles from the crime scene near Cowan.

    Both York and his wife Amanda, 27, are in Central Regional Jail, with bond yet to be set.

    So far, police have only identified one of the victims, Dustin Brown, 26, of Hacker Valley. A man and woman in the shooting haven’t been identified.

    Police indicated the murders are related to drugs.

    Amanda York reportedly told police that she and her husband had been in an altercation with the three shooting victims at another residence.

    When the Yorks returned to their home, the three victims showed up and continued the altercation, according to a news release.

    Michael York was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of concealment of a dead body.

    Amanda York was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of concealment of a dead body.

  3. I noticed Gerry Hough is carrying a pink piece of baggage in the photo at the top left of the page, and one has to wonder if it is part of a matching pink set of luggage somewhere, or maybe it goes with some exotic underwear he has on…he certainly is a fashion conscious Crooked County Crook! I believe this photo was taken not long after Gerry Hough’s most public hearing in court, when Hough and the Gilmer County Commission filed a law suit against Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record, in which Hough lost hands down in a most embarrassing defeat in the home town Courthouse in Glenville. Hough’s behavior that day we all witnessed his decisive defeat, could only be described as rude,obnoxious,loud,unprofessional and generally speaking, Hough acted like the south-end of a north-bound horse.

  4. Council of Concerned Citizens - Aliayah's Mother -LENA LUNSFORD REPORTS TO FEDERAL FACILITY OVER WELFARE FRAUD says:

    Lena Lunsford, a Lewis County woman, and mother to the missing girl discussed in this article on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf was sentenced on May 22 for welfare fraud, and had to report to Hazleton Federal Correctional Institution Thursday.

    Chief Judge John Preston Bailey sentenced Lena Lunsford, 29, to eight months in prison, followed by one year of supervised release.

    Lunsford’s daughter Aliayah disappeared from the family’s Weston home in Lewis County on September 24, 2011.

    The FBI has described Aliayah’s disappearance as a crime, and considers homicide, abduction and concealment as possibilities in her disappearance.

    Lunsford pleaded guilty on January 10 to one count of knowingly selling portions of her SNAP benefits.

    Lunsford must pay $522.82 in restitution to the United States Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition Service.

    The FBI has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of Aliayah Lunsford or the arrest and conviction of those responsible for her disappearance.

  5. The CPS corruption in Calhoun County is lead by Crystal Kimble and Loretta Smith.

    Ryan Underwood and Samara Keith are the only two honest CPS workers in the Calhoun office.

    Loretta Smith blackmails mothers that have trouble with the law to make false statements, and then mixes a little bit of this and that to tell lies to set people up. The adult protective services workers also are corrupted, ran by Jackie Blankenship and Victoria Butcher-Shaver. The facts are coming out, like HOT TODDY on a HOT SUMMER night with a cool summer breeze a blowin on that Big Gila Monster.

    Editors note: We have a fine shot of Jackie Blankenship and Victoria Butcher Shaver Closer, the mother of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson, maybe we should add it to the article above along with your statements concerning the CPS in CALHOUN COUNTY.


        Editors note: Have it somewhere, still looking for it.

        SS Member: Hoping to get all you have on Hough, the photo of the supposed Carly Hough sex party though we can’t use, with just the bottom half of her, we need a recognizable shot, so it is plain to see we are talking about the pulling the panties to the side girl

        We busted our ass going through thumb file after thumb file to find the photo you wanted Hot Toddy, we got those bitches posted, so send us that desired info you promised, give us all you got and we will bring home all our ships!!

  6. Violent storms swept across the eastern U.S., killing at least nine people and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands on a day those temperatures across the region are expected to reach triple-digits. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning for north central Braxton County, northeastern Calhoun County, Doddridge County, northern Gilmer County, Ritchie County and Wirt County turned out to be a good hot tip as many in the area are without power today, and many tree’s are down and debris on the roads, so proceed with caution when traveling.

    And in answer to the query: did glenville west virginia have electricity after storm

    Many in the area are without power and have been since 7pm yesterday. We also noticed that the servers for the Gilmer Free Press are down, and so local news service from the GFP has been knocked out or delayed.

    Many tree’s are down, and some are blocking side roads or access roads.

    No power also meant no way to charge cellphones and laptops, and no Internet access in many areas.

    • I like the part about payments for foster kids being welfare for the middle class. It’s true. When they get approved some foster parents just keep taking more kids for the check and if a kid doesn’t work out just send it back and try another one. As long as nepotism and cronyism control who gets a job you are going to see this kind of abuse of the system for profit. Those are the same poor excuse for people who are trying to sell wasteland for profit in Gilmer County and don’t care where the children go to school or what they learn. They’re the same kind of people who put a republican special ed student up for county clerk and allowed a sheriff with no run for magistrate while the pair of them lied to the people the whole time.. They don’t give a damn about anything that doesn’t have a payday attached to it.They say they don’t want those welfare people running the county and that’s why they do it. What a pitiful excuse for human beings since, the two they put in were sitting right on the edge or smack dab in the middle of welfare next to most of their relatives..

      • CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A new report says West Virginia’s efforts to address homeless children are inadequate.

        The America’s Youngest Outcasts 2010 report released today by the National Center on Family Homelessness ranks West Virginia’s state policy and planning 28th among the states.

        While West Virginia has a state housing trust fund, the report says it lacks an active Inter-agency Council on Homelessness and a 10-year plan that includes children and families.

        Other areas examined by the report were extent of child homelessness, risk for homelessness and child well being.

        With 8,305 homeless children in 2010, West Virginia ranked 35th. The state ranked 20th for risk for homelessness, and 46th for child well being.

        WV ranked 46th for child well being out of 50 states! Can’t get much lower. We give these foster kids to people like Beverly Marks and Darrell Ramsey and look what we get. The supposedly “lucky” ones that get adopted by these upstanding freaks turn to drugs, overdosing, the needle and then steal to get it and on top of that wind up adding a bunch of unwanted babies to the welfare role since their new “parents’ set them such a great example with their own lifestyle and the support they gave them.. Then the a**holes that adopted them turn their back on em and say it’s not their fault. They don’t want anything to do with em. They say they’re not living with me but these are the same ones that told these kids they wanted to be their parents, their mom and dad for the rest of their life and wouldn’t let them down like their birth parents did. What a sick joke to play on these kids that already went through hell getting taken away from their family and were moved around from stranger to stranger.. CPS needs to start working for the kids like they said they would when they took the job. They are supposed to do their best to keep the families together not tear them apart. Quit putting them with self servers looking to make a name for themselves for the “good works” they do and CPS, if these children need a parent learn the definition of what one is before you put them in such homes.

      • I know first hand how our dirty county works, from the cps to how the judge and lawyers work. Even if you do all that is asked, they will trump up charges anyway, and then sell your kids to the highest bidder. They then forcefully put “Your Kids” in homes that harm them even worse than any contrived situation they accused you of in the first place, even if the child tells and complains that they are punished and being abused there is nothing the parent can do about it. A living nightmare is what our children endure, who are only guilty of being victims of circumstance. Help our kids please!!

        Editors note: To our friend in need, made a couple of edits in your comment, and your message is a very important one indeed, and more true stories and situations … “All” should be made aware of.

  7. NO GAS in CALHOUN at the local pumps VIOLENT WIND STORM STRIKES like the HAND of FATE falling down! says:

    A major wind storm swept across the region Friday night downing trees and damaging property, causing power outages through the county and most regional counties, with phone service disruptions. Gilmer County also was hit especially hard.

    At noon today, there was partial return of power and some phone service had been restored to many in the region.

    The Hur Herald was without phone service and brief updates are being made at another location, and also, the Gilmer Free Press the REGIONAL on line news source was not operational either, with their last twitter update posted was dated 29 June, early this afternoon.

    But the Gilmer Free Press is back up and running, before 5PM on this aftermath Sunday in Central WV.

    The wind gusted between 70-80 miles an hour for a brief period of time, with trees downed across most highways in the county.

    The county’s three fire departments responded quickly opening the roads, working most of Friday night, and community members came out with their chain saws.

    Some houses received severe roof damage.

    Hundreds of cars lined up at service stations to get gasoline Saturday morning, not only for cars but for electric generators. Some stations ran out of gas, and still do not have gas as of noon today!

    Calhoun county’s only supermarket Foodland was closed Saturday because freezers went down and products thawed, and according to a store employee the store’s computer system ‘melted down.’

    The county’s emergency responders have been busy for 24-hours.

    • It DID feel like the hand of fate. 100 degrees plus and NO where to get ice or water if your well wouldn’t run for days. When anybody talked about help, everybody else said to just “remember, this is Gilmer County” and would shake their heads.

  8. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The southern part of the West Virginia was dealt another blow after a Sunday night thunderstorm produced more damaging winds.

    “I was really worried about the southern counties last night,” said Nick Webb, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Charleston. “A line of storms really blew up in Eastern Kentucky toward Mingo and Logan … It kept intensifying as it moved east.”

    Hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the West Virginia had already lost power after a storm Friday night. On Monday afternoon, about 60 percent of the state, or 263,845 customers, didn’t have power, according to Appalachian Power’s website.

    In Mingo County, more power outages from downed trees and power lines were reported Sunday night after the storm, a 911 dispatcher said.


    – The gasoline supply in the county is short today, depleted by motorists and those seeking gas for generators.

    SPEEDY MART (Arnoldsburg) has supply of premium gas with $50 limit.

    CHA-TIS (Grantsville) out, but has diesel.

    BAKERS MART (Grantsville) out, trying to get a load.

    HOLBERTS (Big Bend) out.

    FIVE FORKS STORE (Five Forks) Unable to reach by phone.

    Updates will follow.

  9. Nearly 500,000 households have been without power in West Virginia following Friday’s storm, and some areas may not be restored until the weekend.

    President Obama has declared West Virginia a disaster area.

    The state has issued a broad-sweeping state-wide boil water advisory.

    The NWS says winds gusted at 100 mph in Preston County. In Calhoun winds gusted 70-80 miles per hour.

    Between 2,000 and 2,500 electric customers are still without power in Calhoun County as of Tuesday.

    Pleasant Hill PSD water customers have been without water, but service was being restored Monday afternoon.

    A tour of the county Tuesday showed hundreds of broken power and telephone lines downed by falling trees, with the sound of electric generators at many houses.

    The central part of Calhoun County and some other areas have power restored, some of it early on following the storm.

    Evidenced throughout the county is the hardy survival skills of residents and the admirable spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.

    • Amen, Amen because if the neighbors aint helping each other, God knows not another person will. Some STILL without power, all freezer and food spoiled. If that wasn’t some kind of sign I don’t know what it could be. Happy 4th of July to rural West Virginia who can’t read this with no power.

      • (07/04/2012)
        Thunderstorms rolling across Roane County Tuesday Evening causing several problems there.

        In Calhoun, firemen responded to lines down and pole fires.

        Roane County dispatchers started receiving calls just before 6:30 p. m.

        Spencer-Roane firemen fought a fire at a home on Triplett Road just outside Spencer.

        The house was struck by lightning.

        The same thing happened on Tom’s Run near Reedy, lightning striking a barn. The Reedy VFD responded to that call.

        911 dispatchers said the Man Trailer Court in Spencer received significant damage from thunderstorms.

  10. “During the fall of 2010, I had an inappropriate relationship (with the victim), where we actually kissed,” Rutherford said Friday during the hearing, adding that the incident occurred outside of school.
    During Friday’s hearing, Rutherford admitted to smoking marijuana with the same student to whom she provided Klonopin and alcohol.
    As part of the plea agreement Friday, the felony charge of sexual abuse by a person in the position of trust of a child was dismissed and replaced with a misdemeanor charge of battery. The change was made under the condition that Rutherford plead guilty to the misdemeanor battery charge and two misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    “The state agrees to move to dismiss the remaining counts in these two indictments,” Circuit Judge Alan D. Moats said.

    This is some bullshit that Rutherford was allowed to plead to misdemeanors when she was guilty as hell of felony charges and of fucking a couple of her high school students after getting them high high high Crooked County style!

  11. Sarah Rutherford and John Hawkins Barbour County Sheriff SEX DEAL? Sexual deal for sexual healing? says:

    Would it be out of line and or too far fetched to query the thought that Sarah Rutherford a recent on campus Glenville State Student now BANNED teacher was sucking the dick of Sheriff Hawkins in Barbour County to soften the BLOW from the prosecutor? Or some other sensuous offering must be in the mix for the plea deal to go through… JESUS Sarah fucked up big time and now she is going to walk with some misdemeanors? But also with a T-Shirt that says…

    “I SUCK HIGH SCHOOL DICK! AND YOU TOO if the felony charge of sexual abuse by a person in the position of trust of a child is dismissed …and replaced with a misdemeanor charge of battery!”

  12. U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) issued the following statement on celebrating America’s Independence Day:

    “As we gather with our families and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, many of our fellow West Virginians are still dealing with the serious damage caused by last weekend’s severe storms, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. This is a time to come together to lend our neighbors a helping hand and check on your neighbors in need, and I know West Virginians will be doing that today.

    “The Fourth of July is also a time to remember the basic American values that make this country so great. And, it’s a day to pay tribute to all of those courageous men and women who have risked their lives to defend and protect our nation, and who continue to do so today. I would like to send a special ‘thank you’ to the West Virginia National Guard, the finest National Guard in the country, for their efforts to help West Virginians recover from the storms this week and for all they do to make our state proud.

    “Happy Fourth of July. May God bless, you, and may God bless the state of West Virginia and America.

    Council of Concerned Citizens

    The basic American values that make this country so great, are many times NOWHERE to be found in Gilmer County, West Virginia. Part of the reason for that is you JOE MANCHIN !!

    The people that have supported you and showered you with CASH Joe Manchin — did it for self service and self gain — all along, while they bought themselves a real live politician mouthpiece. Well we don’t have much need for any phony money motivated self service monkey see monkey do types calling shots, but especially from the former post of Senator Byrd! For it is an insult to have someone so insincere with little interest in what the people want, while plying the interests of the Power Elite only, sitting in a seat where things actually got done when you weren’t in it.

    BIG BUSINESS interest, with no environmental concerns and that “Open for Business” slogan made you sound like a whore Joe Manchin!! Is that what you are? Because to us you are no longer a shining star!
    By just taking a glance at your biggest supporters in Glenville and Gilmer County, WV, it is obvious you have done NOTHING for the PEOPLE here.

    Oh yeah, great going by condoning Sheriff Metz to run for magistrate while NOT QUALIFIED to be on the ballot, and I bet you and Earl Ray Tomblin both knew Metz was running without the authority to do so, and you and your pal Sandy Pettit and IKE MORRIS could have a good laugh on getting one over on us all again.

  13. Come on over to the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS today and read our top read article of the day:

    Butcher’s gear up with THREATS made against the GILMER FREE PRESS, Did Timothy B Butcher pay someone to burn down a dwelling – so ground could be leveled – to sell to the State for a New School…just like the story reported by the Secret Seven in an RGW article?!

    Just click the green link below to go there!!

    Why this particular article is number one on the 4th of July, I just can’t say, but read, what others are reading today, but clicking the green link.

  14. STOP THE MADNESS! STOP THE CORRUPTION! STOP GERALD B HOUGH from bringing any more false prosecutions before he ruins another life and career by paying people to lie on the stand, and by bringing forward false evidence. Lets celebrate life by removing Gerald B Hough from office!! But, first lets remove Gerry from the city and the county and we hear his wife Tamara Stalnaker has her heart set on moving out of town. Lets all do our share to help that along.

    Hey, Gerald B Hough, it seems that another complaint is being readied to be filed against you for your criminal conspiracy and for your criminal actions in Gilmer County, West Virginia.

  15. THURSDAY – Because many phone lines are still down, it is important to spread by word of mouth to neighbors that services are available.

    Today the heat index is above 100 degrees, according to Kathy Wood, OES/911 Director.

    Today, the Grantsville VFD and the Upper West Fork VFD is open with bottled water and for cooling. The Arnoldsburg Community Building will be open with bottled water from 11 a.m.

    Bottled water is also available at Calhoun Control at Mt. Zion.

    Emergency food supplies will also be available at the sites this afternoon.

    The WV National Guard will be cruising the rural areas pf the county today with water, food and making well-being checks, said Wood.

  16. Remember when Gary Collins spent all day up at the courthouse and took endless photos and was taking shots of Beverly Marks handing over the reigns of Crooked County Commission Clerk to Jean Butcher, with all the cakes and pies and food and the crooked cooking of the Crooks from Crooked County being displayed.

    Well, when all those photos were published, this is what Gilmer County West Virginia had to say about it …
    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~
    How did Beverly Marks get away with blocking a court order to sell property? A court order from a judge, but not a Gilmer County judge, so Beverly didn’t feel the law applied? Correcto Mundo. Marks takes orders from the Butchers. Was Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher part of that crime? A judge ordered property sold so that Ruth Woofter named to receive interest on an estate that Butcher had control of could not get the medicaid operation she needed while being a property owner and was in need of an immediate operation. A lawyer named Hernstein did the work, but Beverly Marks (BM) blocked the sale and Ruth Woofter died and never received the operation. The proceeds from the property were then distributed among several people that had no contact with Ruth Woofter in over 30 years. How many other criminals showed up to this function?

    By Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the Gilmer County election fraud investigation by WV secretary of state? Mr. Whited, it appears we even have Nazis in Gilmer County running Natalie Tennant.
    Is there a media blackout on this issue? It sure looks like it when it comes to Gilmer County, WV.
    I hear investigators from secretary’s office threatened those who were interviewed not to talk! Why?

    By Tom M.
    Is Jean Butcher related to infamous Butcher brothers?

    By Beth

    The people are not against Jean Butcher. People are against the process and violation of election laws that got her in. Obviously, it was a setup to get her in so criminals can continue with their crimes on the county records in clerk’s office. Folks if you think Beverly was bought, you have seen nothing yet. The criminals won’t have to buy Jean; they just tell her how they want it done and she will say yes sir! Then she won’t be a nice lady anymore. Mark my word.

    By Vicki8512
    Voting SLATES and bought and paid for votes are all part of a family tradition in Glenville. Jean Butcher is not related to the members of the Butcher law firm. Jean Butcher is pseudo Power Elite and the thought of being a full fledged member will be used like a carrot on a stick for a bad little rabbit that is deeply involved in voter fraud as a “shoe in,“ candidate since she literally had her foot in the door being an assistant to the clerk – and already given the task of covering up the mystery lien on a locally born title for property that shows the original owners as Peter Barr GSC President and the maintenance department head of the college.
    Amber Kroening the investigator for the SoS N. Tennant already proved to be biased and not interested in solving any voter fraud, but only interested in threatening the “Whistle Blowers” with arrest for telling on all the Crooks from up on the hill in Gilmer County that have made the term “Crooked County” stick like Non-Teflon!

    By Anonymous

    Jean Butcher is of course related to the Butcher brothers by marriage.
    Why do you think Beverly Marks, Brian and Tara Kennedy took such a shine to her?
    When you have a puppet you’re sure you can control life becomes much easier until you get caught.

    By Rno482

    With the complex web of entanglements involving alleged Gilmer wrong doing it is challenging for citizens to know what to believe.
    One factor causing the intrigue is repetitive reference to B&B.
    If allegations have any shred of provable evidence, what empowers them to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?
    Power usually is linked to personal wealth, influential friends in high places, lineages instilling generational influence, and earned reputations to engender widespread public admiration.
    Also, power can be based on influences of perceptions of unchallenged validity to make assumptions mythical but widely believed.
    Could reports of B&B’s roles in Gilmer be a modern day example of Hans Christian Anderson’s theme in his Emperor’s New Clothes story?

    By Rno487

    Question: What empowers them (Bitcher and Butcher) to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?

    Answer: The fact that they have fooled all in the past and have found support for their Greed and the need for personal gain that includes any cost being paid for by the community, while being protected by the public officials the Power Elite helped place in their locally manipulative positions.

    Hans Christian Anderson made some good observations and changed the original ending to that tale that was published in 1837. But, this situation is different since many spoke out about the obvious errors in policy and the totalitarian control stolen by the few that rule with threat of arrest over the many that have been kept in their place by fear of retribution. That fear is not unwarranted, and truly the few control the many through means that are more than transparent to a more educated community. We are looking through them now, and the allegations of wrongdoing at the courthouse were made clear when a federal judge stated last month that the customary way of doing things inside the Gilmer County Courthouse directly conflicted with state law.

    By Rno490
    Rno 487,

    Your own listing of what provides entitlement to power and description of what such power conveys provides the answers.
    From GSC Alumni, Housing Corp., Board of Governors, Land Development and Banking Boards they appear over and over.

    I am not so sure that widespread public admiration has been engendered. There is nothing mythical about the conditions endured by the citizens of Gilmer County and these are not the only participants in the play. It just so happens they have been named in recent legal cases regarding estates and land transactions and so, brought to the forefront.

    There is nothing ”mythical” about it. However, your reference to The Emperor’s New Clothes fits precisely the feeling of the citizens after the election results exposed the naked truth of what their future will hold.

    By Anonymous

    One problem affecting Gilmer citizen’s being informed is confusion regarding allegations involving the Butcher’s.
    What was their alleged involvement in the local election, the land deal below the I. L. Morris Bridge, the reported failure of lawful legal advertisements being made for GSC’s Pioneer Village bond issue, and Madge Butcher’s political donation to the Democratic Party while being listed as retired and residing at P.O. Box 100?
    The last reference is a violation of federal elections laws which has involved severe penalties for others who got caught, but why have we not heard about any government intervention for this case?
    Another concern involving the controversial dorm complex at GSC is who would be its owner if there were to be a default on the loan? Because the bond money went to a tax exempt, non-profit, would the dorm be auctioned off on the court house steps for pennies on the dollar to mean that GSC, the State, or the County would not have ownership?

    Another issue involves the County’s financial rating. Did the last bond issue for GSC’s dorm, while Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors, affect the County’s ability to borrow future money particularly should there be a default?

    Also, did Beverly Marks or GSC’s Board of Governors have anything to do with the first legal advertisement for the new dorm bond issue hearing not being posted timely to meet legal requirements? Beverly’s name was on the first document in the local newspaper and it had to be reprinted.

    Lastly, it would be informative to Gilmer citizens to know how much money B & B have made, directly and indirectly, through their decades long involvement with GSC.

    By Anonymous

    It will come as a great disappointment to the common people to find out the Butchers and several others have been protected at the highest levels of the State Government.

    This fact has been found out by filing complaints and witnessing the chain of consideration for the misconduct.

    Finally we may be able to bring criminal action against the high level counsel for the state for recognizing a crime occurred, then covering up the matter so as not to embarrass the county, state, or individual involved in the criminal activity.

    It was a situation involving convincing evidence that proved Gerald B Hough was guilty of bringing false value and false evidence to a grand jury that got a federal agency commissioned to investigate Hough for criminal wrongdoing in a felony case.

    A similar complaint against Hough filed with the State Police is being closely watched.

    Counsel for the WV state Government has proved to be corrupt!
    By Anonymous

    I think anyone that wants to get an accurate picture on the deep corruption in the Gilmer County Courthouse needs to look no further than this article:
    The article to be reviewed is:
    Community Concerns: Gilmer County Prosecutor Fails Again – Jessica Self Case Dismissed

    It is important that in the future Gilmer County does not adhere to situations in which other candidates are intimidated into not running for public office; and others in this instance were not interested in the low pay offered for Prosecuting Attorney of Gilmer County.

    But most important we can no longer let a situation occur in which a candidate for public office runs unopposed as was done in the last election that put Gerry Hough into the office of Prosecutor!

    This running unopposed is a manipulative situation and needs to be looked at and resolved!

    Gerry Hough was not elected by the people and the people did not want him in office! Glenville and Gilmer County have had enough of Gerry Hough!

    Unfortunately for us, ONE BAD APPLE has spoiled the whole barrel and we would be better off replacing everyone including all the County Commissioners that gave Hough a raise as the first item on the agenda.

    Hough was reelected by the will of the Power Elite that have no interest in our community other than how much money they can make off the College or some other conjured up manipulative real estate transaction; that was once property owned by a deceased private citizen who’s heirs were never notified! And through the vehicle of the Powers that be, the property experiences a NEW DEED with brand new owners and hundreds of thousands exchange hands with no benefit to anyone but the people that used their positions of power for self gain.

    Some of these same people have been in contact with the press in Charleston and have been trying to manipulate the news coverage of this incident and of the scandals that are so prevalent in Gilmer County, that mostly the County is known state wide as Crooked County and not Gilmer County.

    Public officials and some members of law enforcement truly do feel they are above the law, and this type of attitude is not how it is in other parts of the United States. There is the law for the rest of the country and then there is West Virginia law and that is fucked up!

    It is time for a CHANGE!!

  17. Top SEVEN Internet Searches as of 10PM to reach Revenge of the Ghost Wolf July 5th 2012 the home of the Secret Seven Coalition for Central WV — and Gatekeeper of the evil ones from the Church of IKE!

    butcher bitches break bad calpatty
    revenge of the ghost wolf
    sarah rutherford wv teacher gsc student sex scandal
    nothing hurts like love except being a date rape victim
    glenville state big cock
    hannah sue demarino naked with duvall coach of basketball for gchs
    butcher holler, west virginia.

  18. The BEST COURTROOM VIDEO OF THE DECADE is over at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS!

    Courtroom Video REVEALS ABUSIVE CONDUCT of WV JUDGE WATKINS Reminiscent of the RANT of JUDGE FACEMIRE During the Travesty of Justice Trial!

    This is a must read article and a must see video for anyone familiar with the West Virginia Courts!

    This actual courtroom video will SHOCK you and these actions are the same types of actions committed by Judge FACEMIRE in front of a full courtroom and now you know why Facemire does not allow any recording devices in his courtroom. We had to make the tape of Facemire in secret to catch him in the act of misconduct!

    Just click the green link below to view the most disgusting courtroom scene you may have ever witnessed!

  19. I saw in the Glenville Democrat today where the Sand Fork Lions won the Gilmer County Youth League Championship for the 2012 season, and what a wonderful black and white photo to help celebrate the occasion with. However, there was no mention of Roger Stewart acting like a moronic imbecile and getting way way out of hand two weeks ago when his team Expose lost to Sand Fork!!

    Because of Roger Stewart’s actions the little kids had their games cancelled – the T-Ball games. What a disappointment for a young child, we all forget about what that is like.

    I ask you what kind of example is that to set for the youth? My fondest childhood memories are playing little league baseball, and my father getting to come see me pitch a 2 to 1 close game, but even though we lost and my dreams and aspirations of being a leading league pitcher were somewhat dampened that day, my father was a great inspiration to me. I remember being 12 years old, and starting to get some tears because we lost a close one and some big hitter, hit my best pitch and got a double in the bottom of the sixth to knock in my only walk of the game.

    I never felt so bad about losing, but my father made me feel like a winner, for he said, it was the best he ever saw me pitch, and I may never pitch a better game than that, and it was no one’s fault, but the fact we got beat by the number one team in the league that went undefeated, the Red Sox. I wiped my eyes and smiled and ask, “Do you really think that was the best game I pitched?” “I Do,” he said, let’s go get your mother and your sisters and celebrate.

    Now I believe ever word I ever heard about Lisa Stewart handing out drug samples from drug companies like she is a doctor and giving I L Morris pills that one of his employees’s got caught with. Lisa the town elite connection for prescription drugs must be her husband’s supplier too, for he had to be on drugs to act like such a lunatic.

  20. (07/07/2012) West Virginia Justice HOT LINE
    A Gilmer County man was arrested over accusations that he touched a young girl several times, and text and called her almost 100 times, even after she asked him to stop.

    A criminal complaint says Robert Hacker, 48, allegedly gave the girl an alcoholic drink on June 30th.

    Magistrate Judge Carol Wolfe has set Hacker’s bail at $100,000 cash only.

    Editors note: Oh yeah, funny how Doug Cottrill gets caught with hard drugs, COCAINE, LORTAB in a prescription bottle a couple big bags of weed, driving and drinking and walks with NO JAIL, except booking, a pr bond, and then NO PUNISHMENT! But, this obviously confused person makes some phone calls to some whore that he bought a drink for, and of course he will sit in jail until he can pay 100,000 which he probably hasn’t made a total of in ten years. This is called West Virginia Justice, and we will have a lot more to say about West Virginia Justice next FRIDAY on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

    • The GFP and RGW are the only local news outlet to inform us of arrests and this type of news, so we should all be grateful for that. However, I have to question why this man is perceived as completely guilty out of the gate and I am surprised to see a 100,000 dollar bail and I question for which charge is that amount on. Touching the girl? ..For that is not specific to what the alleged crime is?

      I notice the GSC students arrested for violent sexual assault, and situations that led to the victim being physically hurt, raped, molested, and hospitalized rarely have high bails, and these people the prosecutor Hough considers innocent enough to act as their defense counsel instead of doing his job.

      Did this man molest a girl, how was she touched? Was she under age, for what does “Young” mean.

      Who is to say this “Young Girl” is not stretching the situation a bit, for she obviously accepted the alcoholic beverage. Is she not of drinking age?

      Given the facts available, this man seems more disturbed mentally, than actually a situation in which it was a brutal sexual assault. Because brutal sexual assault, historically, and according to documented history, seems to bring NO PUNISHMENT AT ALL if it occurred in Glenville.

  21. Don’t miss the next edition of RGW!

    “There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”
    …On Revenge of the Ghost Wolf this FRIDAY the 13th!

    “There is West Virginia Law and then there is the law for the rest of the 49 states!”

    This was a quote from a prosecutor from out of state that was made privy to the misconduct by JUDGE Richard A Facemire and Gerald B Hough, given to her by law enforcement representatives investigating the criminal actions of public officials from Gilmer County involving an illegal extradition, and Beverly Marks ignoring a court order and hiding a DEED to property needed in the longest running court case in Gilmer County history.

    When Gilmer County officers of the court knowingly break the law to bring forth a wrongful prosecution it is easily explained by highly educated professionals as WEST VIRGINIA JUSTICE!!

    In GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia they, “Make their own rules!”

    Also included in this next article …

    Read all about it, how Dave Millard and Glenville State College are using taxpayers money to beat the taxpaying businesses!!

    Glenville State College has always been used to either compete or run the local businesses out of town, which is counter productive to the well being of the community, but is a nifty deal for the POWER ELITE of Glenville!

    There are no other county commission or economic development associations or a college or university that does this anywhere else in the USA.

    “There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

    READ ALL ABOUT IT in the next edition of RGW this FRIDAY the 13th on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

  22. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the West Virginia State Police were contacted nearly a year ago about a Philippi teenager’s claims of sexual misconduct by Barbour Sheriff John Hawkins, Barbour County Prosecuting Attorney Leckta Poling said.

    Poling told The Inter-Mountain she met with the then 17-year-old Brittany Mae Keene last August. In addition to Hawkins, Poling said Keene claimed to have had consensual sexual relationships with two other local law enforcement officials.

    Poling said Keene claimed she began the relationship with one officer when she was 16, and he paid her $1,200 a week to have sex with him daily.

    “(Keene) said she liked riding around in cop cars and that she liked cops,” Poling recalled during a recent phone interview with The Inter-Mountain.

    In a petition for a domestic violence protection order Keene filed May 11, she alleged Hawkins raped her last July in a county-owned trailer at the Barbour County Fairgrounds. She later claimed he had her indicted on a felony charge in retaliation for the filing.

    Keene subsequently dropped her petition.

    While it is The Inter-Mountain’s practice not to name victims of alleged sexual assault, Keene has asked to go on record.

    The Inter-Mountain were told by representatives of the FBI and the West Virginia State Police that the agencies can neither confirm nor deny whether there is a current investigation of the Barbour County Sheriff’s Department.

  23. The Putnam County Screamer has been [William M. Chip Watkins, III] William M. Chip Watkins, III ordered to get to work by his bosses. The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals is telling Putnam County Family Law Judge William M. “Chip” Watkins to order the divorce of John J. and Nancy Black by Tuesday, July 10th. If Watkins fails, he can be held in contempt.

    A Writ of Mandamus was filed by Mr. Black, in June of 2012, to get the case moving.

    This issue goes deeper than the Black’s divorce. Nancy Black is part of the West Virginia Judicial Investigative Commission where complaints against Watkins have been filed by Pastor Arthur Hage and Publisher Mark Hallburn. Those complaints have been referred to the West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel, which normally only deals with attorney issues, because Mrs. Black is a part of the J.I.C.

    Lawrence Smith of the WV Record filed this report:

    The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is about worthless in the state of West Virginia along with Rachael Cipolletti that spends more time covering up the crimes of lawyers like Gerry Hough and John Oshoway, than she does actually doing her job.

  24. Secret Seven members and affiliates and associates of the Secret Seven were instrumental in investigating JUDGE WATKINS for his blatant misconduct and stuck with it long enough to get FOX NEWS coverage.

    The Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition has been in direct contact with the Chief Counsel of the Supreme Court for the last two months, and many hours were spent in direct communications and on telephone conference calls, and it was mentioned to Terri Tarr of the WV Supreme Court the Chief Counsel of the Judicial Investigation Commission, WEEKS AGO, that eventually, there would be NATIONAL TV coverage for the tremendous amount of misconduct by judges like Watkins and Judge Facemire.

    The JIC is aware that just Richard A Facemire also went on a long rant and tirade during the Travesty of Justice case, similar to the rant of Watkins, and that will be the next issue exposed along with the criminal actions of Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough.
    Judge WATKINS threatens LAWRENCE SMITH of the West Virginia Record just like Gerry Hough of Gilmer County and we have it on tape!

    Click the green link above to go there!

  25. Council of Conservative Citizens - Church of IKE Lickspittle in Glenville, in the heart of Gilmer County West Virginia!! says:

    Supporters of the Church of Ike are : Lickspittle:

    1. A toady, sycophant, spaniel, groveller or yes-man.
    2. A flunky or lackey.
    3. A lapdog.
    4. A reptile or creeper or a Gerry Hough reaper workin for the Devil
    5. A flatterer or courtier, or ass kissing bitch

    • Heaven knows we’ve got a whole bunch of Lickspittle’s round here tearing down and giving away our counties and our communities piece by piece for profit and personal gain. A long list of users and abusers from the bottom to the top.that should be ran out of town. Put the poor in jail, tear their families apart and let the rich walk no matter how serious the crime.Help the state steal and say there’s nothing they can do about it. Reptiles and creepers hit the nail on the head.


    It is little wonder, we are now called, “Home of the Crooked County Crooks”. Thanks to the “wonder gang”. We all have to ‘wonder’ what crime, crookedness, self-serving trick they will pull off next.

    Come by the Crooked County Crooks website and read the STELLAR PERFORMANCE and fabulously written article at the Gilmer Free Press with comments on the Crooked County Crooks website!

    Just click the green link below to go there:

  27. Out of the 7 Billion People on the planet there are about NINE MILLION People in prison. 25% of those NINE MILLION are in the United States.The US has 4.3 % of the world’s population, yet 25 % of all the people in prison are in the United States.

    So out of all the people in the world in prison 25 % are in the United States and the US only represents 4.3% of the world’s population. WOW the capital of the PRISON PLANET is the United States, and West Virginia leads the US in people per capita that are incarcerated, according to latest figures 6.8 people per 100.

    WV leads the US, and the US leads the world for people in prison or in jail. This has never happened before, except for in Stalinist Russia, or Hitler’s Germany.

    Leading experts agree, that any state or any country that has over 3% incarcerated indicates something terribly wrong with that society. Well the US leads the world and West Virginia leads the United States in people incarcerated at 6.8%, therefore something is terrible wrong with West Virginia, and it is counties like Gilmer that make for the bad result.

    “Justice” is supposed to be a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, but the Gilmer County Circuit Court is fucking clueless as to that denotation!

    Flat out BITCHES like JUDGE FACEMIRE and the prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County Gerry Hough don’t even know the meaning of the word.

    Crooked County ROCKS with Crooks that live down by the Crooked River! Read all about it “Coming up FRIDAY the 13th on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf …There is West Virginia JUSTICE! And then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

    “There is no peace in West Virginia, because there is no justice in West Virginia.”

    Mother Jones

  28. Council of Conservative Citizens - Blacks have a license to rape in Glenville the county seat of Gilmer County, West Virginia -- WHITE COLLAR CRIME and no white water rafting but -- White collar crime and grafting instead in G-VILLE!! says:

    Rape after Rape has occurred at Glenville State College, a small and dastardly liberal arts college tucked away far into the Northern part of the middle of the state of West Virginia, the place that is OPEN for BUSINESS and of course GSC lives up to their other slogan of Wild, but not so Wonderful.

    White collar crime runs rampant with local attorneys and the most famous attorneys for stealing from estates is the Butcher and Butcher law firm, and anybody that has researched the AJ Woofter estate, will be informed of facts that the executrix of the estate was Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham, who was employed as a secretary of the Butcher and Butcher law firm. The fact that Gainer was employed by the Butcher and Butcher law firm while also serving an executrix of the AJ Woofter estate is a violation of state law, but, Gilmer County makes their own rules which has been proven multiple times.

    The White collar crime in which the County Commission Clerk as well as a FOR PROFIT non – profit entity entitled the GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS was involved in was exposed by the Secret Seven Coalition first, and then the Gilmer Free Press wrote a fabulous article describing the wrong doing and published documents about the matter that the county flat denied, and then the worthy news story of small town corruption was reported by the West Virginia Record in Charleston, or there would have been NO PRESS at all on the wrong doing and criminal action in which Gilmer County was sued for by Summit bank and LOST!! The people of Gilmer County lost too, because the county had to pay multiple thousands of dollars for the amount of the judgment by the court and they also had to pay the insurance company 50, 000 bucks for a deductible.

    The normal citizen has been kept from actually knowing all the facts, because the local paper never reports any exacting news if it doesn’t have a positive spin to it because the newspaper staff are all uneducated dolts with no sense of responsibility to the public. The local paper is the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder, which is really a pathetic weekly paper put out by Dave Corcoran who is a no talented yes man that even immediate members of the community are tired of. Corcoran was shown direct disrespect at the Glenville Folk Festival held every year, when many walked out on one of his long winded nonsense speeches about how wonderful everything is. Even the common person off the street could sense his insincerity.

  29. The job Leslie applied for at GSC was similar to the job I started at Waco, so it was all part of the deal to get her a job too, and took three months before I started at Waco, and that position sat unfilled for TWO YEARS.

    Nobody was qualified, or the work was “beneath them” is what everyone said, so they gave the job to Leslie and of course she had absolutely no experience, but who cares about experience or education!

    Trivia: Leslie had nine months to redesign and code a college website. One person, with a gaggle of student workers!

    So big fucking deal!

    Facts can be annoying, huh?

    Compare Leslie’s effort/task with…this site: It’s been around for awhile, and the content, primarily informative and truthful, which is not like the folks with the mentality of a lab rat like up on the Hill. Their site was generated by (I presume) the Lazy , or whatever those asylum-bound freaks call themselves up there at GSC. I dunno, I just expect more (and better) content from a whole lot of people and so much time, and still nothing gets done! Leslie changed all that as soon as I got her the job, but still people want to bitch about the fact she never saw a computer in her life before the job so had to take classes to learn!

    Get a job. Run for office I told her, we got friends in this town! The next thing I know they had already hired her for the job!!

    Yes! The “Power Elite” IS out to get you!

    Of course, that term is used (here) to describe the Butchers, Morris, etc and these people have never had the ambition to get off of their fat, lazy, inbred, schizophrenic ass and all they do is gripe about everyone else and steal from the poor! What am I suppose to offer them my wife as a favor too, just for the job?!

    Complaining, without offering practical alternatives, is typical Power Elite and it gets really annoying after a while!

    Whining like a bitch is what they do best! They never have any plans for action except to put money in their own pockets and make no recommendations for improving our community…just little bitches whining in their mugs of despair, it is pathetic.

    This reminds me quite a bit of Diana L Butcher, and when you say, “Have another drink Princess Di,” you sure got that right!! What a drunk!!

    Sure, working to better the community takes effort, but lurking in the dark alley of some cross town bar drunk as fuck, waiting for the the cum of some young guy (anyone with a dick) to walk by so you can attack them with your rusty, ill-kept crusty ass is like a Nightmare!

    Getting drunk all the time, like Peter Barr is no way to go through life, and these people had kids! Jesus! They should not be able to reproduce!

    Name one member of the Power Elite that aren’t morons? You would think after all the complaints about wrongful actions they would put forth an effort but most of them are on MEDS! Can you spell M E D I C A T I O N!!

    It is crazy it is like Nerve Pill day every day up on the hill at the courthouse, even JUDGE FACEMIRE is on meds, and the common saying is they have to take a break to take a nerve pill!!

    What the hell is a nerve pill anyway? Are they talking hard drugs!

    They all sure act goofy, starting in the afternoon!

    Editors note: Yeah we see how IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE hooked you up. Is that because you are one of Doug Morris’s drug buddies? Thank you for that report and if you have any anomalies at your system at WACO (that you constantly fuck up for lack of education and certifications) give us a call! We will Jack that sucker up like you can not believe just as a favor to you, so that you can try to fix the intrusion. Can you even speak English dude, instead of backwoods hillbilly? You sound like you got mud in your mouth and are from Calhoun County. All you have is some bullshit connections and you don’t know “JACK” either, but you sure are a “Dick!” By the way, we would not say it here unless we would say it to your face. Maybe we will get the chance, for soon it will be time to saddle up and take turns with Leslie, and then take care of some Crooked County business!

  30. Top SEVEN Internet Searches as of 6pm to reach Revenge of the Ghost Wolf July 12th 2012 the home of the Secret Seven Coalition for Central WV — and Gatekeeper of the evil ones from the Church of IKE!

    revenge of the ghost wolf
    carly hough pulling panties to the side
    gregory a smith, glenville
    angela smith gilmer county courthouse service
    doug morris drug cartel rape victims in glenville west Virginia
    calpatty press wv
    sarah rutherford wv teacher

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